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  1. I also have had issues with this monitor. I liked the Summer Video Monitor that I bought in 2011 but it quit working so I just wanted to replace it and I found that they had updated it. I found the newer model did not reach as far as it claimed. The touch screen was terrible and would not respond to my touch. The picture also was not clear. I returned mine and I am still looking for a good video monitor.

  2. I have had this product for 13 months and wanted to return it from day 1. The camera quality it embarrassingly terrible. The camera only reveals color in the brightest of light and even with the most ideal lighting the monitor picture quality is consistent with a Television from the 1970’s. the unit comes with a 1 year warranty, coincidently our monitor died in the 13th month and calling customer service didnt get us anywhere. The battery cover was glued on and we couldn’t easily access the battery to test and when I did finally pry the rear cover off with a screwdriver I found out that the battery was fine is was the monitor itself. The monitor was on its carrier and fine when we went to sleep, when we woke up it was burned out. We called and was told that we had to pay $89 for a new monitor. There are many more quality options out there so keep looking. For my next child we will be getting a universal wifi camera from a quality brand so that we can view from our iPhones and/or a universal monitor. Don’t waste your money with summer infant.

  3. Have you reviewed these long term? I have had two of them, first stopped working (could no longer recieve a signal) after six months, second lasted a month then same thing happened. I thought there might be inteference, (as this monitor uses fixed frequencies instead of channel hopping over all wifi frequencies like some); found online what channels the monitor uses, set the wifi as far from it as possible; but still no luck. Also no reception when turned wifi and all other possible interferers off. Got the Motorola equivalent (though not touch screen, and which does channel hop) and have had no problems to date. Will also say the Summer Infant customer service was less then helpful when I called them.

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