Baby Gizmo Video Spotlight Review: Summer Infant Baby Touch Monitor

I am a big video monitor person! Yep, no matter how big or small your home is, I firmly believe that a good video monitor could be a worthwhile investment that could give you that peace of mind that a new parent needs.

Enter the Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor.

This is one of those good video monitors that I’m talking about. Bursting with parent- and baby-friendly features such as multi-camera capability, a REAL pan/zoom, battery option for the camera and a compact, touchscreen parent unit. Seriously, this is all good stuff people!

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • BIG Screen. 3.5” color LCD screen with automatic black & white night vision. Bigger screen = better visual on your baby. ‘Nuff said
  • Touch-Screen Parent Unit. Similar to an iPhone, you can do most of the features by pressing the actual screen.
  • Pan/Scan/Zoom. This isn’t your typical pan 2 inches to the side that we’ve seen on other monitors. This is the REAL deal!
  • 100% digital technology. No one else can see your baby. That would be creepy, right?
  • Talk-back Feature. Good for babies but BETTER for toddlers and kids. Watch the video review below to see what we mean.
  • Battery Pack for Camera. Sometimes an outlet just isn’t in a convenient place.
  • Can add 3 additional Cameras. Most people don’t have just one child. This is good for them.
  • 10-hour rechargeable Parent Unit Battery.Good. It’s just not cool to have a dead battery after 2 hours.

Sure there are other features but these are our favorites! Plus, we even did a video review for you to show it to you up close and personal.


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