Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza – Cybex Aton

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza - Cybex Aton

Congratulations to our Day 11 winner –

Entry #1316 – Kiley T.

You’d be in heaven if you won Day 11!

Baby Gizmo hit 5 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating with YOU! Woot! Woot! We are giving away a fabulous prize every day (Monday-Friday) for six weeks to one lucky winner!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous! To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product! We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 306 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 11

Today we are celebrating the fabulous, easy-to-install Cybex Aton infant car seat. The Aton has so many great features! Not only does it have a 4-32lb (30″) weight capacity, but it also is one of the lightest infant seats on the market weighing in at 8.5 lbs. The unique Belt Tensioning plate also makes it the easiest infant car seat to install hands down. To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Cybex Aton infant car seat.


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  1. I love the way the way the base is attached and the base guides are the coolest thing I’ve seen, I always have a problem getting to my latches in the seat.

  2. You Tube name ZviBas

    p.s my comment about my favorite feature went twicwe, it kept telling me not valid so i tried again and I see it did it twice. SORRY!

  3. I love that it’s so light and how it is safe! I also love the latch guard and the belt tensioning plate.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  4. Love the look of it, the light weight, and plus I have a Maxi-cosi compatible stroller that can be readily used with this carseat!

  5. **I love how lightweight it is!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  6. It looks so easy to instal and its lightweight! Carrying a graco with a 17 pound baby in it is hard work!

    sllyjllybn on youtube
    yehudisd on pintrest

  7. Oh my! I love the latch tightener. That is the coolest! I am one of those moms who puts all their weight on the base to get a very snug fit.

  8. I love that it’s lightweight….i used to have a car seat (Eddie Bauer) and it was soooo heavy and it was without the baby, so imagine with the baby in it… back was hurting so bad

  9. I would love to win this for my grandson! It is safe, easy to install and lightweight. I am always picking him up from daycare and this would make things much easier being that it is lightweight, safe, and easy to use!

  10. I would love to win this for my wife! She is constantly complaining about how heavy it is to carry around our son in the carseat. The lightweight of this seat would be perfect for her.

  11. I would love to win this carseat! The installation seems so easy, but most of all I love that it’s lightweight. I can bearly carry my graco snug ride with my son in it and he is only 14 lbs!

  12. This seat would have been nice when I had my twins, carrying two babies gets heavy. Love that this seat is lightweight and slim. Like the handle too.

  13. I’ve been doing a lot of research recently and the Cybex Aton is at the top of my list. Of course it’s safe and easy to use but It’s weight sets it apart from others. Would be amazing to win it here!! Yes, please! Thanks for all that you do.

    YouTube: sallen21t
    Pinterest: sallen21t

  14. My favorite feature is the Tensioning plate. Looks so easy to install.
    Following you on Pinterest, name Kimbobolini. Following you on Youtube, name MsKimbobolini.

  15. i like the double unlock feature to get the car seat out! Seems safer to me. Also like how easy it is to install. I maybe wouldn’t have to make my husband do it! 🙂

  16. I really like that it accomodates the littlest people from 4lbs with an infant insert and the seat itself is really lightweight. From your video it also looks like the release is pretty easy and I really like that it utilizes the european method of installation without the base. I never felt my carseats to be safely installed with just the waist belt

  17. I love the look of this car seat and that it comes with latch guides for easy installation. I’d love to win this!

  18. I love that its lightweight, I also now need to run out and get those car seat latch guides. What a great idea!
    youtube: superindecisivegirl
    pinterest : indecisivegirl

  19. I love the feature on the base that allows you to install it without having to put all your weight on it, because let’s just say most infant car seat bases are a pregnant mamma’s nightmare for installation.

  20. I love how secure it looked after you used the belt tightening guide… It’s also super cute and very light! I’d love this!

  21. I love how easy it is to install (latch guides), and the ability to install it without the base would be great in emergency situations where the base is in another car.

  22. I love that belt tensioner. I hope more seats catch on to this idea. I’m a CPST and at checks we see over 80% of seats installed wrong or used incorrectly. Something like that that makes it SO Much easier to install is wonderful!

  23. Love how it is so light weight and the belt tensioning plate looks so helpful – its always so stressful making sure the infant seats are installed perfectly!

    YouTube and Pinterest: erinlaine01

  24. I like how it removes from the base..I hate struggling with the normal latch that you have to pull up on while trying to heave-ho the seat out of the base! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I subscribe on You Tube (mandyntx1), I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  25. I love the ease of tightening the belts/LATCH system, I have very weak hand strength and this looks perfect for allowing me to get everything tight for the car seat.
    The European method for buckling with out a base is an amazing idea.

    Youtube Casey’sMix10
    Pinterest HalleyParker

  26. Pinterest nameisTiffany Godfrey
    I love thatthis is only 8 pounds and that it can accommodate very small babies to start.

  27. the easy installing of the base with the tension plate. (and that it is light and looks more comfy than the ridiculous one we have that my baby burns up in!)

  28. Love the tension adjustment on the base!! I always sit or stand on the cars seats to get them supper tight.
    Follow fb, blog, you tube, pin

    Tube. Jacobsks1
    Pin jacobsks77

  29. I love how easy this car seat is to carry…and install! The tension adjustment also makes sure the seat is stable in the car.

  30. I love that it is light weight and really easy to install (the base has a level indicator)! This looks like an great car seat!

  31. Love the locking plate and overall easy install. This seat should give the Keyfit 30 a little competition in the easiest to install infant seat reviews.

  32. The belt tensioning feature has got to be my favorite…no more messing with putting all your weight down to get the base in…and I like the fact that there are special places to put the seat-belt in case you don’t have the base.

  33. I love how easy this seat is to install with both latch and the seat belt! That belt tightening plate is an awesome feature that will make installation a breeze for parents. Really impressive!

  34. I love how light it is, and how it goes up to 32 pounds, which is more than the car seat someone wanted to get us, but only like half a pound heavier. this would be great for my lil guy that’s coming! It also seems super easy to install!

  35. love the easy tension to ensure the base is secure, i never felt like my last baby’s car seat was wobble proof!

  36. wow! 8 lbs??!!!!! u cant be serious! would luuuv luv luv to win this for my baby girl (shes just over a week old!)

  37. Love that this carseat is so lightweight and easy to install! Would be great for bringing home my new bundle in May 🙂

  38. That easy to install base makes this a winner for me! Who wants to wrestle with it – especially when I travel and move it into another car!

  39. I love the ease of installment and also the detachable infant headrest, its hard to add one to a carseat so I like that fact that it comes with one!

  40. oh my goodness, I would LOVE this carseat – my arms get so tired carrying my heavy one now! So the fact that it’s lightweight would be fantastic!

  41. Love the fact that it comes with latch guides! Where was this feature with my 2 other kids? I definitely need to get this carseat.

    Susan at sparrowsusan20 at hotmail dot com

  42. So because of this video I registered for this car seat!! The fact that it is so light was what won me over! And it fits on bumbleindie twin !!!

  43. I love the infant head piece which fits babies 4-11 pounds. Our son was only 5 pounds and boy was it hard to get the car seat to fit his little body.

  44. My favorite feature is the latch guides that come with the car seat! That is the greatest invention ever, every car seat needs those!

  45. So many things to love about this seat… I think my favorite feature is that it has enhanced side impact protection.

  46. I love that it is easy to install (brilliant tensioning plate design) and that it is fairly lightweight. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  47. Of course the tensioning plate is awsome but finally a carseat where you dont have to put rolled towels underneath the base to level it in the car!

  48. After past experience of lugging a 20 pound baby in a bucket seat, I greatly appreciate a company coming up with a more lightweight carseat.
    Youtube: Mrslingling168
    Pinterest: Ling H

  49. Favorite feature: I absolutely LOVE the tensioning plate on the base– looks so easy to install– whoa hoo. I LOVE that the carseat itself only weighs 8 lbs!!!!! Plus, it’s totally GORGEOUS 😉

  50. Love love love the modern design. Love how easy it is to apply tension to the LATCH. Also really like that I could take it to someones car and use it “European style” if we didn’t have a base.

  51. I like that the base is adjustable so that it works for all types of seats. This is important because my car has bucket seats and my snugride base does not fit well at all. Love how it securely installs super easily without having to sit on it.

    YouTube: HawaiianStyleSinCity

    Pinterest Follower: @hawaiianstyle03

  52. Following on Youtube and Pinterest as tejewellmixon. I loved this carseat before I saw your video a few weeks ago, one of the few true reviews of this seat on the web. Once I saw the video I have to have it. The German engineering, the seatbelt locking mechanism, the weight, the hideaway cover.

  53. Its great that is lightweight we all know how heavy carseats get when baby is in it also love how fancy it looks

  54. wow there are so many good things about this car seat. Love how light weight it is, also this belt tension plate is a smart invention
    I already follow you on FB and Twitter


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