Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway

Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway

Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway

It’s the last Thursday of the month!  Does that matter?  Nope.  Only thing that matters is that it is Thursday which means it is time for another “Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway”!

Last week, we highlighted our newest fav product to make us look skinnier!  Remember it is Christina’s new BFF the Yummie Tummie Original Tank that slims her bumps, lumps and flabby skin. (If you missed the full feature where we even show before and after pictures – you can see it HERE!)

So, when we have a new BFF, we like to share!  Sharing means caring, right?  So, when we are looking to share it means GIVEAWAY for our Baby Gizmo friends!  This time we are picking TWO winners to each win a Yummie Tummie Original Tank!  And the winners get to choose which color and size they would like!  Just in case you win, you might want check out the choices here to pick one out in advance!

Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway

How do you enter, you ask?  It’s easy!  Plus, you have the opportunity to get three entries into the giveaway!

1)  All you have to do is leave a comment here on RatedbyMom and tell us why you should win the Yummie Tummie!  That’s ONE entry!

2)  For a SECOND entry all you have to do is leave a comment on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page!

3) And for a THIRD entry just tweet about the contest using the hashtag #BabyGizmoGiveaway!

TWO winners will be chosen at random from all the comments we receive!  This is only a ONE DAY giveaway so you have until  tonight (Thursday, April 28, 2011) at 11:59pm CST to enter.

*If you leave a comment here on Baby Gizmo’s Blog – RatedbyMom, please make sure you enter your email address correctly in case you are the winner so that we may contact you!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway


  1. I really need it just had my baby 3 months ago so just imagine how my tummy look and will look great with the yummie tummie 😀

  2. I may be back to my pre-baby weight, but that weight’s not where it used to be! This would be great just in time for summer with no bulky sweatshirts to hide under!

  3. I need one of these more than you can imagine! Baby number 3 comes beginning of August and this will be perfect to help me begin to look back the way I was!!

  4. I’d love to win as I am due to have my 2nd in 3 weeks and know I will need a self esteem boost in the months following!

  5. I’ve been living in Hawaii for 6 years and now I’ll be moving back to the mainland to see family and friends… sure would look thiner. Turning 40 next month too

  6. I would love to win the Yummie Tummie! After having 2 babies in 15 months I need a little extra help in the tummy department!

  7. Entry #2

    I liked Baby Gizmo & Facebook and left some love for the Yummie Tummie orginal tank top. 🙂

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  8. Entry #1

    I’m 4 month preggers with my first baby and already look like I’m full term my bump is so big! I would love to win the Yummie Tummie tank to not look so big so soon! 🙂

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  9. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child in 4 years. To say I need a little help in the flabby stomach department is an understatement!

  10. I just had an almost 10lb baby and a c-section and I would REALLY LOVE to win a Yummie Tummie because I Really need one ~ Thanks for the opportunity! :o)

  11. I would love to win one!!! I”m having my 4th little boy soon and it’s getting hotter and hotter here in TX and this would be a great thing to have right after birth in this weather.

  12. I will be needing this this summer, I have my 18 mo dd and currently expecting my second. I’ll be in my second trimester this summer so I still have the chance to use something comfortable that will not make me look like a fat lady… Please pick me! pick me!

  13. 10 months after having my kid, i still look like i am 6 months pregnant!! would love to win the yummie tummie…just to feel good for once!

  14. I am about to have my second c-sec in three months and after my first one, I realized how hard it is to hide a muffin top. It doesn’t matter what I do I can never get my stomach to look as flat as it use to be (short of getting a tummy tuck.) I am in need of a Yummie Tummie.

  15. Because after 6 mos after delivery I still look like there’s a bun in the oven..except this oven is flabby and a little deflated! I’m in need of a Yummie Tummie…please!

  16. I just had my son last August so a little extra help would be much appreciated! Every woman wants to feel and look good, and with it taking at least a year to begin to look normal, a nice confidence booster would be loved!

  17. I NEED the Yummie Tummie because no matter how many calories I cut or miles I run…this sillie tummie of mine won’t go away!

  18. I would LOVE to win one!!! I keep trying to find time to exercise, but my husband works such random hours, that my workouts never stick… at least they won’t until my baby is a tad bit older and can be okay with me taking a straight hour to get in shape! Until that time FINALLY arrives, I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these so that I don’t always get so grossed out when I get dressed :{

  19. Definetly in major need of this especially after tearing my abdominal muscle in two areas after my second pregnancy. Need my sexyness back without the sag 😉

  20. Just had my second one 7 weeks ago. Desperately need some wiggly tummy control! I am invited to several June weddings, a Yummy Tummy would be perfect under summer dresses! 🙂

  21. After having a c-section its so hard to firm the belly up, even after 8 months! And I have my little cousins wedding in June! And being being diagnosed with a medical condition that makes you just wanna sleep all day long (Celiac disease)….I need all the help I can get!

  22. I would love the yummie tummie to hide my leftover baby juggles….my baby is three months old and the jiggles are fighting to stay!

  23. I’d love to have one of these!! =) I’m slowly getting my abs back but it sure takes a long time to see any results! =)

  24. After two almost back to back, this tummy needs some yummie tummie help! It would also be nice to hide from my both my 11month and 2.5yr old, who keep playing with the blubber! 🙂

  25. after 5 kids and now I am medically not allowed to any form of exercise except for walking so its been hard to shed the baby belly this time around. 🙂 thanks!

  26. I was so excited to hear about this great invention! I would love to win one so I could help build my self-confidence.

  27. I’ve had two kids and while I’ve lost the weight my stomach is still a scary mess. This would be PERFECT!!

  28. Because no matter how much I work out or how much weight I lose… my prune like belly after 2 kids requires a body shaper/smoother to look acceptable in public. Plus I have some family events coming up at which I will see some people I’d like to show off too. I’m ok with being shallow 😉

  29. I would love to win one of these to hide the scary flabby skin that I have after having two ginormous baby girls, gaining a bunch of weight with each, and then losing it!!! <3

  30. As a Mom of 4 I could use this! Seems like I can loose weight in other places but my belly just isn’t cooperating!

  31. There’s a mirror on a closet door at the bottom of our stairs. Almost 4 weeks postpartum, as I got in the view of the mirror I saw a reflection that reminded me of many middle-aged men that I’ve seen with their bellies hanging out. My little pooch, accentuated by the c-section scar, was hanging over the band of my maternity jeans as carrying my son was making the shirt I was wearing ride up! A little frightening.

  32. I need the Yummy Tummy to smooth my post baby bumps and lumps 🙂 my second baby, born in January, was not as easy to bounce back from, even with a mini-tuck at the time of my c-section. This would sure help me to look better when I get out and about trying to lose that extra weight!

  33. I’ve had three babies in 5 years so my stomach obviously could use some help! Not to mention that I had a pinched nerve in my back with my last pregnancy and could not even workout until recently. I would LOVE to try out the Yummie Tummie!!

  34. why shouldn’t any woman who has given birth win? :o) But really, it would be nice to suck in the extra padding around the middle! :o) What a great giveaway!

  35. Oh I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway! My daughter is now 14 months old, but I sadly desperately still need to hide much tummy flab.

  36. I just bought one after Christina’s post last week and I’m waiting for it to come in the mail! I’m going to be greedy and try to win another since I have 9 month old twins and lots of “twin skin” 🙁

  37. I want to win because after giving birth 4 times in 6 years, and gaining 80 pounds in the last 10 years…my stomach is gross! Help!

  38. After 2 c-sections, nothing I have tried has worked to make my tummy look the way it used to! I would love to try the Yummie Tummie!

  39. I can’t seen to loose any weight around the middle…I guess having 3 kids will do that. I’d love some Yummy help!

  40. I just had my third baby boy three weeks ago, so you can only imagine how great of a candidate I am, for this Yummie Tummie Tank!! I definitely definitely need one of these! Especially for underneath all the cute summer clothes! Please pick me!!

  41. I would love to win a Yummie Tummie Tank because I had 2 kids in 20 months & my stomach is not really pretty at the moment. This tank would help me look better & gain some of my confidence back.

  42. Facebook Name Patricia Varela:

    After having my last baby at age 42 (the previous kids are 21, 18, and 12) I’ve had so many complications, I’ve had to have multiple surgeries which have kept me from being able to exercise consistently. The Yummie Tummie would go a long way to improving my SELF IMAGE 🙂 At 5.0 and 165 pounds, I really need it!

  43. I am always picking things up for the kiddies… tis been a long time since there was anything for me… would love to win something just for me !!

  44. After three kids, the youngest being 10 months, I NEED one– not just want one. I like the idea of wearing a cami under clothing, I love the idea that it will make me trimmer.

  45. I think I should win, simply because last week at the gym I actually had someone tell me that I was overweight and that was why I couldn’t do some of the exercises.

  46. I would love to win one of these! After losing a bit of weight, I have some flabby skin that could definitely use a bit of control!

    Also tweeted by mommymegz

  47. I just had a c-section in February and look like a Salvador Dali version of a melting mommy, would love a yummy tummy!!!

  48. I would love to win this tank. I carried twins for 9 months and it stretched out my mid-section to no belief. 10 months later, I am working out and doing all I can to get back to normal….but having a C-Section didn’t help either. This would totally be what I needed to look, and more importantly, feel great in my clothes 🙂

  49. I am currently pregnant, and I had a c-section (emergency) with my first child. I can not escape the saddlebags. Please help! artzamy23 at gmail dot com

  50. I’d love to win one to cover those little lumps around my tummy! I’m working out too so in the meantime, I could use a ‘Yummie Tummie’!


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