Baby Gizmo VIDEO Spotlight Review: Joovy Bicycoo

If you are looking for a great gift for the holidays, a birthday or just a special present for your 3-5 year old, you will want to take a look at the newest Joovy product – the Bicycoo.  The Joovy Bicycoo is a balance bike that looks just like a sporty “big-kid” bike but is designed to help younger kids learn to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels.

Even though balance bikes seem to be all the rage right now, you may not be familiar with this type of bike.  A balance bike is a small, pedal-less bike designed to help your child learn to balance in preparation to ride a traditional two-wheeler bicycle. The fabulous thing about a balance bike is that it takes away the need for training wheels. There are no pedals and kids ride it “Fred-Flintstone style”, walking and jogging along, coasting when they feel like it. The point of the bike is to concentrate on learning to balance; kids can work on gross motor skills and gain self-confidence before throwing in pedaling.

Since a balance bike assists a child in learning to balance first, we have found that our 3-4 year old learn much quicker how to ride a “big-kid” bike.  As we all remember, it is quite hard to learn balance, steering, pedaling and braking all at once. And what is the most challenging part of learning to ride a two-wheeler successfully? Figuring out the balance. You can’t pedal if you can’t balance. You can’t brake if you can’t balance. A balance bike will help your child master the balance first before throwing in all the other elements. Our balance bike riders could master a two-wheeler in weeks and at a younger age because they learned the most important skill of bike riding – balance.

So, what balance bike do you choose?  Enter the Joovy Bicycoo!  It has a strong aluminum frame (like a high-end bike should have!) yet is lightweight enough for our kids to control.  Remember: heavier bike = harder to steel and control!  We love that the Bicycoo only weighs a light 7 lbs!

Another stand-out feature of the Bicycoo is that it sports air-filled, rubber tires!  Otherbalance bikes may have plastic tires that may wear out but not the Bicycoo.  It has 12″ tough, rubber tires that are made to last (just like a “big kid” bike!) and give a smooth ride to your little bicyclist.  It’s like a stroller in which air-filled tires give a smoother ride because of the suspension qualities built into this type of tire. It’s the same with the Bicycoo.  It doesn’t hurt that the sporty rims on the wheels are white to match the white frame to get the dads excited about the bike. Since the Bicycoo was designed for a child 3-5 years old, the seat is adjustable to accommodate your child for a comfortable ride.  Now, we don’t want to tell you what to do but if you want to save your child the aggravation of training wheels and would like to see him confidently riding a quality balance bike before he transitions into a “big kid” bike, we recommend the Joovy Bicycoo.

To check out our video review of the Joovy Bicycoo, click the video below:

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