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  1. I can hang my large diaper bag on the handle and it feels very sturdy even without my baby in it. not tippy at all. I went with the Diono parent organizer mostly because It’s hard to get a hold of the Valco accessories in Canada. So far it seems to fit and work well with my Zee(doesn’t interfere with the fold).
    I freakin love my Zee every-time I Take it out. I could nit pick;
    I wish there was another peek-a-boo window for upright viewing. it could be placed to the zippered part of the canopy that would be perfect.
    It would be nice if the bumper bar had 2 settings, the one it has now and a lower one.

    I love the compact fold, the open is a little trickier. At first I thought it was defective but then I took a closer look because the lock by the basket needs to be set in firmly, otherwise it just slips and falls flat (not safe). But once I realized it was my fault that I didn’t whip it open hard enough, I was soo happy it was all good.
    Now that I’ve worked it in it’s much easier to flip open.
    I love this stroller!

  2. Thanks for a great review! I was wondering how “tippy” the stroller feels and also if the bumper bar would be very high on a smaller child? It seems very tall.

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