Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve + Doubles Kit

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: phil&teds Verve + Doubles Kit

Baby Gizmo’s Giant Weekly Giveaway is a phil&teds Verve stroller with doubles kit! (Retail value = $819)

To read (and watch!) the full review of the 2011 phil&teds Verve click HERE.

All you have to do is log in at to be entered to win!  One winner will be chosen at random from all the people that log in and/or leave a comment!    Giveaway ends on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 11:59pm CST.

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*Congratulations to Mandy D. from Manassas, VA for winning the Quinny Zapp Xtra from last week’s giveaway!


  1. I will be moving to an island where everything is narrow and small. A side by side stroller ( little one on the way) wont do.Phil & teds makes great strollers and this is the coolest one yet. I’d love to have this for my two little ones and basically be the spokes person for it as I would be the only one with it.

  2. My doubles stroller is falling apart…I NEED a new one and Phil and Ted’s is my favorite! PLEASE!

  3. Would love this for Mother’s Day! Have a 13 month old girl and another lil’ girl due this summer. Would make my life so much easier.

  4. Wow – this would be a great push gift for our little guy who is due next month (of course he would share with big brother)! Would love to win. Thanks for all the great reviews – as always!

  5. I’d love to win this awesome stroller. Having three babies 4 and under, all we could aafford is a stroller “bus” my arms are tired of pushing this thing:) I’d love to be able to have a phil and teds and rave about it to all my expecting mommy friends that are having baby #2. pick me pleae:)

  6. Dear Baby Gizmo,

    I don’t know what I love more…this stroller, or you for giving one away!!! Pick me! I NEED it!

  7. I just got done pushing my double wide through Disneyland, where I was envious of the Phil and Ted’s parents who maneuvered through the crowds so much better than we did. I am ready for an easier ride with multiple kids:)

  8. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller! I’ve been looking at Phil and Teds for a long time! It’s beautiful!!!!

  9. Entry#2 This would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for me 🙂

    “Maligayang Araw ng mga Ina” (Tagalog) Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. I love your site especially the video reviews AND I would love this stroller as I am expecting my 2nd child in June. Thanks!

  11. I should win the 2011 phil&teds Verve Stroller + doubles kit because I have 2 children under 2 and they deserve to ride in the best stroller ever!!! Thanks for the chance 😀

  12. Would love to win this beautiful stroller! I’ve been drooling over it. It would be an awesome upgrade from my current travel system.

  13. I never knew you guys existed. Came across the site today and fell in love. So many good deals. I’ll have to check and see if I can make a baby registry on your site for baby number 2!

  14. I sneed a stroller for my 1 year old but my 3 year old daughter hates walking so I would love the option of a second seat for when she need it

  15. Phil & Ted’s is one my favorite stollers. We have two young children but haven’t purchased a double stroller yet. With a trip to Florida coming up the end of June I would love to have a stroller for them.

  16. I would absolutly love this stroller!!!! It would really help out with taking my twins out who currently hate the stroller that they are in.

  17. I would love to win this my husband is on disability and I am in college. I have a nine month old and one on the way. This would come in handy and really needed.

  18. This is the best stroller I’ve ever seen!!! It would be great for my Annaleise and her baby sister due Labor Day!! I also posted a tweet about it @ljohnson618

  19. Entry #3

    I tweeted about the giveaway using the hashtag! My handle is @VeganBabyBump 🙂

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  20. I absolutely LOVE this stroller and could really use it, since I have a one year old and another one on the way!!! 🙂

  21. Entry #2

    I would love to win the Phil&Teds stroller! I’m pregnant with my first baby & would definitely love this. 🙂

    y dot yannini at yahoo dot com

  22. I would love to win the Phil & Teds Verve stroller with the doubles kit because I have a toddler with a baby on the way and think this is the coolest stroller out there. It’s a tweet from Phil & Ted’s that actually brought me to your awesome site for the first time!!

  23. I love this stroller. PICK ME PICK ME :o) Will be having a 2.5 year old and a newborn so we definitely would get use out of this! Love P&T’s!!! Thanks Hollie!

  24. I just tweeted about the Phil & Ted Verve stoller giveaway. It would be so great to win it for my 2-year-old and my 2-month-old.

  25. I have been window shopping online at Phil & Ted double strollers for a while now. I have a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old and I would love to have a double inline stroller. It would be so great to win!

  26. wife of a starving student,expecting our 2nd child at the end of the year. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family,not to mention save loads of time and money!

  27. I do a lot of baby sitting and I can’t ever go on walks with my daughter when we do cause I don’t have a proper stroller. I love to win this I would be a great winner thanks

  28. My birthday is a week away. Lets face it. The stroller is as much for mom as it is for the kids. Yes, my almost 2 year old and almost 6 month old are easier to move around when they are happy and comfy …. and NOT being carried in my arms quite so often. I want this as my birthday/mommy’s day/my body is exhausted Day gift. Pretty please with sugar on top? 😉 Oh– and may I have a nap?

  29. Would love to win this stroller, we’re expecting our first and have heard really good things about Phil and Ted strollers! Good luck everyone!

  30. I NEED this stroller. I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way. I’m so very sad to give up my Maxi Cosi Perle (but I can’t fit 2 kids in it), and this is the stroller that would ultimately make the transition one I will love!

  31. It would be awesome to win this stroller!! I have a P&T Sport and my two kids have loved it! We have #3 on the way and would love the Verve! Phil and Teds are the best strollers out there!

  32. Ive tried sooo many double strollers and this one has had great reviews!!! Its out of my price range right now, PLEASE HELP!!!

  33. I would love to win this stroller! We have 3 boys under the age of 5..the two youngest being only 17 months apart so, we are very busy! I have a hand-me-down double stroller but it is nearly impossible to push especially when we go to parks or other places where there aren’t sidewalks. This stroller would make our lives so much easier (and more fun)!

  34. I should win the 2011 phil&teds Verve Stroller + doubles kit because first off…honestly…I can’t afford it. I’m in LOVE with it! I want it bad!! & I have a toddler & a baby on the way & could deff use this! I would stroll around all the nice parks around here…great advertising for P&T’s!! 🙂 Plus I won’t lie…I’d look so cute pushing it and well..I already have one adorable kid! LOL

  35. We have a super old E3 with doubles kit but would love to upgrade to the Verve! With 18 month old twins and a 3 year old and a deployed husband a double stroller is a necessity.

  36. Would be perfect for my family! As of Sept, we will have two babies 15 mo apart. Should’ve invested in the Phil n Ted’s the first time around so we wouldn’t have to buy a double!

  37. i would love to win this stroller because I love the sunshades and the fun style and accessibility this stroller offers. I need a way to strap down my two boys!

  38. I would love to win this stroller, we are expecting baby #3 and this would be perfect for us! Thank you for the giveaway.

  39. I have been recomending your website to all of my friends on babycenter, they are always wanting to know what are the best strollers out there and I always tell them to babygizmo because they have great reviews and videos!!!

    I would LOVE this stroller, we are always on the go! My almost 1 year old and 3 year old love to stroll around the neighborhood since we have great trails 🙂
    This would be a perfect 1st birthday present for him and me 🙂

  40. Would LOVE this stroller for my 2 month old and 3 yr old!! Have always wanted Phil and Ted but it’s a little pricey! The verve would be one awesome stroller to have especially w a doubles kit! Bc I currently do not have a double! Awesome giveaway and thanks for the chance!

  41. I should win this stroller because I am an 18 yr old mother of an 11 month old with a second due in June. I am married to a wonderful guy named damion who is the father of both my soon to be children. We do not have a lot of extra money to go out and buy a double stroller that is compact enough to take on the bus since we dont have a car. This would be such a wonderful blessing to win and it would make my life so much simpler than having to save up the money for one. I posted about the weekly givaway on my facebook page since its like the only site i have time for

  42. WOW! This would be great for my 4mo and 29mo. 2year olds still nap and get tired, so we need a double when we are out together.

  43. I forgot to say why we should win this stroller: we are expecting baby #9 in August, so we would/could REALLY use this:)

  44. We are in the TTC #2 phase and this would be just so cool to have the double before the second is born(would that be putting the cart before the horse? Oh well, it would still be great)

  45. I need to win because the stroller I am using now is not great and has bad customer service. They dont care that we are having issues….ugh!

  46. I just found out I’m expecting my second due 12-25-11!! I’ll have 2 under two and a great stroller will be a must. But winning a stroller would give me an opportunity to have a nice set of wheels for my babes without breaking my quickly diminishing bank account!

  47. I need to win this double stroller because I have 2 kids under 2 and only a single stoller! Very hard to walk with one in the seat and the other on the cup holders:)

  48. This site ROCKS! I just found out about it. I would love to win, but am excited just to learn about all the things I now want but can’t afford! 🙂

  49. I have a thing for strollers and have more one-seaters than one child could possibly need. This would be great to have when baby #2 gets here!

    P.S. – I tweeted, too (@iamem)

  50. This could help me out so much!! The trips we are taking this summer are little ones but with lots of walking. Plus I am wanting to start walking off the weight I put on.

  51. I would love to win this stroller! I have a 2-year-old, and another baby on the way any day now, and this would be a great stroller for them!

  52. Phil and Ted Verve stroller is a dream stroller for my children and I. It would allow us to go places not only in style but in comfort to places I wouldn’t dare go without a stroller. Fingers crossed!

  53. I would love to win the giveaway. I went for a walk up a very steep hill with one in the stroller and the other on my back and almost didn’t make it.( each are 35lbs)

  54. I should win this stroller because I want to give it to my friend who is expecting her first baby. Her husband is not working and they do not have a lot of money. I want to help her soooo much!

    cerbev at gmail dot com

  55. I want this stroller soooooooooo badly! Love the versatility!

    Trying to win a new Phil & Teds Verve! Mama wants this stroller baaaaadddd!!! #BabyGizmoGiveaway

  56. We travel A LOT for my husband’s job and the nicest thing I can think of would be to have a stroller at both destinations instead of hauling us, baby, luggage, our huge Britax, our huge stroller… Ok, maybe the nicest thing would be to have another stroller AND another car seat. 😉 But having an awesome stroller like this would certainly make me dread traveling a lot less!

  57. Wow what an awesome giveaway this week. We are due with our first boy (after 3 girls) and will definitely need a double stroller for our 2 year old and newborn. This is definitely more than I could ask for but would love to win it!

  58. I just got rid of my old e3 and already missing it. I let my husband talk me into it and there’s no way he’d let me BUY another one! Hoping to win one instead!!!

  59. I have been eyeing this Phil and Ted Stroller for months. Maybe this is a sign for me to either win it or to pruchase one!

    LOVE IT!

  60. Gorgeous stroller! I love the handlebar – so handy for us tall gals, especially when wearing heels. So nice to not have to hunch over. This is both stylish and practical!

  61. Now THIS is an awesome giveaway!! So glad that P&T is making a stroller that will fold without removing the seat and allow both seats to recline as well as giving the back rider a canopy!!

  62. I posted a comment on facebook and I also tweeted about it

    I would love to win this stroller for my two kids I am very active and this would be AMAZING to win! I would use it everyday……please please pick me!

  63. would love to win as i am exspecting #6 an 5 an 6 will be 13 months apart so both will still need to be in a stroller!

  64. OMG. This would be the perfect all in one stroller for me. Shopping, Walking, & Double for when #2 comes along. So Stylish. Plus it looks like my favorite color too! Here’s hoping I win something for once.

  65. Awesome stroller & always great reviews! Posted it on my Facebook wall to share the news too. Would definitely love & appreciate one of these!!

  66. Id love to win this stroller because my lil guy would look great in it.. we live in sunny california and summers coming up so plenty of walks r in the horizon.. we would sure put that stroller to.good use.. thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  67. What a great product, I would love to have this stroller, My kids would feel super special riding around in it, and I think I would fell even better pushing it 🙂

  68. I love this stroller so much!! I should win because I have baby number two coming in June and I like to take walks with friends over bumpy terrain– and double strollers usually take up too much room on the sidewalk! But not this one! 😉

  69. Would love to win this stroller. I love things that are multifunctional, change from one seat to two seat back to one, awesome.

  70. I logged in and am leaving a comment in the hopes I might win. I am expecting our first child in December and I would absolutely love to win this! I need all the help I can get and I want the safest products available.

    Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway!

  71. Soooooo want one of these!! One little baby girl and planning another. 🙂 Plus our stroller now is pitiful even all of 5 foot 3 me bends over a little to push it.

  72. OMG I love your video reviews. I had a 11.6lb boy in Nov and can really use a double as I have a 40inch tall 2 year old as well. I ordered a double on a one deal a day site and never got it. I got my fingers crossed i love this stroller

  73. My apologies again! Why should I win? I don’t suppose I deserve it anymore than anyone else. I just know that for baby number seven and toddler this would be super fun. (unless baby eight is with baby seven…. 🙂

  74. I’m expecting my second child this summer, and am wholly unprepared for 2 kids, especially in the stroller department. We live in town and have just one car, so I use our stroller to do a lot of errands. A double one this fancy would be like icing with a cherry on top!

  75. I have the Phil and ted sport and I would love to sell it and get the new model, I bought it used and it is looking rough. They turn on a dime, fold up nicley and fit both kids with out looking like your hauling a bus! I’d love to win this!

  76. Just had number two and don’t have a stroller to accommodate them both. Crazy thing – this stroller costs almost double of my mortgage payment!

  77. With 1 child who just turned 1yr and one due in Aug I could seriously use this stroller! Thanks for the giveaway baby gizmo

  78. I would love to win this stroller and doubles kit! When #2 is born later this year, #1 will be 16 months old! This stroller would be a welcome addition to the family! 🙂

  79. We are in the process of an international adoption and we will need a double stroller for our children! It would be amazing to win the Verve!!

  80. I would love to win the new verve. Love the break on the handle and that each seat can take around 44 pounds. So versatile. Looks like it would handle like a dream on the city streets!

  81. I think my daughter (4 months old) and I should win the phil&teds stroller because we are Baby Gizmo’s #1 FAN! We used your video reviews before buying our high chair recently and I’m so grateful we did! I tell everyone about your website and the many wonderful ideas you give to all parents (not just the mommies). Although we have not won any giveaway yet, THANK YOU so much for all of the opportunities. I will continue to tell all of the parents I meet about your website because it’s nothing short of amazing!!!

  82. I would LOVE to win this amazing stroller for my 7 and 22 month old kiddos. They would definitely be riding in style! And I tweeted!

  83. I’m totally dreading the thought of pushing a huge double stroller but this one looks like something I could handle.

  84. Would love to win this stroller. Always looking for ways to make life just a little bit easier for me with my twins, one who has cerebral palsy and doesn’t walk. Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. I should win this amazingly wonderful stroller because my little ones really need a new set of wheels. Our life is hectic with older siblings and this would be perfect for the little ones since we are an active family always on the go! The Phil and Teds are supposed to be the most wonderful strollers. It would be the perfect ride for Charlie and Liv!

  86. Oh, I guess I should mention WHY I need the stroller…. Haha!
    My husband and I just had our second child in February. We were living comfortably until recently, when the economy took a down turn. I lost my career in the insurance industry, my husband is in commission only sales, and our income dropped by about 70%. We lost our home, both of our cars, had to get one older vehicle to share, and had to sell most of our belongings.
    We don’t have help from family, since my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and is still raising 4 kids at home, 3 of whom are adopted from Ethiopia, 1 of them has health problems himself. My in-laws are in their 70s and still working full time to cover their living expenses. They were saddled with additional expenses when they lost two sons unexpectedly. Larry, at age 49 from cancer, and Blake, age 36 of congenital heart failure.
    We have been lucky to find some older, super cheap second hand items, but a double stroller would really help me to get errands done when my husband is working 50+ hours a week.
    Thank you for considering me!!! 🙂

  87. OOHH!! Would LOVE this! perfect timing, I need a stroller bad! Thank you for the chance at an awesome stroller:) Hope it is my lucky day;)

  88. With three kids, we’re always coming and going! Sometimes we have one kid with us, sometimes all three. The optional second seat is ideal for us.

  89. What an awesome stroller!We could definately use a double stroller since we don’t have one yet for our 2yr old and 9 month old baby.Thanks for such a cool giveaway!!!

  90. Love watching Baby G reviews…soo informative! Would love to win the double stroller since we’ve been working hard to make baby no.2

  91. I would love this stroller. If I won this stroller, I would donate my double stroller and single stroller to someone in need! This would allow me to be rid of two strollers since you can use it as a double and single, too!

  92. This stroller would be great for my god children. I hear so much great stuff about this product. On top of that, thank you, baby gizmo, for informing us all the latest news and reviews.

  93. Love the name verve, and it might help me get a little exercise, which I desperately need. Caring for a 3 month old and a 2.5 year old is harder than I imagined!

  94. This stroller is so amazing. I have a 15mo old and am two months away from my due date with #2. I would LOVE to have this stroller!

  95. I would love this new p & t stroller! I have a 16 month old and a second little girl due in July and my husband doesn’t think we need a double stroller so he won’t let me buy one

  96. OMG I saw your review about this last week and then saw the price and thought NO WAY can we afford this. Would love to win this as our hand me down stroller just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  97. Oooh, my twins would love this! And I’d love to be able to move throughout the aisles in the mall without knocking everything over.

  98. We have two little ones and this would have been such a splurge for us to get however it would be so helpful with outings. It definitely would save my back from all that carrying (of at least one and/or two of them at the same time).

  99. This stroller is exactly what I need! I have 21 month old and a four month as well! I still have NOT purchased a double stroller because I just can’t seem to find one that fits my needs and budget!

    I wish I could win this stroller. I have decided to be a stay-at-home mom and this stroller would help us so much with getting around! Thanks babygizmo! With out your site I would be LOST!!!!! 🙂

  100. What a fabulous stroller and such a great option for those who are anticipating having more than one small child. I’ve been looking at strollers for my first baby and would love to get something that can grow with my family! So excited about this giveaway!

  101. I should win because I would never be able to afford one but would love to sport it wit my little baby and any more to come!!! Oh yes, and I could tell all my friends where I won it!

  102. I’d love to win this because we need a double stroller, badly! DH & I are planning on another little one, we just moved across the country 2 months ago for a great career opportunity but have yet to be paid by said great career due to “computer glitch” issues :^(

  103. I would totally love to win the phil+teds Verve with doubles kit! I need a new stroller but cannot convince DH to shell out the dough, so to win one on my own would be amazing! Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  104. I have been “stalking” one of these strollers since I was pregnant with my last! It would be a HUGE help for me since I have a 7 month old and a 2yr old who need to be in a stroller. I have two other children but they can walk and be trusted to not run out, wildly, in the street in front of cars 🙂 Thank you!

  105. Pushing a traditional doubles stroller around the mall makes it impossible to shop in any of the stores. The Verve would make it possible for us shop again with both kids in the stroller.

  106. I would love to win this because I know we’re having another baby and will need a double stroller.I love this chic design.

  107. I should win the P+T because with only about 2 weeks to go with number 2 on the way I am in DIRE need of a stroller!
    Not to mention my stroller obsession, but I am guessing that is a different website I need to visit 😉

  108. I would be so excited to win this!! My husband has our only car during the week and a nice stroller like this would make life SO much easier getting around by foot with my two little ones!! I’ve wanted this stroller for a while now but the price is just too far out of reach. I would LOVE to win this!!

  109. Wow!! I am in LOVE with this stroller!! As soon as I had gotten the email from P&T about this new stroller, I showed my husband and told him I want it soooooo bad!!!! My kids would totally love it and it would be perfect for my newborn and 2 yr old!!! Love love love this!!!!!!!!!!

  110. MAMA wants to witn this stroller REALLLY BAD! We have a baby due in October and a 22 month old and a 3 year old, this would ROCK our world!!!!

  111. We need this stroller so we can stop wasting money on awful little strollers that don’t last nearly long enough or are such a pain to use they never make it out of the garage.

  112. I love the Phil and Ted’s concept for double strollers. They are so manageable, easy to steer, and take up so little real estate! We just had baby number two and my hubby dearest is all about reuse what we already have, save money, etc. Sure, that’s smart….but this stroller is awesome and would work so well for our family….and I would be honored to be a walking advertisement for Phil and Ted’s!

  113. With our four little munchkins -ages 4 and under- we would put this to GREAT use! It would be a perfect addition to our life:):)!

  114. Would really love to win this stroller. I have a 23 months old and a 7 weeks old. Now, I am using Peg Perego Skate with its jumper seat, but my 23 months absolutely hates it! Since we can’t use the bassinet for the 7 weeks old (limitation of the jumper seat), he has to stay in the car seat which really means he can’t lay completely flat…. On the other hand, the 23 months old can’t face forward and car seat completely blocks his view. It’s becoming a danger for him as he tried to escape the stroller while I was pushing it!!

    Love love love the fact that the phil&ted Verve stroller has a double kit that could be put it in front and the newborn can still lay flat! Thanks for the great great giveaway!!! 🙂

  115. Love this stroller – I just gave birth to our second child a month ago, I have been looking all over for a double stroller and haven’t found one I love yet – would love to try this one out!

  116. What a great giveaway and what a great company Baby Gizmo is! Making peoples life better every giveaway they have! Thank you Baby Gizmo! 🙂

  117. Would love to win this stroller! I have twins and NEED a stroller for them that can fit into my trunk!

    You guys have the best reviews!!

  118. What a cool stroller! I would love to win this for my friend, she is pregnant with her second and she will have 2 under 2! The review looks like it would be great for her! Also, even though it doesn’t have a lot of storage room with the second seat in, if she used diaper bag clips she could hang her storage off of the back

  119. I love this stroller! All the new features look so amazing. (this brand is like apple, u get one if their products but then they release another and u feel like u have to have it!) I’m a huge Phil and teds fan, I’ve had the sport v1 and currently have a smart, but I would the verve to carry my 4 yr old as well as my 8 month old.


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