Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

Dads have their own style!  And most dads we know want to carry around a diaper bag covered in flowers or cartoon characters about as much as they want to hold their wife’s purse at the mall while she tries on clothes for hours on end.  If you want dad to get stuck holding the bag, you might have a better chance if it’s a bag he likes.  So, why not get him a cool diaper bag made just for dads which just happens to keep the fact that he wipes baby butt on the downlow?  Here are our favorite picks:

Kalencom Sam’s Messenger Diaper Bag

The Kalencom Sam’s Messenger Bag is a huge hit with our husbands.  In no way does it advertise that they are currently in possession of diaper cream, wipes and stinky diaper bags!  This funky bag has a roomy interior complete with three pockets and two elastic bottle holder loops.  The Sam’s Messenger Bag also comes with a matching insulated bottle bag, coordinating, removable zippered pouch and a very large changing pad (larger than most – and yes, size does matter here!) The outside of the bag sports two side pockets that can be used for anything from bottles (baby, not beer!) to binkies to anything dad needs to get in a jiffy. The wide, adjustable shoulder strap is great for a comfortable carry and the 2 magnetic clips keeps the top flap closed and the contents safely inside. 

Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

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Petunia Picklebottom Scout Collection – Rubicon Rucksack

This leather bag is all man!  With this man bag, no one will ever know he is carrying all the supplies to wipe a dirty butt!  We love that it converts from a diaper bag to a laptop bag with it’s two “snap out” interior linings.  The diaper bag lining insert features 2 pockets for easy “reach and grab”, 1 large magnetic snap pocket and 2 bottle pockets.  The padded laptop lining insert sports 1 laptop pocket and 2 easy “reach and grab” pockets. 

The exterior has 2 large pockets, 1 flat back magazine pocket and a front pocket with a magnetic snap and leather cell pocket. In addition, it comes with a water resistant changing pad. 

Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags


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Dad Gear Messenger Bag

Styled like a bike messenger bag, the Messenger is comfortable, durable, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks cool! The most unique feature on the bag is the quick access wipes window.  Under the flap is an opening to give dad quick access to a refillable wipes container at a moment’s notice. We are talking lots of pockets too! On the outside:  two bottle pockets, a zippered pocket on the front flap, two front long pockets on either side of the wipes container for lotions and creams, and a large rear zippered pocket that holds the included changing pad and is big enough for magazines or many coloring books. On the inside:  two pockets for items such as diapers or extra wipes and access to the two bottle pockets.  Plus, DadGear Diaper bags pride themselves on their “‘hands free’ approach which allows you to change, feed, and entertain your child without ever having to set the bag down.” 

 Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

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Diaper Dude Diaper Bag – Navy

The name says it all with this one – it’s for a dude!  There is nothing girly or baby about this cool messenger style diaper bag for dad.  It comes complete with a changing pad and wide, adjustable strap.  The bag sports ten compartments, including three exterior zipped pockets perfect for wipes, bibs, food and more. 

Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

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Storksak Jamie

Brad Pitt shouldn’t be the only dad carrying a cool bag!  Yep, Brad has been photographed with this one – so you know it’s hot!  The Storksak Jamie has a cool messenger-style shape and will fit most laptops so that it can do double duty.  The dual side zip pockets are thermo-insulated while the inside is stocked with other organizational pockets and a wipe-clean and waterproof lining.  It sports an adjustable shoulder strap and a padded changing mat. You’re husband might not look like Brad (or maybe he does!), but he can still carry a cool bag like him!

 Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags

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