Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Kinderwagon Hop Stroller

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway:  Kinderwagon Hop Stroller’s Giant Weekly Giveaway this week is a Kinderwagon Hop double stroller.  To read (and watch!) the full review of the Kinderwagon Hop click HERE.

All you have to do is log in at to be entered to win!  One winner will be chosen at random from all the people that log in and/or leave a comment!    Giveaway ends on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 11:59pm CST.

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*Congratulations to Jenny D. from Milton, NY for winning the Joovy Scooter x2 from last week!


  1. This looks like a really great double stroller. I love how te seats are arranged. Perfect for a quick trip out with two kiddos

  2. I need it to keep my sanity! We just had our 5th an it is small enough to use to contain our 1 yo twins while taking the baby to the Dr. which is si frequent the 1st year! Mentioned it on mother of twins blog!

  3. The kinderwagon hop would be perfect for taking my daughter and niece to all the beautiful parks in San Diego. And it has room to store all our stuff.

  4. This stroller would be perfect since it’s compact to leave in my van and use with my 1 and 3 year old girls.

  5. Would love to win. I love how lightweight and small it is, and with another one on the way, I’m going to be needing a double stroller.

  6. I would LOVE to win the Kinderwagon. I have a toddler and a single bob & mac quest. I also have a bob duallie for when I babysit in my home but, there is no way that monster (that I do love) is going on a bus or public transportation. I would love to be able to take both children to more places this summer using public transportation. This stroller is exactly what I need.

  7. Just logged in (megancrose) and leaving my blog comment here. 🙂 Would LOVE to win – with an upcoming summer vacation involving loads of walking, this would be super handy for my sleepy toddler. megancrose at gmail dot com

  8. I didnt even realize that this was a double stroller until I watched the review. That is amazing. I’m definitely a fan!

  9. I have read great reviews about this stroller and it’s so lightweight! I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. My 2 year old doesn’t like to walk when her brother gets to ride in a stroller. She would love this! My little one would love riding in the top part because he could look at his big sister! It’s very similar to the Marco Sky, but they only sell that in Europe unfortunately!!

  10. I would love to win this for my daughter! she can use it with her 10 month old and they are TTC at the moment.

  11. I would love to win this stroller! I am expecting in 3 months and I watch my niece all of the time. So this stroller would be perfect!

  12. I could use this because I have two kids and a single stroller. When my older one gets tired, there is nowhere for him to go!

  13. Just had our third child in three years – would love a double stroller that isn’t bulky, since trunk space is at such a premium now!

  14. This looks like such a great double stroller. I love mine, but it is huge and heavy which makes it really annoying when running in and out of the car. I’d love to have a lightweight double to use for all the running around.

  15. my sit and stand (which I never liked) met its demise lat saturday while at a garage sale, the whole front wheel just sort of broke off! I seriously need a new stroller with baby #6 coming real soon and lots of little ones already

  16. I desperately need a compact double stroller since i am expecting number 2 any day now and my first is only 1. I do not have a car and have to use the bus regularly to get around town to all my appointments and everything so this would be a massive blessing especially since I have no money to buy something like this.

  17. I’ve been looking all over for this stroller! I desperately need it for an upcoming international trip with my 3 kids. Using public transport and very narrow sidewalks has pretty much ruled out all other double strollers!

    I also posted this on my Facebook and commented on Baby Gizmo FB page.

  18. I can’t believe this is this week’s giveaway!! I’ve been searching high and low for this exact stroller and can’t find anywhere to buy it! I’m taking an international trip this summer for a month with my 3 kids under the age of 5. I desperately want to take a double stroller but they are all too big. We will be using a lot of public transport. This stroller would be an absolute lifesaver!

  19. What a great stroller! I have a 2 year old and one due in a month and a half. Would be perfect for zoo trips!

  20. I have been searching for a compact doubles stroller, since we now have 3 kiddos 5 and under who all like to ride in strollers and we have a Highlander that leaves us dangerously close to no trunk space with the third row up. This stroller looks perfect! I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter.

  21. what a handy looking, fun stroller to keep in vehicle, for use while out and about! light weight and compact! 🙂

  22. the baby guy rated this as one of the top compact folding strollers. It looks interesting and I have never seen it anywhere.

  23. I would love to win this stroller as a ‘shared’ one amongst the family…I married into a family with 3 brothers who all live on the same street and all of us wives had babies last year within a 3 month stretch (another due this August). This stroller would be perfect for us to share when we give one another a break and steal a baby or two for a walk to entertain our own.

  24. I need a smaller double stroller for hubbys car, our combi takes up the entire trunk :o(. With 4 little boys it will get years of use!!!

  25. I could really use a double stroller! Thanks for offering another great giveaway this week!

    I also tweeted about the giveaway! (@MamaPiggySandra)

  26. could really use this for a possible road trip this summer. Nice and small and would not take up as much space as my other stroller!

  27. I love your honest reviews about this stroller. (i.e. ‘It’s not the easiest to unfold at first’…and ‘we found ourselves kicking the back of the frame often during long walks’.) That being said, any double stroller that is won is a good deal in my book! 😉

  28. I’d love to win! I need a smaller double stroller–my jogger was a great gift but is just not practical indoors at all!


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