Baby Gizmo Video Segment: Toddler Pajama Tip

Baby Gizmo Video Segment: Toddler Pajama Tip

Here is the latest Baby Gizmo Video Segment!  In this video, I share a great toddler pajama trick for keeping your little one from getting naked in their bed.

 Do you have any toddler pj tricks you’d like to share? 

Baby Gizmo Video Segment: Toddler Pajama Tip


  1. Please consider taking your child’s behavior as a fantastic opportunity for toilet learning! Super baby proof the room, secure the door, get a toddler bed and a little potty. It is a natural urge for people to wake up and go to the toilet first thing in the morning. And it is an impulse you should encourage! That your child is doing this independently is a huge first step. Please consider working with your child’s natural growth and emergence of independence, rather than trying to fight and smother it. It will lead to a more capable, confident and cooperative toddler!

  2. My mom always cut the feet out of our footie jammies when we got taller to extend the wear time. Great tip Hollie!

  3. We do this, too! Before doing this stage, I usually put a tight short sleeve t-shirt over the sleeper (especially good in the winter) and that distracts them enough. Once we are past that stage (or in warmer months) we cut off the feet in the PJs 🙂

  4. I have the same problem. We do the separate shirt and bottom pjs BUT put a onesie OVER the pants. I got the sleeveless onesies from carters. Luckily he hasn’t figured out how to undo the onesie but it works like a charm. And since we spend some time in our pj’s in the mornings I just have to take off the onesie and he’s good to go.

  5. We had the same problem with our son when he was around this age. We found that the Hanna Andersson baby once piece jammies worked great backwards. They don’t have feet or a tag on the back so they worked really well and they were still comfortable.

  6. Did you know that The Children Place sells one-piece pajamas without feet? They call them stretchies. For some reason they’re located in the Newborn section of their website. Available sizes 0-3t.


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