Baby Gizmo Top Picks for Toddler Nap Mats (VIDEO)

Did your older kids go back to school and you have a toddler left behind at home?  Does that toddler think naptime is unnecessary now?  Or is your toddler in daycare or preschool where they require (or would appreciate) that your child bring a mat for naptime?  Or maybe you frequent grandma’s house or travel a lot and wish your child had a sleeping bag/mat their size?

Enter the “Nap Mat”.  It’s a toddler sized mat that is perfect for naptime.  They come in all kinds of sizes, colors and sport different features. Some have an attached blanket. Some a built-in pillow or attached pillow.  Some are cheap. Some are not. There are many, many nap mats to choose from!  In this latest Baby Gizmo Video Segment, we feature 5 of our favorite nap mats and a surprise nap mat alternative at the end.