Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 16 – Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 16 - Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller

Congratulations to our Day 16 Winner –

Entry #1197 – Peggy T.

OMG!  It is Day 16! That means we are more than half-way through and you only have 15 days left to win something fabulous in our Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravagnza!  We aren’t going to lie though – the second half has some GREAT prizes!  HUGE prizes! Just wait – you’ll see!  Like today – a Baby Jogger City Elite Single is pretty darn cool!  We are the coolest, right?!? Go ahead, you can admit it! 🙂 Okay, enough of the ego boost, let’s get to the giveaway today!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous! To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product! We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 306 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

DAY 16

Today we are celebrating one of our favorite all-terrain strollers – the Baby Jogger City Elite Single 2012 Stroller. Like I said in the Baby Gizmo video review, it’s a near perfect all-terrain stroller. Yep, I love it that much!  If you are looking for a very sturdy, gorgeous stroller (it’s a workhorse), with a tall, roomy seat, fantastic canopy, an adjustable handlebar, tires you don’t have to worry about a flat and superb maneuverability – you will want to win this stroller today!

To find out more about the Baby Jogger City Elite and the changes for 2012, read our written review HERE and watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the City Elite Stroller in the color of their choice.

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  1. I love the canopy. Perfect for keeping the pacific northwest rain off my babe. I also appreciate the sturdiness of the stroller and especially not having to worry about flats. I am always paranoid about flat tires. I carry the kitchen sink around in my stroller and the Baby Jogger is my perfect fit.

    Pinterest: Pineconepillow

  2. I really like everything about this stroller. The full recline is wonderful and the curved basket is perfect for larger diaper bags that I can never seem to get into other strollers.
    Magnetic closure on the footrest and the peek-a-boo window are changes from previous models.

    You tube username: juliea1020

  3. Favorite feature of the 2012 Baby Jogger City Elite: Large Mesh Window
    New Features for 2012: Magnetic footrest with stand to elevate & keep footrest extended/elevated; New & improved fabric

  4. I absolutely love the fold. It is so easy and not having to get down on the floor to fold it is so nice! I also love the hand brake and peekaboo windows. Watching the video again just makes you fall in love with all the great features.

  5. I love the weight capacity so that if I ever needed to put my 4 yr old in there he would fit comfortably. One new thing this new model has is the fabric, looks so comfy too.

  6. Omg the city elite would be perfect for us! My son is 4 years old and some times we want to go on walks but he so big he doesn’t fit in any stroller because he is so tall. I love it in the sand color.

  7. Oops – have a helper sitting on my lap here and we accidentally entered as blogging about the giveaway, but I don’t have a blog to post it on! Can’t find a way to go back and switch it… how can the entries for blogging be removed?

  8. I love the storage, the canopy with all the peak a boo windows, the foot rest and the nice window on the back of the seat. Some of the changes are the basket and the foot rest.

  9. I love everything about the City Elite! Love the adjustable foot rest. One of the changes for the 2012 model is the peek-a-boo windows have magnetic closures instead of velcro.

  10. The Elite is my DREAM stroller, so it’s hard to pick a favorite feature, but if I had to I’d say that I LOVE the one-handed fold! My favorite change for 2012 is the upgraded basket with the curved back bar and elastic sides.

  11. My favorite feature of the City Elite is the easy one handed fold and all terrain tires. Love the new hand brake and larger seat for 2012!

  12. One of my favorite features is how easy it opens and closes and the automatic lock. The changes for 2012 are the magnetic peak a boo windows, the magnetic footboard, the basket in the back and on the sides and that the frame is all black.

  13. love the city elite…love the fact that it’s sturdy, roomy and the mesh window for the warm weather…

  14. I like the adjustable handle and the canopy windows. A couple of changes for the 2012 are the upgraded fabric and the magnetic foot rest.

  15. I really like the folding and amenities such as the hand brake and swivel lock being on the stroller and not on wheels, and forever tires not needing air. One of the changes for 2012 was curving the bottom basket to allow better access to the basket, plus making the side entrance elastic for better access.

    YouTube = oshimbo
    Pinterest = mrsoshimbo

  16. love that the back wheels come off
    (sorry for caps)

    youtube follow as votepetrelli at yahoo dot com
    pintrest follow as lbandj

  17. My fave feature is the super easy fold, I like the new curve across the bottom so that you can reach the bottom basket easier

  18. I love the canopy on the stroller – so large! And a change they made that I really like is the new shape of the basket – makes it so much easier to get things in and out of!

  19. Love Love Love the gianormous canopy!!! The new shape to the bar in the back that makes the basket easier to get to…smart!

  20. I like how easy it is to fold. Changes for 2012 are a curved bar on the back of the stroller and a new fabric.

    Pinterest – bnnsplit2

  21. The fabric is different this year, and the footrest stays down with a magnet instead of velcro. I love that it’s all-terrain.

  22. I like the huge canopy with the peekaboo window. The 2012 redesign includes the basket curve bar and magnetic footrest closures.

  23. Love the blackout frame(new for 2012) and the cool hand brake! I also like the seat is suitable for a larger toddler – like mine!
    Pinterest name – kimberlyht

  24. The huge canopy is my fav! 2012 model :curved bar on the storage basket and the elastic sides of the basket for easier getting to it and the new fabric.
    youtube: perfect09072003

  25. I love the tires and how easy it is to lock the front wheel to take a light jog. What a great stroller! One of the changes is the rounded bar for the bottom basket so you can actually use it.

  26. I like that the weight capacity is 75 pounds so that my now 3 year old could ride in it if she needed to when she was a little older and not be too big. The easy fold mechanism is nice too! We used to have this stroller (2010 model) and loved it but parted with it because of needing a double, but now we could def use a single again :o) New change is the upgraded fabric that is more like the city select!

    youtube nandae888
    pinterest ame8

  27. oh please please pleas pick me for this stroller. I have a one year old little girl andwe love to go to disney world and to other parks in our area. I hate having to alternate between the BIG BULKY stroller and the not so practical umbrella stroller. I LOVE EVERYTHING about this stroller. I love that it olds a child up to 75 lbs. I love the recline, the basket, the windows, the storage. I really really want and need this stroller. I want my trunk back!:)

  28. i love that it xan accomodate bigger kids because it will last a long time. one change for 2012 is the more accessible basket.

  29. Love that it can accommodate a bigger kid!! and I love the easy recline. Some of the changes are: the upgrade fabric and easier access to the basket!

  30. My favorite feature is the HUGE weight capacity. One change for 2012 is the curved bar for the storage bin underneath or the seat. Pinterest name Sara Wilson.

  31. Love the forever air tires, the parent organizer, the curved basket bar, and the magnetic closure. Also like the updated fabric option on the seat. This stroller is PERFECT!!

    Pinterest: Rebecca Sheehan

  32. 168 is my guess for the bonus question. and my youtube username is vannillabearlady. The boxes above wouldn’t let me type or submit them, so these are my answers for those. I desperately want and wish I win this!!!

  33. The basket upgrade is great! I didn’t buy the last model because of the basket!

    Facebook Becki Malandrino
    pinterest beckimallo
    youtube Facebook

  34. The magnet footrest and new storage pouch in back is great. I love the mesh when you put the seat back.

    Pinterest Jamie Geoghegan

  35. Love the recline and one hand fold. The change to the basket also looks awesome. A roomy basket.

    Pinterest and YouTube names: sarobinsonvc

  36. I like that it can hold older children…like my 4 year old. I like the change of the foot rest going from velcro to magnetic. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I love that it folds down easily and small to fit in any trunk with no hassle and I love that they changed the placement of the runaway strap, so safe for my child if I were to fall while running. This is truly the stroller I have been dreaming of and would love and cherish it forever.

  38. My favorite feature of the City Mini Elite is the huge canopy with the top and side peekaboo windows. One of the changes in the new 2012 model is the curved bar on the storage basket and the elastic sides of the basket.
    Following you on You Tube- name MsKimbobolini
    Following you on Pinterest- name Kimbobolini.

  39. Ooh so excited about the improved accessibility of the basket. I will say I do not love the older version of the storage basket.

  40. Like that it can accommodate my child until he’s 75lbs. Changes to the 2012 model include upgrade fabric and a magnetic closure for the foot rest.

  41. I love the deep recline and many mesh windows. New featrues I like are the magnetic footrest and the curved down bar to the storage area. Nice changes! Looking forward to teking with my boy, he arrives in 3 weeks!

  42. Love that this stroller has only 3 true wheels and that they are RUBBER!!!!! Love love love! and LOVE the way it folds!

  43. So many feature this stroller!! I love, love the atumatic lock, the large forever air tire and the easy fold. the new change for 2012 is upgrade fabric the change of the basket, the footrest is adjustable also it has an magnetic closer.
    YouTube: Clary Michel
    Following on pinterest:

  44. I like the fact that you can change the foot rest to make it higher, which would accomodate my new infant nicely.One new change is that the foot rest is now magnetic (which i love) and not velcro like the older version. I also like the fact that the stroller can accomodate a 5 yrs old.

  45. I love the baby jogger city elite and I love how a new upgrade is the basket, I am in aw how easy it is now to access it from the back and sides.

  46. I love the large forever air tires, and the upgraded fabric on the 2012 is really nice. My youtube and pinterest name is staceychale.

  47. I love all of the accesible storage! I am so tierd of having to pull out my purse from the basket to to get my keys and phone! The 2012 has a sleek black frame.

  48. Love the easy fold it’s my favorite feature!! New for this year are the changed basket with the curved bar and black frame and seat fabrics!!

  49. I love the basket and it’s redesign to make it so much more accessible for my extra large diaper bag! I also love the tires!

  50. I love all the airflow it allows, the sand color,the cool parent organizer, pretty much everything g about it!! The new 2012 black frame is awesome

  51. I like that it accommodates kids of up to 75 lbs. One of the changes from the previous model is the upgraded fabric of the seat.

  52. Defintely love the peekaboo and side windows on the canopy. The fabric seems so much nicer and elastic band storage organizer is a must!

  53. I love everything about this stroller! If I had to choose 1 favorite, I guess I’d pick either the fold or the hand brake. For 2012, they upgraded the fabric.

    Youtube: collettacat

  54. WOW, holds a child of up to 75 lbs! Love that they use magnets as oppossed to velcro, and the easy access of the basket from either the side or from the back. Glad I didn’t win the Quinny, would love the City Jogger instead!!!

    Pinterest: JBJLover
    You Tube: Darlene Orol

  55. I love all the multiple peek-a-boo windows in the canopy and they are magnetic closures! I like the change from the previous years – the adjustable footrest now has a magnetic closure as well, not velcro.

  56. I love the room in the basket which has a rounded bar so you have easier access in. One of the changes for the season. I also love the high weight limit. Not only can my 3 year old sit in it but my little lady can also and they both will be comfortable.

  57. I love the magnetic closures on the canopy with so many windows. A new feature is the curved bar on the basket so it’s easy to get to.

  58. I just love that this is a jogging stroller that I can use when running! One of the features that I love for 2012 is the redesigned bar to allow larger diaper bags underneath.

  59. Wow the large canopy is so awesome especially for the CA heat! The bar curves downwards so you can put a larger diaper bag underneath or other essentials 🙂

  60. I love the new magnets for the foot rest! My favorite feature is the top of the seat is the mesh window to let air circulate!

  61. WOW isn’t the City Elite Single awesome – especially the mesh recline! I love the new 2012 magnetic closure to the foot rest!! NICE stroller!

  62. I love the Baby Jogger strollers! My favorite thing might be the automatic lock — my Classic doesn’t have it and i WISH it did.

  63. LOVE THIS STROLLER!!!!! THIS HAS A UPGRADED FABRIC!!!! LOGAN CARL-SNYDER ON u tube and pinterest!! Fingers crossed!!

  64. I love that there is better access to the basket, the hand brake, easy fold, and the pop-up foot rest on this stroller.

  65. I love the side windows on the canopy, also love that they are magnetic! a new feature i like is the bent bar on the basket so its easier to fit a big diaper bag in!

  66. I love the easy fold and unfold of this stroller! Also love the new changes to the basket to make it easier to get things in and out.

  67. I was just on a walk with a friend and we were saying there should be a side peek-a-boo window fr the kids to look out. And baby jogger has done it! This is fantastic.

  68. I forgot to say the new feature that I love…I commented that I love the large canopy and the easy recline, but a new feature that is really cool is the magnetic footrest. So nice to not have the noisy velcro!

  69. I love so many things about it, it is hard to choose just one!! I have to say the large seat height. I have a tall toddler and have had trouble finding the right fit for her. Also, I love the buckle, as she is an escape artist. The new features that I like are the magnetic closures used all over and the way the basket is accessible. My youtube and pintrest name is astreet99. (It won’t let me post my name in the box on the youtube entry)

  70. I love this stroller! The fold is my favorite feature. I also really like the blacked out frame and the easier access to the storage basket for 2012. My you tube is Scooter2698.

  71. My favorite feature is the mesh on the back of the seat when folded down, awesome! A change for 2012 is the blacked out frame.

  72. I love the large canopy and the easy recline! I love my current stroller except for the small canopy (annoying for jogging/walking with the sun) and the recline is horrible…zippers and straps and clips…

  73. I would have to say the large canopy. Love that. for the new changes I like the that the frame is now blacked out!

    you tube name is 1amypugmire

  74. I love that the City Elite has 3 peekaboo windows so the kids don’t feel so enclosed and more air can circulate! My favorite addition to all the 2012 Baby Jogger strollers is definitely the curved bar which allows easier basket access!

  75. I like the easy fold and unfold

    I appreciate the improvement basket making it easier to use
    also the magnet on the footrest cover

  76. So much to like about it! My son would really appreciate the see-through shade for his curious little eyes. And the fold is just awesome!

  77. I am in love with this stroller!!!! Love the magnetic peek-a-boo window. Love the curved storage for diaper bag. I have a hundred different I LOVE’s about this stroller!! Wheel lock is amazing!! I want this stroller!! (please!!)

  78. I LOVE this stroller. They seemed to have thought of everything: it can fit a large chhild, can take car seats (you didn’t mention that!), accomadates large diaper bags, magnetic instead of velcro inclosures, etc. As for the 2012 changes, my favorites are the large storage with the curved bar underneath and getting rid of the velcro in lieu of magnetic enclosures.

    Twitter: clsouth
    youTube: clsouth22406
    facebook: cherise fulwood-south

  79. Love the automatic lock, it allows you to fold and unfold easy, that’s awesome! One of the new things is that the frame is black out.

  80. Favorite feature is the one handed fold – Baby Jogger strollers are the easiest to fold. Change for 2012 – love that they lowered the crossbar and made the sides elastic so it’s easier to get into the storage basket.

    YouTube and Pinterest: erinliane01

  81. I really love the parent compartment up by the push bar. oddly enough it seems like none of the high end strollers have places to put keys, drinks, etc. and of course love the locking mechanism.

  82. Best feature is the flexibility to adapt to different sizes. Big difference for 2012 is that the basket is easier to access.

  83. I love that it can accommodate a bigger child… 75lbs?? WOW. I also like the forever air tires and the massive canopy. Umm, there’s too many great things about this stroller and not a single negative.

  84. Love the organizer by the handle bar! I’m always in need of a place for my phone/keys. I also like the new curved bar on the storage basket to allow easier access.

  85. Love the extra large canopy! The new black frame is super cool! I would love to add this stroller to my stroller collection!

  86. I have always loved the Baby Jogger fold and xtra large canopy. The new locking fold and easier to reach basket are major improvements for them! I would love an upgrade!!!

  87. Love the handbrake! New this year is the magnetic closure for the footrest! Youtube: jessmarkus Pinterest: Jessica Levy Markus

  88. My favorite feature is the spacious seat with that large mesh peek a boo window.

    New features of the 2012, easier accessibility to the basket since changes to the lower bar and elastic sides.

    youtube name: boozetan
    pinterest name: boozetan

  89. i love the weight capacity and the canopy of the stroller and also the new chang for 2012 with the blacked out frame.

  90. Sorry, forgot to tell u that i love the fact they changed the fabric and blacked out the frame for 2012. Love the easy fold, although the stroller is a little heavy. Looks like a great all around stroller.

  91. First off…LOVE this stroller! I love alot of the features of this stroller… huge canopy + all terrain = great for the beach! I really like that the buckle is easy for adults, yet difficult for toddlers to unlock (and a 75 lb weight capacity, wow… big kids can jump on it for a jog! ). A new feature is the footrest now adheres with sleek magnetic closures.

    youtube: SuperShabooka
    pinterest: bandshalon

  92. I love the canopy on the city elite, the fold looks really easy too. New for 2012 is the blacked out frame, so modern looking.

  93. **I love how large it is! And accommodating for older children!
    **Curved bar so it is easier to get into lower basket! And elastic on sides! Great!
    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  94. I love baby jogger! This one looks awesome! I love the high weight limit and as always, a huge canopy. The new feature that I think is wonderful is the curved bar to make it easier to get into the basket!!

  95. I really like the changes they made to the basket for 2012. My favorite features have to be the big mesh window to allow air, all the peek-a-boo windows and last how easy it is to fold.

  96. I love Baby Jogger City Elite stroller because has fantastic, huge canopy with clear view window and Side ventilation that secure with magnets and one of the changes from 2012 is upgrade fabric. YouTube mkartvelis

  97. My favorite feature is the side canopy vent/windows. It was too bad to hear that they changed the availability of the double (discontinued for 2012), but I liked the other changes, like the black frame.

    Pinterest littleabbycakes

  98. Oh MY I love EVERYTHING about the city elite! the large canopy, the big seat that hold up to 75lbs!

    youtube: supermommy0609
    pinterest: Tabmommy (Tabitha Brown)

  99. 2012 changes: magnetic footrest as opposed to velcro footrest. Also, the fabric choice has upgraded for 2012 and the basket is more accessible: curved bar plus elastic sides. I love the peek-a-boo windows with magnets instead of velcro and the super large canopy and I love the maneuverability!

  100. I love ,love, love The Baby Jogger Elite ! I really love the new Magnetic features,The curved opening on the basket. I love the big mesh window. I cant believe that it holds a child up to 75 pounds. I really love the hand brake and the runaway strap. I cannot praise this stroller enough ! I really Love this ! Great review Baby Gizmo ! I would be so happy to win this !! I love it !! I will take it in the new 2012 black with black frame !!

  101. I love the peekaboo windows and the full recline. I also love the new 2012 feature which is the high-end fabric and magnetic footrest closure and windows.

  102. I like everything about it! Love the easy fold…one change they made was elastic sides on the basket. I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I am a you tube subscriber (mandyntx1), I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  103. I love the adjustable handlebar and huge sunshade! New for this model is the basket that is easier to access, which is great!

  104. What’s not to like? The giant canopy with side mesh windows is probably my favorite feature that I’ve not seen on another stroller.

  105. I love the peekaboo windows on the sides! The one new 2012 feature is the higher end fabric and magnetic footrest closure and windows.

  106. I love the all wheel suspension that would be great on our 5 acres and really like the big mesh window. One of the 2012 changes is the magnetic footrest instead of velcro.

  107. The 2012 model has an easier access basket with a curved bar. I love how easy this stroller looks to fold up. The handle on the bottom of the seat is genius!
    YouTube: Kimberly Colby/kirbycolby

  108. I love the large canopy and for the new feature on the 2012…I LOVE that they made the bar curve downwards so you can put a larger diaper back underneath!

  109. Have a babyjogger city mini and love that stroller – love the city elite with the all-terrain tires. I wish I had registered for one instead of the mini because of where we live. I love the new features with the additional storage near the handlebars and the magnetic window closures.

  110. What don’t I Love about this stroller??? I especially like the large weight capacity (75 lbs) and magnetic peekaboo windows. I like the 2012 change of an all black frame 🙂

  111. My fav feature is the forever air tires! I would only be going on light jogs and this is a great stylish stroller. And new for 2012 I love that they’ve updated the fabric seems more elite!

  112. Favorite feature is the mesh on the back of the seat and the cover if its too windy. Favorite change – the basket – I love the easy accessibility now from the sides and the front.

  113. Favorite feature: all of the ventilation – mesh screen when seat is reclined and “peek-a-boo” mesh windows

    Favorite 2012 change: the storage basket!!! curved bar and elastic sides – SMART!

  114. I’m loving that they changed the bar on the back so its easier to to get into the basket. I love that this stroller has such a nice high weight limit.

  115. I love the fact that it can be used for children all the way up to 5. That is great. The upgrade fabric is a new change from last year.

  116. Love the high weight limit. New for 2012 is the changes to the basket to make it easier to get things in and out.
    Follow on YouTube- username karap19
    Follow on pinterest- username pixiegoose

  117. I love the new magnetic closures. Favorite feature is the weight limit of 75 lbs!

    youtube supereyejean
    pinterest superjean

  118. I love the windows on the side of the canopy and the changes to the basket to make it easier to get in from the back and sides!

    youtube loganmom4211
    pinterest aclendenin07

  119. I love that the City Elite can accommodate a large baby/child. I also like the new feature (for the 2012) of the magnetic closures – very convenient.

  120. This is a lifetime stroller with the ability to hold and infant up to a large toddler/growing child! Love the forever air tires, the hand brake, and easy compact fold with automatic lock!! The new upgrades for 2012 are the upgraded fabrics and the magnetic closures (footrest and canopy).

  121. This stroller looks amazing! I love the large canopy for completely shading my child from the sun. I love the new features for 2012 that include the magnetic closures on the footrest and peak-a-boo windows to avoid waking a sleeping baby. I also love the easier access to the storage basket. Great all terrain stroller!

  122. I love that it goes to 75lbs, with my big little boy that would be super helpful! and I like the window on the side of the canopy.

    Pintrest eekie83

  123. I like the roomy seat. I like the fact that the bar in the back is now curved for easier access to the basket. Youtube: mrscohenful

  124. Do I really have to pick only one thing I like about this stroller?! It’s amazing! One thing that popped out at me was how HUGE the seat is and how much weight it supports…75 lbs!! One upgrade to the 2012 stroller would be the curved bar on the bottom basket to make it easier to get a big diaper bag in and out.

  125. My favorite feature is safety buckle button that’s not easy to be opened by the child.
    youtube username: putrikinasih
    pinterest name: Tian Kinasih

  126. I love the runaway stroller strap is connected at the bottom. New 2012 feature is the curved basket with mesh on the side which can fit a HUGE purse!

  127. I’m loving that they changed the bar on the back so its easier to to get into the basket. I love that this stroller has such a nice high weight limit.

  128. Wow! I can only pick one favorite feature? I love the curved, easy access basket, I also LOVE the parent organizer and the side mesh windows in the canopy! All of these features are changes for 2012.

  129. I love the tires and the fact that you don’t have to put air in them! I also like the curve in the basket for easy access. I’m an over packer and need lots of storage.

  130. I love the large pocket on the back of the seat. I also love the side windows for air to circulate. One change that was made was that the sides of the basket were made to be elastic.

  131. There is so much to like about this stroller. Thanks for the review Hollie! I never knew! I love the weight capacity the best though– even though I adore so many things about it. I know this is built for strength knowing this capacity. This is tops!
    One of the changes is the peek-a-boo windows all over the stroller– and magnetic closures! nice.

  132. Really motivated to drop my baby weight. I’ve been running for a few weeks on my own but now I think I need to get a city jogger so I can bring my kids. This stroller looks like the perfect solution

  133. This is my favoritie stroller that you have raffled so far! I love the design and all the great features. The canopy is awesome that it is so big and has a rear and side peak-a-boo windows with magnetic closures. I love that it’s so easy to fold as well. The new features for 2012 are the opening back when it is fully reclined for a sleeping baby to enjoy a nice breeze, and the easier access basket. I love that you can put items in the basket from the back and the sides. I’d absolutely love to win this!!!

  134. I need this sooooo badly. My 2 yr old has grown out of every stroller we’ve had and just broke her arm. I need something to keep her contained for the next month or so!

  135. i really like this stroller:) my favorite features are the parking brake and the updates on the 2012 model like the magnets instead of the velcro and the curve basket, for easy access.

  136. New feature is different fabric….it looks soft and snuggly in the video! And LOVE the high weight limit of the jogger

    Pinterest Marci Lundberg-Asmus

  137. I love the easy fold and auto lock! One thing that has been changed, that I learned about is the curved down bar, allowing for easier access to cargo basket.

  138. I love that this seat can accommodate an older/bigger child. I also like the footrest that can be used for smaller ones. A few upgrades…the fabric and the magnetic hold for the footrest.
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  139. I like the wide range of size kids that can fit in this stroller with the high canopy! The fabric has been upgraded in this 2012 version!

  140. I love how easily it folds and unfolds. I also love the large canopy for those really sunny days. One of the changes I learned from watching the video is the curved bar on the basket.

  141. As with every Baby Jogger product, I love the amazing fold. And I appreciate that they made the basket more accessible with the 2012 model!

    YouTube: itzybtzychani
    Pinterest: chanimeyer

  142. I love the adjustable handle so it can accommodate me (5’5) and my husband (6’3) as well as the break being up on the side and the front one being a one click. So easy. A chance they made was the curved bar on the back of the basket

  143. I love that the it can hold a larger child, up to 75 lbs! Also love the 2012 changes to the diaper bag storage basket, so nice with the curved bar in the back and the elastic side.

  144. I love the updated fabric and the magnets! All the little things that make an awesome stroller even awesomer!!! I would have gotten it as my double but it doesn’t fit through doors….

  145. I have always loved the Elite’s forever air tires and the adjustable foot rest with magnetic closure for 2012 is great!

  146. I love the recline positions. I know I could put my newborn in this stroller. I also learned that the 2012 has a different material and a curved bar on the basket!

  147. Favorite feature is how easy it folds and unfolds. I also love the adjusting handle. One change for 2012 is the curved bar for the storage basket.

  148. Pinterest: Erica Solomon
    I love the parent storage console, the hood, the fold, the tires, just about everything. Oh please pick me!

  149. besides the fact that its an all terrain stroller, the easy fold is makes it hard not to love! the new curve bar feature on the basket is great!

    youtube: lscheiring

    pinterest: lwexler (lauren scheiring wexler)

  150. I love the Baby Jogger line. My favorite new thing for 2012 is the magnetic closure on the footrest and peek-a-boo window!

  151. My favorite Baby Jogger feature is the one-hand fold, of course, but my favorite feature special to the Elite is the awesome 12″ tires. I love the magnetic closures on the 2012, especially the way they hold back the vented side panels in the canopy.

  152. Love that the stroller has a mesh window for nice breezy days. Also love that the 2012 changes include a curved basket – great for big diaper bags!

  153. I love that the handle bar is fully adjustable for any height! One of the upgrades for 2012 that you mentioned was that the frame is now black which makes the colors pop. Also, the curved basket bar, the upgraded fabric, and magnets instead of Velcro on the foot rest.

  154. The new curved bar of the basket is terrific for giving it better storage. I’d LOVE to win this stroller. I love the huge canopy, how easy it is to maneuver, and the one handed fold.

    pinterest name julieb05

  155. Love the big storage basket and the very large canopy. New item for 2012 is the upgraded fabric and bar across storage basket.

  156. i love that it is roomy enough even for older children (my older children always want to ride while my toddler wants to walk). i’m glad to know if they hitch a ride, they won’t break it.

    very excited about the new upgraded fabric and the accessible basket with the curved bar…

  157. I am in love with this stroller. I think the hand brake and curved basket are great features along with the parent organizer. I have my fingers crossed that I win this one!!

    pinterest: KateMiller38
    youtube: MrsKMiller1

  158. i love the fold and my favorite new feature is that the Seat now reclines to almost completely flat.

    youtube: weinsteinb
    pinterest: georgiaberger

  159. I love this stroller especially the new the tires and the lightweight and easy fold! Bonus for the easier access to basket. Follow you on Pinterest (nmski) and Youtube (TheNmski)!!

  160. I love the one handed folding feature, and the best new feature is the curved bar for easy access to the underseat storage.

  161. I love that the stroller will carry a large child. Also, the footrest has been changed to a magnetic closure (rather than velcro)!

  162. Love all the changes that were made to this stroller, especially the easier access to the basket! I also love the ease in changing the wheel to a locked position, the hand brake, the one hand fold, and pretty much everything about it!

  163. I have the City Elite double and need a single so bad! I love everything about it! It folds easy, can accomodate bigger children and the canopy is large. The new features are the curved bar for the basket and the elastic on the sides. They also added magnets to the foot rest instead of the velcro. I can’t stand the velcro on the foot rests :/ All major improvements!

  164. This looks like an awesome jogging stroller! I love that you don’t have to pump the tires!! I own a jogging jogging stroller now, and it’s such a pain when they’re so low and I’m not near a pump. And the new features are the curved basket at the bottom for easier access and that they use magnets instead of velcro for the openings.

  165. I love that there is a curved bar at the bottom of the stroller to allow you to stuff a bigger diaper bag underneath without struggling. Coincidentally, this is also a changed feature for 2012! LOVE IT!

  166. Thank you so much for all your informative youtube videos!!! So helpful. Whenever I am interested in a stroller, I automatically search your youtube videos! Thank you babygizmo!!!

  167. wow- my favorite feature of this stroller is definitely the small size it folds to- and how easy it is to fold- and I LOVE the new fabric choices for 2012 an the peek a boo windows!

  168. The feature that I love about the Baby Jogger City Elite Single is that it will hold larger kiddos & the automatic lock when it folds. One change would be the elastic side on the basket.

  169. Love that they have curved the bar on the basket to make accessing it easier. Best feature is the peekaboo window on the sides of the canopy. How cool! Great tires (who want to pump them up continuously anyway) and the footrest is great also. Love this stroller.

  170. Ok, I forgot to say which change I love for the 2012 version. In addition to my favorite features, the super easy fold and the oversized canopy, I love that they made the basket accessible for 2012. I travel heavy, so accessible storage is a must!

  171. Would love this stroller! I would be getting so much more exercise with it 🙂
    I love the weight capacity so I could use it longer than most strollers. One of the new features for 2012 is the curved bar in the basket area, makes it easier for getting bulky items in!

  172. This stroller is perfect! Love the large canopy & comfy seat! And the pressure neede to unbuckle (I have a very curious baby who would try to open that ) 😉
    New features : the fram color, new fabrics, and the foot rest can close on the bottom magnetically instead of velcro, it can also be propped up for little babies.
    YouTube : hummingbird888

  173. I have two favorite features. I really love the fold, it has to be the easiest out there. The canopy is incredible, especially for us in Miami, Fl. I am in desperate need of an all terrain stroller, so this is really a great stroller all the way around!

  174. My favorite feature is probably all the magnetic closures for the windows, etc. Or maybe the forever-filled air tires. One of the changes for 2012 is the curved bar behind the basket and elastic sides too.

  175. I thought i already submitted my answer but it must not have worked?? Anyway…my favorite feature of the BJ City Elite is the high weight limit. I also love the large canopy and the automatic lock. One feature that is upgraded for the new 2012 is the curved bar that allows easier access to the under storage basket.

  176. My favorite feature is the large seat and higher weight capacity. The best change is access to the basket underneath.

  177. I forgot my details…
    I love the easy fold of the city strollers. Change for 2012 – the curved bar of the storage bin that my City Mini misses.

  178. I LOVE the new easy access basket, and magnetic closures for all the peekaboo windows! If this stroller had been out when I was buying a year ago I would have gotten it! I really like everything about it!

  179. I have so many favorite features!! The high weight limit, the automatic lock, and the large canopy with many peekaboo openings are probably my most favorite features. One thing that is updated on the new 2012 model is the curved bar that allows easier access to the under storage basket. Also the fabric is upgraded more like the city select.

  180. I love the easy fold. Love the new curved bar on the basket to make it easily accessible.

    youtube – kellywalro
    pinterest – kellypetz

  181. Changes for 2012 include upgraded fabric, the magnets on the footrest, changes in access to the basket. My favorite feature is the magnet closures on the window (no noise  and the all-terrain (forever air) tires.

  182. I like how the canopy comes down in front, not just above the head of the the child. A new feature is the curved bar/upgraded basket access.

  183. Love the reclining seat, air filled wheels (smooth ride) and the changes they made for the basket. I also think you said it sits a bit more upright this year?:)

  184. Oh love the Elite, love that is can hold a small kiddo, but yet when my big kid gets tired of walking she can jump in too. Love that they made the basket accessible for 2012 and all the magnetic closures instead of Velcro.

  185. My fav feature is the padded 5 point harness that is easy for a parent but diffucult for a child to unbuckle.
    A change is the footrest that has magnetic closures.

  186. I love that they changed the bar behind the basket, and I love the break, on the on I have the brake is still down by the basket! I also love the wheels! Such a wonderful stroller I would love an upgrade!

    Pinterest: Melissa Aho Keranen

  187. Love everything about this stroller! I love the new fabric and magnetic foot rest, and great tires! Follow on FB & Pinterest 🙂

  188. Love that it is all terrain. Have a crappy all terrain, and would love to change it out to a good one like this. Also love that the bar is curved in the 2012 model. Have a city mini double, and hate the straight bar!
    You Tube and Pinterest m.imming.balangero through Google.

  189. Love the elite! I love that they finally made it an actual usable basket! That was my one drawback when looking at it and decided to go with another stroller. Now I regret it! My stroller is a pain to fold and the elite is a dream!!! Love the fabric & the magnetic closures!!!!! I love this stroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. My favorite feature is the fold. Changes I love are the new fabric, the parent consol and the new accessible basket.

  191. I LOVE that it accommodates a larger child (75lbs). I also like that they changed the basket to be more easily accessible.

  192. Changes for 2012 include upgraded fabric, the magnets on the footrest, changes in access to the basket. My favorite feature is the magnet closures on the window (no noise 😉 and the all-terrain (forever air) tires.

  193. Hi- One of my favorite features of this stroller is that it has a high weight limit. I have a huge toddler and I love that I could use this for her for a while on long trips! Something that is new this year is non velco foot rest! And the curved bar for getting into the basket.

  194. Oops, forget to mention my favorite upgrade has to be the fold in the basket to get my diaper bag in easier and the side access as well.

  195. I love the parent compartments near the handle, so useful. The 2012 has upgraded fabric, black frame and an easier to access to the basket.

    youtube: ttvalverde1

    Pinterest: ttvalverde

  196. I like how they put magnetic closures instead of velcro. Perfect for when you have a sleeping baby. The fabric on the 2012 is an upgrade from the 2011 model.
    youtube username is jan0285.

  197. I love the run away strap and how it is secured to the base of the stroller, also the new fabric and all the peekaboo windows and ventilation!

  198. I love the easy fold on City strollers – you can’t beat the one-handed pull. Changes for 2012 – I love that the bar to the storage bin is curved – makes it so much easier to put things in!

  199. oh NO!!! i was so decided on the B Ready 2012. but now HELLO City Mini! many things i like about this stroller … the stow away wind guard when you lay the seat all the way back for more air flow on hot days (yes, it does actually get hot here in Portland) and the two side vents on the canapy. The curved bar on the storage below. My mouth hung open when she folded the stroller!! I mean come on IMPRESSIVE! and then almost no effort to reopen it. Theres more … but i am truly suprised by this stroller.

  200. OK, I LOVE how you can put that footrest up with the cool little stand. Some of the updated features are the fabric and magnetic pieces and the elastic sides of the underneath basket. great stroller – hope i win!!

  201. Love the new curved bar in the storage basket for our bigger diaper bag! This would be a perfect stroller for us.

    pinterest: bestybetsy

  202. I desperately need a jogging stroller and the City Elite looks perfect for me. A few of the 2012 changes are the upgraded fabric, magnetic closures and the bar on the basket is curved for easier access.

  203. I love how sophisticated, sturdy, and compact all at the same time. It far beats the clunky alternatives out there. I would love one!

  204. The large canopy is my favorite feature! One of the changes is the closures. They are now magnetic instead of the velcro 🙂

  205. I have the old city mini, and I love the accessible basket (upgrade!) and the wheels on this one. love the canopy, as always!

  206. I love the high weight limit, this would be awesome for my disabled 7 year old, his wheelchair will NOT go through mulch or gravel, making trips to a lot of our favorite places almost impossible, a great change is the easier to access basket

  207. Thanks for giving away such great baby gear! Love the easy fold, large canopy, and large seat on this stroller… also love the upgraded fabric for 2012 and easier access to the basket!

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Spear

  208. Love the hand break and security hand held strap in case of a fall while jogging. Of course the canopy is amazing with all its peekaboo windows and air openings. This is an all around amazing stroller!

  209. I love the large canopy on these, and I like the updated closures are magnetic instead of velcro! That has ended more than one nap.

  210. The curved bar on the basket makes a huge difference on the City strollers…including the Elite! Youtube yitzyf

  211. My favorite feature is the large canopy and I love that they upgraded the fabric! Really need a jogger for me and my little girl!

    Pinterest: Jennifer Wardle White

  212. I love the 75lb weight limit. My girls are tiny so they could ride in this baby FOREVER! My favorite changes for 2012 are the magnetic footrest (wh wants to fuss with Velcro anyways?) and the blacked out frame (makes it look oh so sleek!)

    Pinterest name: Aleia Chambers

  213. My favorite thing about the city elite is the easy one-handed fold. My favorite new for 2012 feature is the magnetic closure and all the peekaboo windows.

  214. I am loving the colors and the weight capacity- oh my goodness- 75lbs?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Wowser! 2 changes in 2012 model are the footrest and the fabric 😉

  215. Some changes are the new fabric and magnetic foot rest. I love the parent storage and easy fold. I love to run so would amazing to have this stroller. You atube kMattila10.

  216. Love the all-terrain aspect & that awesome mesh window in the back! Loving the new (for 2012) footrest and awesome basket with the new curved bar. It looks much easier to have access to your stuff! Would love to win one of these!

  217. oh wow, so many things to love here….the hand break, the recliner, how easy you can fold the stroller
    Very nice change for 2012 is the black frame

    Youtube – mimidavid1907
    pinterest – mimidavid2

  218. love how it can accommodate a bigger child, and the new 2012 update on that caught my eye is the easier under basket storage.

  219. I love the City Elite! LOVE the magnets on the window panels! Love the side window panels on the canopy! Love the adjustable footrest, and the easier to get into basket, too. This is a great looking stroller!

    youtube: adam.leckie

  220. So much to love! The huge canopy with all the peek-a-boo windows, the easy to lock front wheel, the super easy fold, the large seat, easy hand brake and built-in parent organizer!

    New for 2012 – the basket has a curved bar and elastic sides.

  221. Love that it holds a big child since my baby boy is on the larger size!! Upgraded features is a different fabric!

  222. tried to leave a blog post comment…there is no place to…this is the stroller of my dreams 🙂 i hope i can enter and it counts…great review loved it!!!

  223. A new thing for 2012 is that the foot rest closes with a magnetic closure instead of velcro…btw awesome footrest!! My favorite feature is the huge canopy with the little window type flaps on the sides!!!

  224. I love how they changed the frame to black to make the color ‘pop’! The easy entry to the large basket is awesome, and the side peek-a-boo windows are great too!

  225. LOVE LOVE LOVE the parent organizer and the fact that the seat holds bigger babies! by youngest was born at 9lbs 9 oz and it’s great that she will fit in it longer!

    New thing about the 2012: magnetic foot rest and upgraded seat fabric!

    Youtube name: BeckK87
    pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath

  226. I really want to win this stroller! I LOVE Baby Jogger products- and the elite looks great- it looks plush, has the great quick fold feature- the adjustable handlebar, the side hand brake. It’s awesome!

  227. I want one of these sooo bad! I love that they added more padding in the seat and a magnetic foot rest for the 2012. I really like the parent storage, the great tires, and the new blacked out frame rocks!

  228. New for 2012- love the easy entry basket. I really like that it can hold a ton of different brands of car seats (with the adapter purchased)
    taznjade at gmail dot com
    pinterest and youtube id is taznjade

  229. This one looks like a pretty sturdy stroller;) My fave feature- is the mesh window/panel on the back of the seat- that helps with the air flow- sooo thoughtful on the summer days!
    Some of the changes for 2012 that you mentioned are improved basket access and change of the frame color- to black
    Like you on FB and T.
    You tube name: underthestarrysky05
    Pinterest: starrysky05


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