Baby Gizmo Spotlight VIDEO Review: Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board

The Orbit Baby G2 isn’t just for one child anymore!  With the introduction of the new Orbit Baby Sidekick Stroller Board ($120), parents can now use their G2 with one, two or even three children!

This ride along stroller board is for ages 2 up to 50 lbs and is the first and only board to give your child the look and feel of a skateboard.  Older siblings will WANT to hitch a ride on this cool “skateboard” while the younger tot is riding in the stroller seat.  We love that the side-riding position accommodates taller children without the handlebars getting in their way while still leaving mom’s strolling path unobstructed.  Have three children?  Since the Sidekick attaches to the rear wheels of the buggy, there is room for two Sidekicks!  Two rear wheels = Option of two Sidekicks!

Oh, and if your little “Skateboarder” wants to walk, the Sidekick flips up and out of the way and can even stay attached when folding the G2 frame! The only question left is why wasn’t a cool skateboard stroller attachment around when we were kids?

Plus, all our green mommy friends will be happy that the Sidekick is made of PVC-free Material!  All materials, including wood treatment, gripping texture tape and adhesive, are carefully selected to be PVC-free; all Sidekick materials are also phthalate-free.


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