Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Joovy Twin Roo Stroller

Twin Roo

Twin Roo

What might be better than a Roo? A Roo for two! That’s right, we introduced you to the new Joovy Roo yesterday and today is all about the twin version. The Twin Roo is a double frame stroller designed to fit two infant car seats for those mamas who are blessed with twins.

twinroo2Joovy also changed the game with this frame stroller by designing it with the opposite facing side mount feature. This is a first in the world of double frame strollers. Each car seat mounts to the frame sideways and in opposite directions to allow you to give each twin your undivided attention without bothering the other baby. By mounting the car seats to the side it also prevents the handle from getting in the way when you want to tend to the babies.

We love that Joovy made the frame of the Twin Roo a little wider than others on the market because it gives the stroller extra stability to give us that warm and fuzzy feeling when we are strolling with two precious babies. The Twin Roo rolls on 7″ hard rubber wheels that give it good maneuverability on smooth pavements but don’t expect to whip this baby around with one hand. Due to the weight of two car seats, 2 babies, the frame¬†and the fact that it is a tandem set-up, you will need two hands to navigate this one. We aren’t blaming Joovy because anytime you have that type of weight and set-up, it’s just standard that you’ll be using two hands. We do like that the front wheels lock for grass and playground mulch and the back wheels sport parking locks though.

The parent console is one of our favorite features of the Twin Roo. Similar to the Roo, Joovy moved the console off the handlebar and positioned it just below the babies. It’s still very accessible but in the event of a beverage spill, all the liquid wouldn’t spill onto the babies. Plus, when you stop to sit down and feed or tend to the babies, the parent console is within reach. It’s also pretty great that they gave us four cup holders in the console.

The frame is very easy to fold, sports a manual lock, and at 21.6 lbs, it is rather lightweight to throw into your trunk. To see the Twin Roo up close and personal, be sure to watch our Baby Gizmo video below.

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