Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Stokke Crusi Stroller

Stokke Crusi

The Crusi is a new full-featured stroller from the luxury baby company, Stokke. This reversible seat stroller accommodates up to 45 lbs (in singles mode), sports a 2-position adjustable handle, and higher seat with 2 recline positions forward-facing and 3 recline position parent-facing.  The Crusi also features a very large basket, adjustable foot rest, and linked rear brakes. It rolls on 11 inch rear, puncture proof tires and 8″ front lockable swivel wheels for superb maneuverability.

Strokke Crusi

One of the biggest features of the Crusi is it is the first versatile stroller from Stokke that transforms from a single into a double stroller with the sibling seat (sold separately). The “sibling seat” is the same seat that you would get on the new Stokke Scoot stroller, therefore, accommodating up to 45 lbs. The second seat does not recline and has to be removed to fold the stroller.

If you purchase the sold separately Crusi Carrycot (note: the Xplory Carrycot will not fit on the Crusi frame!), you can turn the stroller into a pram.

Stokke Crusi

The Stokke Crusi is a celebrity-worthy stroller with a price tag to match. The Crusi in singles mode retails for $1249 and the second seat is an additional $299 with the Crusi Carrycot completing the package for an additional $399. This is not a stroller for the budget-conscious parent.  It will be available at select retailers and online starting March 2013.

We could give you all the specs in this review but we really want you to get an up close and personal look in our Baby Gizmo Video Review below:


  1. Thanks for the review. I actually just bought this partly due to being able to see it reviewed by Baby Gizmo. I just wanted to say that while it is true that the recline button is inaccessible while the sibling adapters are in place, you can still adjust the recline without having the remove them. You do have to remove the top seat and just click it into the recline you want.

    Also, regarding the basket, I found that I was able to “unload” the bulky or heavy items from my diaper bag to place in the basket while the sibling seat was in place. There is a decent amount of space behind the seat. I put things like extra outfits or a receiving blanket (things I don’t immediately need that are able to squeeze through the side opening). They are secure there since I know they won’t fall or fly out due to the seat is covering them. There is space under the front of the seat as well where I can put 3 large Avent bottles, a formula dispenser, sippy and snack cups to give an idea of size. My diaper bag is 10 pounds lighter!

    The bassinet is huge and gorgeous with the same mesh ventilation window on the hood. There are 3 pockets for slim things like a phone, wallet, tissue pack etc on the front of the bassinet.

    Lastly, I have a 2 year old that is 32 inches tall and 28 pounds. She fits comfortably in the backseat while the bassinet is in place. It looks like it would be cramped from the picture, but there’s a decent amount of “breathing space”. She doesn’t seem to mind at all. In any case, if she gets too long, I could move her up to the top seat and put the baby on the bottom.

    Again thank you for the review. I’ve seen so many Baby Gizmo reviews and they are my first choice for when I want to see baby products up close. I think I watched it like 5 times before making the decision, and I love it.


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