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  1. I just purchased this seat, & had a question. I know the seat requires a vehicle headrest (which I have), but with it the booster back does not lay flush against my vehicle seat (he is still sitting upright). Is this safe? Thank you for your time.

  2. Are you aware that the LATCH limits have changed (Jan 2013) retroactively depending on car manufacturer and car seat brand? Your daughter may well be too heavy for you to use LATCH safely.

  3. The booster is only latched in, the seatbelt goes around the child, not the carseat like convertibles and such.

  4. From what I understand is that if you are in an accident, it can put too much tension on the seat and snap it.

  5. I was just curious… how come we aren’t supposed to use BOTH the latch and a seatbelt attachment with car seats, but it can be done with a booster?

  6. She is so freaking cute and has gotten so big from the videos that I started watching (what seems like) not so long ago! I too dread the day that I will move my 5 1/2 year old twins to a booster seat. Currently in Radian XTSL’s. 🙂

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