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  1. Nuna Sena = Aprica Haven, but for $75.00 more.

    Yes, they are the same playpen made by the same Asian manufacturer, but with a color change – black to Tan (Safari) or Navy Blue. Babies R Us carried the Aprica Haven until it was discontinued earlier this year. Now, it is being re-distributed by Nuna for a significantly higher price.

    It’s not really “Dutch Designed” as Nuna claims – it was originally manufactured for Aprica of Japan, which is part of Newell Rubbermaid. So, you pay 75 bucks for change to the colors Tan/Navy Blue, re-branded by a “European” company.

    Furthermore, in my opinion, the Joovey Room2, which is 50 bucks cheaper, is more sturdy and safer, and will last longer due to its construction and size (higher weight limit – it can easily support two, stout twins). Happy Shopping!

  2. If you were to purchase a new playyard/travel cot today, which one would it be?

    Did you prefer the Nuna Sena or the 4Moms Breeze?

    Have you ever reviewed the Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib?


  3. So, I have the Aprica Haven, which is exactly like this play yard, just a different color way. What is the relationship between the two companies? I’m so curious! We love ours, btw. Easy food and great design without paying 100 more for a Breeze.

  4. Hi Hollie,

    Great review! I’m totally in love with this play yard. Just a quick question, for the bassinet option, do you need to buy a separate mattress for the baby to sleep in through the night because of the metal rods? Or is it comfortable enough for the baby to just sleep directly in the bassinet? Thanks!

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