Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Clek Foonf

clek foonf

After a short delay last year, the Clek Foonf is finally here. Good things come to those who wait, right? This is the first convertible car seat for Clek and it is stocked with innovative safety features.



As you would expect, it sports energy-absorbing foam in the deep headrest that is connected to the frame with steel rods to provide maximum head protection in a side-impact collision. The Foonf also has energy-absorbing foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame.

The Foonf features an anti-rebound bar in rear-facing mode to improve stability by limiting rotation of the child seat. The entire seat structure is reinforced with steel and magnesium making it one of the heaviest convertible seats available but we’d much rather a heavy steel seat to protect our child than a wimpy plastic seat.

The most innovative safety feature on the Foonf is the REACT safety system. This revolutionary REACT stands for Rapid Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology. The Foonf has a built-in crumble zone (much like a vehicle) that is designed to crumple and deform in a frontal collision to absorb the energy in an impact instead of it transmitting to the seat’s occupant.

Here is how it works straight from Clek:

In a collision, the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, but the child continues to move at the same speed. The less time that it takes for the child to come to a complete stop, the higher the forces exerted on the child. The REACT Safety System allows that sudden change in momentum to happen over a longer period of time through a series of controlled events. Foonf is designed to ride down the collision crumpling the aluminum honeycomb and absorbing energy from the collision resulting in less force transferred to the child.

Another great safety feature of the Foonf is that it can be rear-facing up to 50 lbs which is the highest rear-facing limit on the market. The seat can accommodate a child 14 lbs to 65 lbs (or 49″).


Since over 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly, we love that the Foonf features a rigid LATCH that takes the guesswork out of a proper install forward-facing. While the rigid LATCH does take a little practice to get used to, it’s really simple once you get the hang of it. No more putting all your weight in the car seat while installing the Foonf. It’s easy-peasy. If your vehicle does not have LATCH or you wish not to use it, you can still install the car seat with the vehicle seat belt both forward and rear-facing.

With three kids in car seats, I was happy to see that this is one of the skinniest on the market at 17″ at the widest point which means you can fit three across the backseat even in a sedan. I do want to mention that since you have to line up the rigid LATCH directly in from the of the LATCH anchors in the vehicle and many times you can’t install three seats in a row with LATCH, it can be tricky to get three Foonf seats installed in a row. It’s possible depending on your vehicle but it will take a bit of patience.

Other convenience features include built-in magnets to hold the harnesses out of the way when putting your child in the seat, a smooth recline that offers a more comfy ride and Crypton Super Fabrics that provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria.


While the Foonf is one of the most expensive car seats on the market at $475, you are paying for the innovative safety technology, the easy-to-install rigid LATCH and other convenience features.

To get an up close and personal look at the Foonf, watch our Baby Gizmo Video below:

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