Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Hamster Buggy Bags

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Hamster Buggy Bags

Stroller NOT included

Congratulations to our winners –

Entry #11 – Tiffany H.

Entry #222 – Jenefer L.

Entry #33 – Kat T.

How many times have you hung just one too many bags or just one heavy bag on the back of your lightweight stroller sending the entire buggy flipping backwards? Even with a child not in the seat, it can be alarming. That’s why we are super excited about our giveaway this week. First, there are three winners!  Yep, THREE winners!  Excited yet? Second, we are giving each winner a Hamster Buggy Bag 2-pack to add valuable storage space to your stroller without compromising the stability.

Conventional stroller bags add valuable storage space, but they can also tip a stroller over backwards. These duo saddlebags are side-mounted, so they actually stabilize your stroller instead! (Just distribute cargo weight evenly, of course.) Each bag holds up to a whopping 6 lbs., so they’re ideal for day trips and shopping adventures.
Each tote also doubles as a shoulder bag and folds into a compact self-pouch. Smart stroller accessory!

Hamster Buggy Bags are detachable storage bags shaped like pods that attach to the sides of your stroller for added storage that won’t topple over with or without your child in the stroller. We’ve seen it one too many times that the minute you unbuckle your child out of the stroller and forget that your diaper bag is attached to the back, your unfinished coffee and new purchases go flying every which way.

Fitting most strollers by attaching to the top of the handles of the stroller (the company says that if a stroller has handles at the top for the bags to attach to, they’ll fit your stroller), the bags stay put and allow for easy access storage and leaving your handle bars free and clear for you to shop and stroll as easy as ever. Not to be fooled by a gimmick, our Baby Gizmo editor tested it. She shoved just about everything in those two bags including, half a case of diapers, wipes, her wallet, sippy cups, snacks (tons of snacks), toys, and many store purchases. Now here comes the test…when she took her son out of the stroller…she ducked just to prepare for it but it didn’t happen — it didn’t TIP OVER! Success! WooHoo!

To read our full review of the Hamster Buggy Bags, go here: Baby Gizmo Hamster Buggy Bags Review If you don’t end up winning and you want to check out where to buy them in the US, they are an One Step Ahead Exclusive. You can shop them by clicking here to One Step Ahead.

For more information on Hamster Buggy Bags straight from the company, visit their website at:

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  2. These look awesome! Such a good idea! Love all the storage they would add to any stroller for a long day out! 🙂 With 2 kids that would be great!

  3. I love that these panniers can distribute and contain all of the weight and bulk of bags and baby gear when you’re out and about or traveling…. pretty awesome!

  4. I love that its unique shape prevents it from causing your stroller to topple over when the child is not in the stroller… wonderful!!!!! =)

  5. I love this I have been looking at stroller bags but didn’t like that it hanged on the back , i felt like it might swing back and forth and hit my legs while walking. I love that these are on the sides, and it frees up the basket under the stroller.

  6. Wow, another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. I would use this for the maclaren every day, and it looks like a backpack that my husband would even use. yay for man friendly.

  7. I love that these bags can be worn as shoulder bags too! It will be perfect for keeping valuables close during trips to amusement parks or zoos when strollers can sometimes be restricted.

  8. I love that this will add storage to my citi mini and joovy caboose (both have minimal storage) with out getting in the way of pushing, my back rider hopping on or off, and add stability!

  9. I totally love that you can pack it and it wont tip your stroller. I dont know how many times that has happened to me.

  10. I like how it gives you extra storage, but also doesnt get in the way when using the stroller or folding up the stroller.

  11. Such a great idea. Love how they don’t make the stroller topple over when child gets out. That happens to be more often then it should!

  12. Such a great idea! Love the fact that the bags are detachable and that they look good worn alone…doesn’t look silly like an afterthought.

  13. I love that your stroller won’t tip over! My Mac is ALWAYS tipping over. Drives me crazy. Taking them with you is an added bonus for sure!

  14. My favorite feature is that you can load the bags full of stuff and the stroller won’t tip over, as it has with me in the past…

  15. I’ve tipped over my stroller many times!! This bag is perfect and I love that you can take it off and carry it with you!

  16. I don’t know my answer truly followed the favorite feature = but I believe that exercise is a great feature (incentive). Having the “biker bags” will be great to store those “I need to have it with me” items without running out of room.

  17. I love that they are shaped like pods that attach to the sides of your stroller for added storage that won’t topple over with or without your child in the stroller!!!!!!!! LOVE that!!

  18. I love how it adds so much storage without tipping the stroller! I love my stroller, but find it really REALLY needs more storage 🙂

  19. Great for grocery shopping as my baby likes sitting in her stroller. I usually clip a shopping bag to my stroller.. This would work great.

  20. Since I live in a city with no car, when i go food shopping, this will help create extra storage for groceries so I don’t have to hang my grocery bag off the back which creates a tipping risk.

  21. Our current stroller has a very small basket underneath, and the bag we purchased is small and difficult to put anything in at all. We have the hook on the side, but once a few small bags are on it the stroller seems like it will tip over. I love that these bags are on each side of the stroller to prevent it from tipping!

  22. We need this! My wife’s diaper bag is big enough to sleep in, and when she hangs it from handles, I feel like stroller will tip over!. The buggy bags offer the storage without impacting stability!

  23. they would offer the perfect stability to our light weight stroller which often topples with our diaper bag! so I would have to say stability is my favorite feature!

  24. I love that they won’t topple the stroller over. These would be perfect for our family vacation this year…so perfect in the parks! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  25. I love These duo saddlebags are side-mounted, so they actually stabilize your stroller instead! My stroller tips so often!

  26. This is a pretty great idea! I hate having to move everything around so that the stroller doesn’t tip every time my toddler wants to get out of the stroller and walk (every 3 minutes)

  27. I love that they are big enough to actually fit everything you need (and more), yet still won’t tip the stroller over! Genius.

  28. My car stroller is great but once I hang things on the back, its likely to tip. I would love to win this to stabilize my stroller!

  29. This is fantastic!! Either they are really good about listening to parents needs or a parent was involved in developing this!

  30. Love the fact that it prevents the stroller from tipping — this is always a problem with my heavy diaper bag and our Maclaren Volo!!

  31. Great idea. We just got an umbrella stroller, which is fantastic, but the storage is very lacking compared to our regular stroller.

  32. I would love to win this! We downsized to only an umbrella stroller, but are lacking in storage space and I tend to be an over packer. You never know what you might need on a walk to the park! 😉

  33. I love the extra storage they would provide. With small kids you need all the extra storage you can get!! I also love how they were designed so you don’t have to have your child in the stroller, as a counter weight, whenever you have the bags full.

  34. I love that it keeps it from falling over when you have so much stuff in the bag!!! That happens all the time when you take the baby out! Brilliant idea!

  35. I love you are hands freean have a place to store items,I hate it when they keep falling out of the stroller

  36. I have never heard of these buggy bags before but they would be a great addition to my lightweight stroller. Would love to win this …

  37. I like that you can get a bunch of stuff in there and instead of tipping the stroller, it stabilizes it. Very nice!

  38. I love that these won’t tip the stroller! I have done that so many times, once I take baby/child out tip goes the stroller!

  39. Love these and already looked at them for my upcoming summer trips. Would love to have a bag that doesn’t take up the whole basket yet doesn’t tip my stroller.

  40. Love that they are on the sides allowing easy access to the basket below as well as allowing the seat to recline.

  41. I am the queen of bags…. between the cooler (for baby bottle and snacks) to my bag, to the diaper bag and a pump bag… I am there…. anything I can just fit it all in will be fantastic…
    we are traveling oversea soon so that will help!

  42. I love that I will no longer need to fight the uncomfortable (sweaty) handle from my regular bag hanging from the stroller handles!

  43. Great idea!!! My husband hates the diaper bag hanging off the back, he always ends up kicking it while walking. These should solve that problem.

  44. I love that it’s easy. (not to mention organized, would keep me from dumping my child upside down, how much it holds…………)

  45. I love that I could use these with my rider board on the back to give DS room to ride on the back and room for me to store all my stuff out of his way.

  46. Love that you can stuff them full with all kinds of mixed stuff (diapers, wipes, toys, snacks) so you don’t have to tote so many bags.

  47. That is holds so much stuff! i can have one for the baby stuff anf the other b=for my big girls stuff to keep them seperate!

  48. I love the fact that the buggy bags can hold so many things on the side and not on the back of the stroller. I can now fully incline my stroller to let the sleeping baby sleep!

  49. Love that you can stuff them full with all kinds of mixed stuff (diapers, wipes, toys, snacks) so you don’t have to tote *so* many bags!!! 🙂

  50. The best thing about these seems to be that they balance out your stroller. As much as I love my Maclaren, if you have things attached to the handle (because the small basket is filled), the stroller flips backwards as soon as one of my sons hop out– NOT FUN!! This seems like the perfect solution.

  51. I have tipped my stroller over more times than I care to count! Anything that will help prevent this from happening is very welcome in my home!


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