Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Stroll-Air My Duo

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Stroll-Air My Duo

The Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly this week is really big!  That’s why we call it “Giant”! One of our biggest Weekly Giveaways in a while!  Plus, our Canadian mamas (and dads!) are included on this one!  (And the north of the border crowd goes wild!!) The winner of the giveaway this week will receive a red Stroll-Air My Duo Double Stroller!  That’s right – the fabulous luxury, double stroller that has independent reversible seats, giant canopies, huge basket, lightweight frame (for a double!) and a great push!

This is one of those giveaways that you need to check out our full in-depth review (with video!) to know what you could win this week.  Here is the review:  Stroll-Air My Duo

Go ahead and check out the review while we wait!  Remember we like to give quizzes! 🙂


Okay, are you all caught up on the fabulous prize this week?  Really want to win it, don’t you?!?  If you are excited about the My Duo (and who isn’t, right!?), why not like Stroll-Air’s social media pages to keep up-to-date on all the Stroll-Air happenings (they are coming out with a new stroller next year sometime!)

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Yep, we are using the super easy Rafflecopter for entering this giveaway again! First, we are happy to say that this giveaway is open to United States AND Canadian residents!! Second, if you weren’t with us for the last few giveaways, a blog comment is the only mandatory entry but there are additional (optional) entries you can get (new ones this week have been added!). You will notice that some of the entry methods are worth more than others. For example, “Subscribe to our YouTube Channel” has a “(+2)” next to it.  That means it is worth TWO entries for just doing that!

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter and Message Board post options which is once per day!).  Please do not cheat and enter more than that!  We will know and we will catch you!  We are always watching. 🙂 Giveaway STARTS on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 12:01am EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, October 23, 2011.



  1. Love this Stroll Air duo! Would love to win it! I have 3 little kids and never had a double! 🙂 Could definitely use one!

  2. It?s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I?m satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i have my 4th child on the way a stroller like this would work wanders, i could but my 3 year old and new baby in it while i walk with the other 2 🙂

  4. I like it that your review said and showed that a 4 year old could fit in the stroller. So it’d work for us to use with our daughter & son.

  5. I love the independently reversible seats and the overall look of this stroller! Hoping it would be a perfect stroller for my 2 yr old and expected new baby.

  6. LOVE the duo! desperately need this for our new baby! want to keep an eye on him but still allow my son to watch the happenings on the street! looks great!

  7. I need this SOO badly! I have 2 girls 3 and 2 and just found out we have #3 on the way! My stroller is KILLING me!! It is soo hard to push and turn. I really want a new one but we have a small income and can’t afford a new one. I really would LOVE to win this!

    My favorite feature is the ability to change the seats. Having a new one on the way will make it soo nice to turn baby towards me and leave my older one facing out.

  8. OMG we need this stroller! Have not decided on a side by side jogger yet for our 3 wk and 2 year old! This would be perfect! Love the compact fold and ability to reverse the seats! My sister has a Stroll-Air stroller and loves it!

  9. I have looked at this stroller a few times. I love that the seats can go forwards and backwards. Sometimes you want to see those beautiful little faces, and sometimes you want them to see the world!

  10. Independently reversible seats?! Awesome!! We would be using the stroller for a teeny-tiny (4 weeks) and a 2-year old. I’d want to keep my eye on Tiny, but the 2-yr old wants to see what’s coming at him. How perfect!

  11. sorry about leaving two comments, i didnt think the first one worked and then they both showed up, and i couldn’t figure out how to delete one

  12. The independent seats would be awesome. I could have my 1 year old son face forward and our newborn child (due in dec) facing us. Too cool

  13. I love that I can put my toddler in this stroller and put my soon to be newbie either in the carseat in the stroller or laying flat. There are so many great adjustables!

  14. My favourite feature is how compact the stroller is. Living in a condo means space is at a premium! This could fit in our front closet no problem. Bonus!

  15. I love the way this stoller folds compact and how the seats can independently be turned around to face you. Would love to win one!

  16. I love that it can fit through standard doorways. I normally am not a fan of doubles that are side by side because they are so wide and generally take up so much space. I was happy to read that this fits through standard doorways.

  17. I love it all the reclining and the ability for the seats to be reversed at the same time is my favorite!
    (Our favorite features of the stroller that makes it different than others on the market are the independently reversible seats and the ability to accept two infant car seats at once. Plus, the My Duo sports two full-reclining seats on a narrow frame, adjustable handle and footrests, gigantic basket, front and back suspension and large rear wheels.)

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  18. I love the large basket!! I have twins and one with special medical needs and this would be so helpful to carry his stuff around!!

  19. I love the independent reversible seats!! I have been looking to buy the baby jogger city select but love the fact that this stroller is a side by side!! I am waiting to buy my stroller now in hopes I win!!! 🙂

  20. It’s too hard to pick my favorite feature, possibly the adjustable handle so my tall husband doesn’t kick the wheels, but the dual adjustable canopies is a close second.

  21. My favorite part is how well it collapses! I mean really- when you have twins, you have enough stuff in the trunk already! hahah- literally and figuratively lol.

  22. Omgosh I really need this! I have 2 under 3 and another one due in March. A double stroller will be a must on outings and how wonderful would it be to win one! Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. I have watched the Duo stroller review for the last month several times trying to decide if this is the best choice for my twins so I am VERY excited this is the giveaway! I love that the seats can face different directions, that is my favorite aspect of this stroller. During the video today I noticed how large the basket is for storage, didnt notice it the last few times I watched.

  24. I love the reversible seats & how small it folds up!! Love everything about it!! Would be perfect timing for our second baby!!:)

  25. I love that it has independently reversible seats. My 8 month old boy has to have eyes on me all the time, but my 3 year old girl always wants to see what’s ahead .

  26. I would love this stroller! I really like how the seats can face either direction. My toddler insists on facing front, but I love being able to keep eye contact with my new little girl. I also love that it will fit through standard doors, important for shopping.

  27. I think this product is very helpful to any mom of 2. We are trying for our second child and I think that the ability to face the kids in two different directions, easy storing and recline ability is great!

  28. Amazing to find a reversible seat stroller than can accommodate two AND in independent side-by-seats at that. I searched everywhere for a side by side dual stroller than can do this and Stroll-Air My Duo is a rare find.

  29. Love Stroll-Air! Have been eyeing this stroller for awhile, love all the wonderful features; my favorite being the reversible seats so my older girl can face forward and my younger baby girl can face mommy!

  30. Simply I can not to afford that kind of stroller (awesome) so it would be nice to win it. I like that it has two wheels in front forbeasy ride!

  31. My favorite feature is reversible seats and not just because you said it. I have always loved that feature.


  32. I love how you promote such amazing items and also give people the chance to win them. I’m due with twins in december, I would love a double stroller!

  33. I love how this double stroller is lightweight, folds compactly, yet still allows for two separate seats that can go either forward or backwards and accomodates infant seats. Not to mention the GIANT basket.

  34. I love that it is a double stroller, I will need one soon. With four kids under 6 a stroller sometimes is the only safe place for them to be

  35. Independently reversible seats???? SWEET!! That is by far my favorite feature!! I would LOVE to win one of these babies! I am in dire need of a new double for my growing brood too 😉

  36. With twins due anyday, this stroller is exciting! I love that it is more narrow and lightweight than most tandem strollers. The more compact fold is also a plus!

  37. i love its size and just all of its ease of use features in general. it would be a great help to have one of these for when our second little one arrives !!!

  38. My favorite feature is that each seat can be adjusted independently of each other. That it’s narrower than most doubles is great too.

  39. The independently reversible seats look perfect. I have a 14 month old and another on the way, so it would be nice to have the older one looking at the world and the younger one looking at me.

  40. It’s great that you can have two infant car seats side by side so you can see both of your newborn infants at once. It would definitely help with twins on the way

  41. I would love to win this stroller. I am about to have our 3rd child and our 2nd child still isn’t walking so I could really use a good double stroller!! Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  42. Though I just had my second child this summer, I’d probably give this to my brother and sister-in-law, who are having twins! I love that it can be used by kids of all ages and that the seats are reversible.

  43. What a great stroller – I love the giant basket (with 2 kids, I tote around quite a lot) and the adjustable handle is great for us taller moms…

  44. I love the side by side independent reversible seats the flat fold and the large basket underneath! and the slim fit … aaa what don’t I love about the stroller!?!?1 🙂 This would be perfect for our baby and toddler!

  45. I love that the seats are reversible and that it can seat two car seats at once which is something i’ve never seen another stroller do.

  46. I love that the seats are independently reversible! My 3-year-old likes to face out, but I’d like to have my 4-month-old looking at me.

  47. The independent canopies are just the thing for parents with a toddler and a little one! Baby can sleep and the toddler can oogle the scenery!

  48. What’s not to like!! Reversible seats are a MUST for us, and also the adjustable handlebar!! My husband and I are NOT the same height so this is great for making this stroller more user-friendly!!

  49. I love that there are independently reversible seats! I have been waiting for that feature on a double. I also really like the compactness of the fold.

  50. I love the adjustable handle bar for my tall husband, the huge basket underneath, and the independently reversible seats; this stroller sounds really awesome!

  51. I Love how it folds down so small cause lets face it alot of the side by side strollers are huge even when folded. I also love being able to have them facing in different directions. I do not want this stroller for myself but a friend who is expecting baby #3

  52. I love the way the seats can turn around. I think it would definitely help with an infant and also make it easier when a child is sleeping to keep the sun off their face. Very Cool!

  53. This stroller is amazing! We have #3 on the way, and come spring, we’ll have 3 kids under the age of 4. We could definitely use this stroller! 🙂

  54. Love that it’s slim and has reversible seat options!! Baby #2 will be here in less than 2 months and I haven’t started looking for a double stroller yet, would LOVE to win this one!

  55. I love that it has a big canopy, but the plus has to be that the seat turns around for one child, but I could leave the other facing forward.

  56. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the seats are both reversible and reclinable! Stroll-Air makes such a great product, my cousin used to have one of the older “DUOS” from them and it was so cool looking!

  57. Wow what’s not to like?! I’m especially excited about independently reversible seats and that it has extras that come with it like rain-shield and mosquito nets. Also love that you can get bassinets for it!

  58. I love that the seats recline-my baby needs to be lying flat because of her medical condition; this stroller would be great for her and my 2 year old.

  59. My favorite feature is the width of this duo stroller (29 inches wide). This means no problem going through doorways! Nice pick! I’d love to win this!

  60. I absolutely love the reversible seats!!!!!!! Great so older child can face out and younger child can face Mommy/Daddy! Great feature!

  61. Would definitely appreciate the versatility looking forward to having LO #2 after #1 (currently 4 1/2 months) gets to be 1 1/2 or so. Having one stroller for both would be amazing!

  62. i love that the side-by-side seats are independent of each other, so each child can choose whichever way they want to face or recline! my twin girls will surely enjoy it!

  63. I agree with the other mommys! Versitility is awesome! My infant can be looking at me and my toddler can be window shopping! Then all I would need is one of those handles for my Big Princess to walk beside me! How awesome of a giveaway!!


  64. This stroller looks like it will actually fit through the doors at the mall unlike my double jogging stroller. I love side by side doubles, no kicking anyone in the back!

  65. I love the ability to have one child facing fwd and one facing back with both canopies shading the children – and preventing them from messing with each other 😉 Thanks for this great give-away!

  66. love how my Curious George 2 year old could watch the world go by as my Mommies girl can keep an eye on me! LOVE LOVE LOVE the easy to access basket!

  67. I love that this stroller can grow with my children, taking us from birth through toddler years without having to get multiple strollers

  68. I have twins and i love that the seats fully recline and have a mesh back allowing air in! the canopy also keeps the babies dry and the sun out! i would love this stroller!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I love that the seats can switch from front to back independently. I also love that you can switch to air-filled tires for rougher terrain.

  70. I love the reversible seats. It would be so nice to be able to reverse one seat for a baby and leave the other facing out for a big kid to see.

  71. I love the fact that the kids can face towards you or away from you…because we all know that our kids change their minds about every other minute about what they want 🙂

  72. Independent reversible seats, giant canopies, RED! Need I go on? Amazing! Love it! This is an absolute MUST! The places I could go and the things I could do with this….endless possibilities.

  73. I love how when the seats are facing opposite directions the canopies can be opened and the kids can’t see/touch each other.

    Thank you for including us northerners in your awsome giveaway!!!!

  74. I love how this stroller has two full reclining seats, and also that it can take two infant seats. My niece is going to be staying with us permenantly and I have a little one too so we were just thinking we were going to be needing a double stroller!

  75. With twins on the way and a toddler at home, my favorite feature has got to be the versatility of this stroller. I can either have the two newborns in their car seats or most likely my toddler facing one way while one of the twins is facing me. Even if I don’t win this, I think it’s a great stroller and it’s on my wish list. Thanks for the review.

  76. Love the reversible seats and the fold (especially for a double) looks amazing! Would love to win this for my 2 year old son and 4 month old daughter!!

  77. I Love that the stroller can go through door ways but is large enough for the children to sit comfortably!! I also love the large canopies to totally block the sun and wind!!

  78. I love how versatile it is. It love that the seats are independent and can be swithced from forward to back facing. I have twins and a toddler and this would be great!

  79. the stroll-air my duo is a terrific stroller option for stay at home moms like me who take their kids grocery shopping, to the park, on walks, etc. because it has a nice sized storage basket, folds compactly and easily, has independently reversible seats and has car seat adaptability!! the stroll-air my duo is a dream stroller; it has the features of the bugaboo donkey but is half the price and has peek-a-boo windows!! 🙂

  80. BS”D I love the fact that the seats turn independantly, and that the handlebar is adjustable NOT telescoping but up and down. Awesome! The telescoping handlebars don’t adjust low enough for me.

  81. I love the opportunity to face my infant twins. What a dream come true to be able to have that feature on a stroller for two little angels!

  82. I love that the seats go flat for a newborn and you don’t have to get the carseat adaptors or pram if you don’t want. Also – everything is included at once – you might pay more at the beginning, but you don’t have to keep on going back to the store for accessories.

  83. I love that the stroller has independent seats and will accommodate children that are different ages in a way I’ve been looking for and like! I also love the adjustable handle and that it fits through most doorways. This looks exactly like what I have been searching for.

  84. This stroller is fabulous! A fairly lightweight AT double- exactly what my pain-ridden lower back needs! I am also crazy about the reversible seats and optional AT tires. I seriously think this might be double stroller perfection! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the funds.

  85. I love that you can turn each seat in a different direction (i.e. forward or backward at the same time)! What an amazing invention! I Would love to have one!!

  86. I’m not gonna lie…I already have 3 double strollers for my twins…it’s kind of an addiction. This one is awesome. I.MUST.HAVE

  87. I love how the seats can be arranged in different ways. Would love to win this. I have an almost 2 yr old and a baby coming in December. This would be great for us. 🙂

  88. I love the independent reversible seats! My oldest loves to face out and with a newborn on the way, the parent facing feature would be awesome!

  89. I love that this stroller accommodates kids of different ages, not just twins. It’s also not as wide as many of the doubles on the market, I just saw someone with a double struggling to get into the Starbucks door, nothing should get between a mom and her coffee 😉

  90. I love, love, love this stroller. New research suggest that babies younger than 6 months in forward facing strollers are more likely to develope ADD and ADHD. So how could u now want this stroller! I would love it for my two year old and my baby!!!

  91. I love that i would be able to put my niece(7 months) or nephew (4 yrs) in the seat next to my newborn(2 months) and know that she is unreachable and safe, due to the opposite seat position! I also love the air ventilation. My baby sweats A TON so the more air the better!!

  92. This stroller rocks! I love that it can hold two carseats at once and that the seats can be forward or rear facing and fully recline for infants. The extra long sun shade is a huge perk as well!

  93. I would LOVE to win this stroller!! My City mini is not lasting as long as I expected for the price i paid and I really could use a new double

  94. I love that you can face the seats front or back, and move them independently. This sounds like a great feature for my 2 year old and 7 month old! I also like the adjustable handlebar.

  95. I love that this stroller is Canadian! This is the only double stroller on the market with reversible seats. I would la la love this for my 20 month and newborn! It would be the idea stroller and the untimate solution!

  96. I have been searching and searching for a practical double stroller for my 2 year old and 4 month old. With a 40 lb weight limit and independent reversible seats – this seems perfect!

  97. What I learned from the review and the video was that seat width is 10″. Good news is my daughter is a small little girl and another one on the way would make this a great addition to the family. Thanks for the review.

  98. I love that the seats can be turned forward or backwards, and that they have different reclining positions. The stroller being narrow also helps navigating through doorways, supermarkets and shopping malls!

  99. Being a new mom of twins I absolutely love the reversible seats perfect for when they are smaller to be able to see them and then switch them around once they are bigger and want to check things out

  100. Stroll Air My Duo, I had no idea you existed, but I need you in my life!! Baby Gizmo, help a mommy out! If I won this, I would be so so happy!

    My favorite feature is the independently reversible seats. That is too cool! I love that!

  101. This looks like the perfect double stroller!! I love that you can change the positions and that it will actually fit through doorways!

  102. Everything about this stroller looks fabulous! I’m especially intrigued by the independent reversible seats and I’d practically sell an organ for a large basket that’s easily accesible 😉

  103. My kids are 23 months apart and there are times when they are fine in our side by side double stroller and times where they don’t leave each other alone. Having the ability to reverse one would be great. Of course since our youngest is 2 1/2 I’m sure the reversed one will not be happy. Hey, maybe this will teach them to get along 🙂

  104. I love how the seats can turn different directions. I’ve been wanting a SBS but it’s just not been in the budget, this looks like an awesome stroller.

  105. I love the you can reverse one or both seats if you want. My babies have such different personalities and while my son likes to watch me, my daughter loves to look around!

  106. I’m expecting twins and this stroller looks amazing. The ways you can position the seats look so nice, and it folds up small.

  107. I love the feature of how it closes and looks so lightweight and compact- great to take with us traveling and shopping and to grocery shores.

  108. I am having twins and would LOVE this stroller for the city (Boston)! My husband and I already walk a lot and plan on keeping it up when the babes come 🙂 The great push makes it so appealing to us!

  109. This is the best giveaway yet!! I LOVE that it’s a side by side with reversible seats!! I would LOVE, LOVE this stroller!! Please pick me!!

  110. This is the stroller I’m dreaming of for walks and outings with my kids. The features are amazing. Both of mine, including my older one, like facing us, so this is perfect!

  111. My favorite feature is the option to have both of the seats facing the parent! I wanted this stroller so bad when our little one arrived earlier this year but just couldn’t afford it. What an awesome chance to win the stroller of my dreams. And other companies should take note that this should be a standard feature – little ones ride better and make any trip easier on their parents when they ride facing you. I am so excited that you are profiling this stroller and giving it away! Thanks.

  112. The fact that I can turn one or both of my twins facing me or away, or both = fabulous! I love that! And love the huge canopies… and huge storage… what isn’t to love?? Drooling over it!

  113. My son has a growth disorder and he is going to like the shorter and narrow seats. We love the mesh vents. The reversible seats means i can sign with both my children when we are out and about on our adventures but when they get tired the fkat recline and adjustable foot panel allows for a power zzzz. The fold from the middle up is much easier. Not to mention that it comes with the wet cover, bug net and footmuff! Yes please!

  114. LOVE that it fits through doors and that the seats can be forward or rear facing. So much to love, but I won’t list them all! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  115. I love that the seats are independently reversible! So great that you can keep an infant facing you, but have the older child facing out!

  116. I like that you can put two infant seats in it at the same time. If I had this, I would be using this for 2 babies so that is important for me.

  117. This looks incredible! I love the reversible seats, plus how narrow it is and lightweight! Also awesome that both sides can take a car seat. 🙂

  118. I LOVE the fact the the seats are reversible, and that the stroller has suspension, but I think my favorite feature about it is that it can fit through doorways, with baby #3 due in February, my husband and I have been looking for a great double stroller, and this would be PERFECT! We would LOVE it!

  119. I love that it is slim – often side by sides are too wide to get through the mall, small stores.
    I also love that the seats are independent.
    Would love this stroller!

  120. I love the fact that you can reverse the seats! My sister and law is taking care of my son and she has an 18 month old. This would be perfect! Thanks for the review!

  121. i like that it is lightweight–we have a lot of stairs to go up and down so i need something i can manage on my own, even one-handed!

  122. hard to pick just one feature, love that each seat can face a separate way…and full recline…and two car seats…i want this stroller for my twins!

  123. By far the best stroller ive owned. I get stopped more for the stroller than my twins in it. Love that it holds 2 car seats …and still fits through every doorway! The basket unerneath is beyond amazing. I dont have to drag a cart behind me when shopping! I can fit all my stuff plus 2 large boxes of diapers and hang ashopping basket from hooks on the handle.AND my 3 year old can hitch a ride by standing on the bar at bottom (prob. Not revommended but it works!) If I win it will go to my friend who is expecting twins! I cant say enough about this sroller LOVE

  124. I have never one a contest, but I would really LOVE to win this one! It would be amazing to push my two cuties around town in the Stroll Air Duo!

  125. I love that the stroller is so lightweight and compact. It’s not big and bulky. The seats are very comfortable and perfect to keep my toddler happy on our strolls.

  126. Pick me! Pick me! I love the reversible seats and the fact that the shades and recline are independent. Perfect for my 6m old and 3 year old to share!

  127. Would love to win the my duo! My favorite feature is the independently reversible seats. I will have a newborn and a 2 yr old in just 3 months and love that baby’s seat can face me! The slim fold is also awesome!

  128. i love that this double has reversible seats, a bassinet, and a car seat adapter! it has everything im looking for in a double and i NEEEEEEED it! i hope i win! #2 due in 2 months!

  129. I would love, love to win this one, love the huge canopies, the reversible seats, huge basket, this would be awesome for my 14 month twins.. I really need this one…

  130. I love the Stroll air duos multi position seat. I have been looking at this stroller for a few months or my twin girls 🙂

  131. I actually like a whole bunch of things about this stroller! Three of my favorite things: I love that it has the ability to fold pretty small (for a double) since my trunk isn’t that big. I also actually like that the seats are a little narrow- my son is swimming in most of his strollers and it’s nice that he’ll fit nicely in this one and it’s smaller for me! I’m expecting my second in February, so I really like that I could turn my toddler out and my baby facing in!

  132. I love how compact it folds compared to a lot of double strollers. I also really love how the seats can switch around. This is perfect for being out and about with 2 kids of different ages.

  133. I love how both seats on the duo are reversible and can take 2 carseats or bassinets! There are SO many amazing options!!!!! Plus it folds tiny. Looks like an amazingly fun double stroller 😀

  134. Oh my gosh, what a great giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win it! I would love this side-by-side stroller! So cute!

  135. Oh my! Only 29 inches!!! Great feature so I can make it through doorways! I could really use this as our “baby” just turned one and I just found out I’m expecting again!

  136. Reversible seats! When the seats are reclined, the fabric on the back of the canopies can also be lifted up to expose mesh netting around the top of the seat! I like the idea of the mesh netting.

  137. i love the fact that the 2 seats independantly recline! my newborn hates facing out and is much more comfortable when she can see me and my 3 yr oldlikes the view of the world! this stroller has soo many great features!

  138. Love that it’s narrow and pushes well. I used to have a different stroller that was very wide and therefore very inconvenient. love this!

  139. I love this stroll air and would be thrilled if I won It will save me a ton of money since I think i have my eyes set on this stroller when my 2nd one comes around!

  140. This pram is alot narrower than most double prams which means i would finally have somthing that fits through my small front door.

  141. Just finished the review love love the independent seat feature! It will be great to have our 2 year old facing out and the new baby facing me! What a great feature and I must say love the red color and match diaper bag!

  142. I’ve been looking into this stroller for months, it has all the features I like, compact fold, large basket, fits thru standard doors, comes with rain cover, foot muffs and a diaper bag!!! And you can switch the seats so my infant can face me and my toddler can face out!! Not only that but it had a big canopy! And since I live in a rougher terrain, I can buy the air filled tires!! The only thing I don’t like are the narrow seats, but my boys are small, so they should fit fine!!! I hope I get picked!!! I’m in desperate need of a double and have no money whatsoever to afford one!!

  143. I watched the rated by mom youtube review of the Stroll-Air My Duo waaay back in may I believe, I was searching for the “perfect” stroller for my growing family, something that my husband would appreciate as well… I have literaly looked at EVERY STROLLER I coul find even in the UK, (yes I was willing to pay shipping and we have family in Denmark who could have shipped it to us) I found nothing I loved but this stroller. It is perfection. I have a disabled child who is 6, she is in a wheel chair which is incredibly hard to take apart for short trips to her various doctor and therapy appointments, not to mention taking her younger siblings with who need to be in a stroller. I could put her in this stroller and be fine. We’d even fit through all those interior doorways, no problem! She is also unable to regulate her temperature so my FAV feature for her is the air flow you get with mesh stuff on the seats if she gets too hot, I can allow some ventilation for JUST her if needed! I like that it’s an option and there when you need it. My main use for this stroller, because I’m getting it even if I don’t win this giveaway, is I have a 15 month old and I am due Nov.9 The fact that these seats are individual of eachother in every way especially reversible is where I fell in love. Every other amazing feature, accesory (there’s TONS), and safety standard just made me fall even furhter in love. I’ve been hooked and will LOVE showing off my amazing stroller!! Thank you for the awesome review, and the new updates you posted on the 2011 model are a plus, I would never have known otherwise that these things were seen to.

  144. I love that the seats are independent that is amazing! And also the canopy sizes.

    Oh and that it comes with a matching diaper bag and other accessories!

  145. Love the independently reversible seats, great for kids of different ages! (And I love that Stroll-Air is based in K-W!!)

  146. I think the reversible seating is my favorite feature, but I ADORE the super huge basket for grocery shopping as well as holding my giant diaper bag for two.

  147. I love all the features of this stroller. It would be awsome to have. It doesnt seem as bulky as other Twin strollers. Having two babys you need something light weight and it folds very slim, considering with two you have a ton of stuff. I also like that they babys can face you in a stroller with out the bulky car seat strollers!

  148. OMG with baby #2 on the way this stroller would be a great addition to our family!! I love that the seats can switch from facing parent to facing out and I LOVE the big storage area with the 3 individual compartments because I toss diapers and a wipe case in mine all the time!!

  149. I think it’s awesome that the seats are independent of each other! Looks like a great basket and canopy too. Has Baby Jogger finally met it’s match!?!!

  150. I LOVE that the seats are independently reversible so that I could let me 3 yr old enjoy the sights and sounds while I keep a close eye on my newborn. Amazing and the first of it’s kind.

  151. I have been eyeing the stroll-air my duo for some time now. I love that it is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways. My 6 month old loves looking at everything his 3 year old brother is doing and it is wonderful how they would be able to look at each other with one seat facing forward and the other back. Also this would allow me to have my toddler face out while keeping an eye on my little one facing me.
    The large basket is perfect for me because I practically carry everything with me when I’m out with the kids.

  152. I love the versatile seats and the lightweight frame! I have two little girls (2.5 years and 4 months). This stroller would be perfect for our family!!! 😉

  153. I have a 2 yo who would LOVE to face me in a stroller and a 6 month old who LOVES to flirt with all the people going by. Being able to accomodate both of them would be wonderful. Not to mention a 29 inch width, I may actually be able to use a double stroller to shop successfully. My BabyJogger Summit 360 is great for the big halls in the mall, but does not like clothing racks, LOL.

  154. I loveeee this stroller! I have been following them for a while. Trying to convince my husband to spend this kind of money on a stroller is near impossible.

  155. I would love this stroller because my second baby is due in a couple months and I love that it allows the seats to face opposite directions.

  156. I love the adjustable handle height! My hubby is 6’7″ and I am 5’6″ so there will be a lot of adjusting going on!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  157. omg omg I love that it’s a side by side double that lets your baby face in because we went through a stage where that was the only way my daughter would be happy.
    oh man i wanna win. pick me, please. 🙂

  158. I would love to win this stroller because I am looking for a SBS for a toddler and a newborn. The independently reclining seats feature appeals to me as my toddler can currently be picky about which way she faces, and I am sure I will want to watch my newborn. Plus, this way, my toddler can also entertain my newborn! I also have one tall and skinny kid (not sure about the new arrival), so this could work for me! I also do not need an all-terrain stroller as I hate running, but my hubby may want to invest in some extra AT tires. Do you know what carseats it takes? I could not find this info on their website. I have a Graco Snugride 22.


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