Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 20 – Bumbleride Indie

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 20 - Bumbleride Indie


Congratultions to our Day 20 winner –

Entry #1839 – Christina M-Z.

We can’t believe it is already Day 20!  That means that there are only 10  more days to win something fabulous!

Same deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 20

Today we are celebrating all the fabulousness that the Bumbleride Indie Stroller is – a large, roomy seat, huge canopy, amazing push and great air-filled tires. We aren’t only giving one lucky winner the Bumbleride Indie in the color of their choice but also the Bumbleride Travel Bag that will make traveling with this baby a breeze. The Travel Bag is going to protect your Indie and keep it from being manhandled during your travels.

To find out more about the Bumbleride Indie, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

Oh, and that’s not all, we’d like to you check out the video review for the Indie Travel Bag too!  You want to know what you could win, right?!? Of course, you do!

One lucky winner will win a Bumbleride Indie (winner’s color of choice!) AND an Indie Travel Bag!!
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  2. Terrific stroller!! Looks sturdy and attractive. Large basket is very functional! Seat are roomy and colors are beautiful!! Great pick for kid sclose in age 🙂 thanks hollie!!

  3. For a first time grandma, this is an awesome stroller to fold and pack…and in florida, the canopy is perfect! Maybe even let my daughter use it if I win!!

  4. I love the canopy because we have such rainy weather. The travel bag would be great for when we travel even on an airplane.

  5. I like how modern this stroller looks. The air filled tires will be nice on dirt and gravel.

    The travel bag looks sturdily made, strong fabric and straps.

  6. I like the all terrain wheels and 20lb weight. The colors are nice too. The carrying case is nice cuz of the padding and easy fit.

  7. I’m loving the UV protection & fact that the wheels pop off easily for compact storage!
    Pinterest Name: Monica Tutko
    YouTube Name: Monica Tutko

  8. I love the canopy of the Bumbleride Indie, it is how huge and it has an spf 45 lining. The travel bag will be great for air travel and I really like how it zippers all the way around, looks pretty easy.

  9. Light weight strollers are so nice! I like the bag in general, not many strollers have an actual bag to them in

    Pinterest: LaDene Fletcher
    Youtube: ladenefletcher

  10. Light weight strollers are so nice! I like the bag in general, not many strollers have an actual bag to them in

    Pinterest: LaDene Fletcher
    Youtube: ladenefletcher

  11. I love that this has SPF fabric and a giant canopy- an especially nice feature when the little ones are too young for sunscreen. My babies have been so fair skinned and I don’t expect #3 to be any different.
    Pinterest user Tiffany Godfrey

  12. I absolutely adore how lightweight the Bumbleride is… I had no idea there was an amazing travel bag available! That would make negotiating the airport so much easier!!

    Pinterest: gomizzou
    Youtube: ginamjolly

  13. Love the spf 45 fabric in the canopy! It’s super sunny & hot here in south Texas.

    Facebook: Jessica Matthews
    Pinterest: Nossica
    Youtube: Matthewsmarket


  14. Love the large air filled tires on the Indy. And the travel bag seems really well padded to protect the stroller when we’re traveling.

  15. I’m a sucker for a big canopy and recline on a stroller and a good, padded travel case!!

    youtube todzwife

    pinterest my full name

  16. i like that amazinf canopy! its huge and the spf 45 fabric would be great. the padded travel bag is also great! i tweeted about this my twitter name is bcannon08. i also follow you on pinterest my name is bcann 🙂 i also subscribe to your youtube channel, bethanychinn thanks!

  17. My fave feature of the stroller is the huge canopy.with mesh window and that is goes all the way forward
    My fave feature of the travel bag is the Velcro to hold the stroller in place.
    youtube = votepetrelli at yahoo dot com
    pintrest = lbandj

  18. There is too much to like on this stroller! All the adjustable components, HUGE sunshade, AND all the new colors!!!! I like how the travel bag is super padded and easy to carry!

  19. Love the new fabrics in the movement and natural collections – the travel bag would be awesome to protect it when flying!

    Pinterest: erinliane01

  20. I absolutely love this stroller! I love that the canopy has SPF 45 sun protection, especially since my little one is soo fair! Also love that this stroller fits soo easily into the travel bag and that the bag has nice padding and convenient straps for carrying it!

  21. I love how easy it is to guide this stroller as there have been many times I struggled one handed with my stroller. The larger canopy is perfect as my son hates his sunglasses and hats. With the canopy I wouldn’t have to fight him. It is an awesome stroller!

  22. I love the huge canopy with SPF because I am a nut when it comes to sun protection. I have probably 4 stroller travel bags and not one is like this one. I can’t believe it fully unzips so that you can just lift and place the stroller inside instead of trying to “wiggle” it in. Nice job with that design!

  23. I love the size of the canopy, the spf and how very beach friendly it seems! Since we are beach bums we would benefit from this stroller and make our load 100x easier!

  24. I like the the stroller only weighs 20 pounds! And I love the the travel bag is padded for protection.

    Youtube: mybabysmama723
    Pintrest: bonnie723

  25. I love the new SPF 45 fabric and the carrying straps on the travel bag – makes it easier to get through the airport with.

  26. I like the colors and the 12 inch wheels. The travel bag is pretty neat. Amazing that a stroller fits in there!
    pinterest indecisivegirl

  27. I love how light the stroller is and super easy to fold up. Especially with me having 2 toddlers and one on the way I need easy in my life!

  28. Love the new colors!!!!!! Have a flite and am a huge Bumbleride fan!!! The travel bag is a great addition to a fabulous product!

  29. I love that the wheels pop off so easily for storage or travel, and I really love that the travel bag is padded and has a comfortable shoulder strap!

  30. I like the new water resistant fabrics in the movement edition–perfect for the beach! The bag will keep it nice and protected during travel (love the padding!).

  31. This is such a nice stroller! I’ll be a first-time Grandma this July and definitely appreciate how light it is (for me) and the great SPF protection (for the LO)! The travel bag makes it extra convenient – I really like the way the stroller is secured into the bag with velcro and makes it so much easier to handle!

  32. I really like that the Bumbleride has a large canopy, great recline and air filled tires. The travel bag looks really convenient and love that it is padded.

  33. I like the swivel wheel in the front…and that you can lock it in place if you want to use it for jogging, etc. I love how it compacts nicely and fits in the bag perfectly. It’d be great for airplanes and even a trip in the car for vacations…then everything won’t get dirty from the wheels! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. i like the spf protection on the canopy,and i like the padding on the travel bag.
    pinterest name:Jeffery Gooch
    You tube name:jgooch74

  35. i love the huge canapy! the stroller i have now barely covers anything!!! i also loooooove the water resistant fabric! we live in hawaii so we go to the beach very often!

    and for the bag, i LOVE the idea of having a padded bag! i had to travel with my stroller and it became so dirty and i was so afraid of it being broken!

  36. I love that the indie has a new SPF 45 canopy & this is super compact when folded. I really like how padded the indie travel bag is….really protects your stroller.

  37. I love the fabric and the ease of use!! The whole stroller looks amazing!! I follow you on pinterest divababydesigns and like you on facebook!

  38. Coming from a current Indie 2010 owner – I LOVE Bumbleride! This is the best (all around) stroller I have owned, so far. On the newer additions, I like the SPF 45 canopy and the softer, more padded seat. As for the travel bag, I like that it is padded and easy to use.

  39. I like that the stroller is made of bamboo and that the travel bag makes going places a lot easier!
    Pinterest: agrenham
    Youtube: alicimez

  40. I’ve been researching strollers for MONTHS and haven’t found a stroller that compares to the Bumbleride Indie. We travel a ton so the fact the stroller has all the features we are looking for in an Urban Terrain stroller, but is smaller and lighter makes me a happy Mom to be! The travel bag is a must order for us as well. Can’t wait to get my hands on one for our little one’s arrival in June!

  41. I absolutely love the different fabric selections especially the natural edition fabrics. The travel bag is an added plus to this fabulous stroller.

  42. I like the recline and huge canopy of the bumbleride. I love the padding on the travel bag. I’ve had a stroller get damaged by the plane baggage people before.

  43. The weight, maneuverability, and storage are what make this stroller an excellent choice, but for me my favorite feature has to be the ability to go off-road, as i live near allot of off-road area’s and this would be ideal for a stroll to the park.

  44. I love that it goes off road well. We camp a lot and it is nice to know that there si a stroller that is as rugged as we are. The travel bag is such a good idea, not just for going on the plain, but also keeping the dirt on it and in the bag and not into your car, trailer, ect.

    Youtube Halley Parker
    Pinterest HalleyParker

  45. I like how the Bumbleride Indie bag is padded to not only to protect your stroller, but so that when you carry it on your shoulder it will not allow the harder edges of the stroller to bump into you.

  46. I follow you on pinterest! Love Katydid

    Also my favorite feature about the travel bag is the padding! I’m very excited that it was made to be durable!

  47. I LOVE how everything is adjustable!! So important..makes it seem more “custom.” I also love that it’s so lightweight and easy to travel with..also VERY important!

    YT name: RedUmbrellaMama
    Facebook/Pinterest name: Tiger Sue

  48. Love the form and function of this stroller! It’s perfect for city dwellers who also like to “off-road” at the park from time to time. The light weight and compact fold is perfect for smaller city cars.

  49. I love the Moms view that Holly always shows on her videos. I think the new fabrics on Bumbleride are great especially the walnut/chocolate and all the features that Bumbleride includes. Great stroller.

  50. I love the large canopy and that it is SPF45, I recently moved to Houston so that is invaluable. Also for the this type of stroller it is on the lighter side for weight. The travel bag is great, I like how it opens up and makes it easy to get the stroller into. The extra padding is also a nice feature to help protect your stroller.

  51. Love that the travel bag is padded to provide extra protection, and I love the all-terrain”ness” yet lightweight”ness” of this Bumbleride Stroller.

  52. I really like the bamboo fabric and how it prevents the growth of bacteria, and I really like how the travel bag is padded to protect the stroller.

  53. I love the colors of the stroller along with the spf lining since I have a cute little redhead that needs all the protection he can get! I love the bag too. We travel alot and definitely need something to protect a stroller!

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  54. The huge basket underneath to carry even huger diaper bags lol 🙂 That is awesome! The travel bag is cool! I love that it is padded. What a great stroller!

  55. I love the new fabric choices, and that it has SPF built in 🙂 The thing I love about the travel bag is how padded it is and how easy it is to get the stroller into it….When my oldest was younger I flew with her and her (thankfully cheap umbrella stroller) the handler’s weren’t very nice with it and it ended up getting damaged, so a travel bag is awesome!

  56. I’m following on Pintrest.
    I like Baby Gizmo on Facebook.
    I liked the Blog Post on Facebook.
    I tweeted about the giveaway
    I subscribed to YouTube Channel!

  57. I love everything about Indie, but especially the tires (the new 2012 colors are great too!)
    & the padded bag is a great way to protect your investment!

  58. I love the fabric choices of the Bumbleride Indie, Eco friendly and water resistant. The travel bag is an awesome addition for families on the go.

  59. Huge canopy with SPF fabric!! I live in Miami, this is very good. Also the giant storage basket below. And of course, the off-road factor. Love the Movement Edition- this baby’s going to the beach! The travel bag is great to, storage pocket on the outside is a good idea.

    Pinterest: shannonrmills
    YouTube: shannonrmills
    Facebook: shannon mills

  60. I love how roomy the Indie is and how lightweight! Great to have a padded bag for travelling – Im always afraid to bring my good stroller when I fly but this would be perfect!

  61. I LOVE this stroller – my husband and I are both teachers and love to spend time outside after school. This stroller is PERFECT for our LO, expected this July!!

    The Bumbleride Indy is only 20 lbs – how light for a full size stroller?! The 3 editions – (movement – sporty, water resistant fabric; natural – soft, recycled and bamboo mix; classic – most color choices) make it so personal! I love the SPF 45 fabric of the canopy. The wide seat with the infant accommodations including the almost-flat recline is wonderful! The big wheels, including the lockable front wheel, and 1-handed steering make it fantastic for all-terrain and everywhere else! The steering may be my favorite feature (but there are so many I truly can’t decide)!

    Travel bag is super padded, has lots of travel handles; only need to take off the rear wheels, and the stroller is easily secured with Velcro tabs – awesome!

    Anyone who gets their hands on one of these is super lucky!

  62. Love the protection from the large and UVA proof canopy!

    facebook Becki Malandrino
    youtube beckimallo
    pinterest beckimallo

  63. I love the compact fold and that it weighs only 20lbs. I also love that it has its own padded travel bag. So many strollers don’t.

  64. love how lightweight this is for a jogger and the great color selections that are available! I really like that the bag comes with a sholder strap and looks easy to use!

  65. I love the easy fold and the large canopy on the stroller. I love the travel bag because of the easy storing of the stroller and the fact that it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying as well.

  66. I absolutely love this stroller!! the seat is big, it runs beautifully, it is so easy to fold!! and it looks FANTASTIC!! and what about the canopy! you couldn’t ask for a better deal! just love it!!

  67. Love this stroller and travel bag. I won’t even think about buying a stroller rhat won’t turn on a dime. This one does. And the travel bag seems great too!

  68. I like that it’s quite lightweight for an all-terrain stroller. Like the adjustable handle, huge canopy, and cute colors.

  69. I adore the large seat with the 5 point harness! I’m crazy about the adjustable handle and 12inch tires, especially for an active Dad, this stroller is ideal! But for a first time Mother-to-be with a bad back the light weight yet durable frame is what I cherish the most of all!

    The travel bag is it’s own treasure! The thickness to insure protection is fantastic and the way it opens up completely makes for easy placement and removal!

    Just absolutely fond of this stroller and travel bag in every way!

  70. I love that it weighs in at only 20 pounds! And the bag looks like such an easy way to keep your stroller in tip-top shape while traveling!

  71. I love that the cover has SPF coverage. I put sunscreen on my sun… but am always happy when his clothes/products used have built in SPF!

  72. I like the adustability of the stroller: the seat, foot rest, the baby bar, the handle. LOVE the natural stroller – very eco-conscious – love the bamboo and the fabric that is water resistance! Love how easy the travel bag is to use – great padding, great shoulder straps and it appears easy to use to travel!

  73. I love this stroller!! Love the large canopy as that it is SPF, love the big basket underneath and I like the fold. I also love the travel bag and how padded it looks.

  74. This is such an awesome stroller and travel bag. I love how easily the stroller folds and goes into the travel bag. It is really a nice combination. I absolutely love that this is a full size stroller but is only 20 pounds! THe color combinations are so nice, and I love that the canopy also has an SPF 45.

    I would just LOVE to win this. We are going to Italy this summer, and this would be such a nice treat to have for our trip.

    YouTube: hmicolucci
    PInterest: heiders78
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  75. I love the SPF canopy and the color and fabric choice. Bamboo is a nice, but I’m torn on the color choice of the others. Love them all. Follow on Pinterest..Amber Reddell.

  76. The Indie is perfect for our family, we live in the Mountains and need a stroller that can work on trails and the city. I love that the hood is spf 45 and love that they came out with a eco friendly addtion. I love that the transport bag has a velcro to keep the stroller from shifting while traveling.

  77. I love that the fabric is spf 45. I didn’t know that was possible! I also love that the bag is padded for extra protection of the stroller.

  78. Love that it is lightweight but still has air tires—and also that it folds down for travel, which a lot of the all-terrain strollers can’t swing!

  79. I love the colors and large basket. We are big travelers and the all terrain tires and travel bag would be a huge plus for us!

  80. I love this stroller I currently live by the beach, and once I move my parents live here and I’ll be visiting often! I love the all terrain wheels, this is def a beach stroller =) and the travel bag is great. I love that it un zips so u can set the stroller in it, and don’t have to try and cramp it in an opening!

  81. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can store it in a travel bag. How awesome is that for airplane travel, something we do so much of in order to visit our family strewn all over Canada!

    FB: Kristin Davey
    You Tube KristinDavey1
    Twitter: @KristinDavey
    Pinterest: Kristin Davey (momofthedude)

  82. I love how the stroller is only 20lbs! The travel bag is awesome because it’s so padded. We travel fairly often and I’ve had my stroller beat up flying – I would love the bag to protect it!

  83. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indie … what’s not to love. 20 lbs, SPF, easy fold, fabulous material. My three little ones will be fighting over who gets to ride shotgun!! 🙂

  84. I love the different color choices (so pretty!) and that it is lightweight for being a full-size stroller. On the travel bag, I love that you just set the stroller on it, rather than having to wrestle it in like some of the other stroller travel bags available.

    pinterest and youtube username: whavens2w2

  85. I LOVE that this stroller is only 20 lbs yet it is so sturdy and well made! Perfect for me getting it in and out of the car! LOVE it! Bumbleride also has amazing fabrics and colors. Love them!

  86. This is truly an all purpose stroller! compact fold, smooth ride! How do you pick a favorite option? If I had to choose I would say the great ride and the fact that I can use it from infancy through toddlerhood! One stroller instead of 3!!

  87. I love how light weight the stroller is for an ‘all-terain’, and the compact fold! I love the padding on the travel bag – so many bags are just thin material with virtually no protection.

  88. I love this stroller. I love that it has the 45 spf fabric on the canopy! The travel bag is amazing! Its great that its padded to protect the stroller. would come in very handy while traveling!

    Following on Facebook, youtube, pinterest and twitter. (waarla)

  89. i love the big canopy and that it has spf protection, also the adjustable foot rest is great. the traveling/ storing bag is great becase its padded.

  90. Love the easy fold and the awesome travel bag that makes traveling with the stroller so easy and keeps the stroller so clean!

  91. I love the HUGE spf 45 canopy! I also like that the travel bag is well padded…extra protection for a big investment! Pinterest: christi82

  92. I love that this stroller is lightweight and folds up so compact. I love how much the stroller can recline and how big the canopy is. I like how you can adjust the handle. I love that the travel bag has a big handle for over the shoulder carry and that the stroller fits in it so good. Overall this just seems like the perfect stroller.

  93. I love that this stroller is lightweight and folds up so compact. I love how much the stroller can recline and how big the canopy is. I like how you can adjust the handle. I love that the travel bag has a big handle for over the shoulder carry and that the stroller fits in it so good. Overall this just seems like the perfect stroller.

  94. I love that it’s only 20 lbs. great for such a “heavy-duty” stroller The travel bag is great how it’s so padded to keep the stroller well protected.

  95. This stroller is awesome! I love the large canopy and that it’s spf protected. My favortie feature would have to be the air filled tires and that it provides such a smooth ride for the baby! The travel bag is great too. I like that someone has thought outside the box on this and made airport travel so much easier!

  96. I actually really like the adjustable handle bars! Being on the taller side, I hate beyond HATE strollers with a low handle bar. Not comfortable.

  97. I like the compact fold, considering its a light jogging stroller. The travel bag really seems to keep the stroller secure and protected!

  98. I’m in love with this stroller! I My favorite feature is the canopy with spf 45 fabric! I love that it can be taken off road and for jogging as well. I love the travel bag too and that it’s padded for protection. I’d love to win!

  99. I love that I can use it as a jogger, and with the travel bag, I love that it opens completely so you can just lay it in the bag. You Tube and Pinterest m.imming.balangero through Gmail.

  100. I love the fabric choices and colors! Plus it’s light weight and easy to travel with with the stroller bag!
    youtube: toromiso
    pinterest: misoowdy

  101. Indie – Love the new SPF 45 canopy feature! Takes a lot of hassle out of those super-sunny days. Those Natural Edition fabrics are awesome too! Glad to have an eco option out there.

    Travel Bag – Love that it’s padded and that you don’t have to completely disassemble the stroller to get it into the bag.

    Also following on Pinterest, “liked” Babygizmo and blog post on FB, subscribed on YouTube

  102. I love the Indie colors, the inflatable 12″ wheels will be able to meet all our off-road needs while walking our kids and dog. Love the travel bag, keep my Indie clean while traveling!

  103. Ive been drooling over one of these for a few years (and a few kids) now…. I love the adjustable push height so I can find a comfortable position to jog with the wee-est one in it…also the easy handling makes it a step above the others… ive gone through many cheap and troublesome strollers with 5 kids…and I would love the opportunity to stroll my youngest three in style for once. Haha.

  104. I had the indie twin with my first two boys and I absolutely loved it! I was so sad when I sold it. Now, I’m pregnant with my third and I would love an indie! They are comfy for the baby, and so easy to push with one hand and the adjustable handle makes it easy for my older boys to help push. This is a stylish stroller as well. You would get many compliments.

  105. Definitely the full cover canopy and the padded stroller bag. Nothing like actually being able to trust your travel bag to keep your stroller safe!

  106. i like how the handle bar folds up and down and that the canopy provides extra sun protection with the SPF. I love the padding in the travel bag.

  107. I love how easily the wheels seem to pop on and off for travel, and how the bag opens completely to make putting the stroller inside super easy!

  108. I love the recline and the canopy coverage on this stroller! I’m sure it would also be a dream to push! 🙂 My favorite part of the travel bag is that there is one! Plane trips are HARD on strollers and this would be awesome!

    “Liked” blog post and babygizmo on facebook, subscribed to youtube

  109. I love the SPF lining, the large canopy, and the smooth ride that it provides. I really like how the travel bag is padded and will protect the stroller when traveling with gate checking.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  110. I like all the adjustable features on it and how far back it reclines. Also love that the canopy has spf 45 in it. Plus it only weights 20 pounds and is very compact. You can even remove the wheels to make it smaller when storing. I like the stroller bag for taking with me if we go on vacation and I like the shoulder straps for easy carrying.

  111. I love the adjustable handlebar and the different choices for fabrics! I like the padding on the travel bag.

    Pinterest username: themarilea

  112. We have the Indie Twin for our boys and LOVE it! Would love to have the Indie Single(especially in that color)! Hope we win:)

  113. Would love the Indies. I have the twin but my daughter now wants to walk all the time so it looks funny half empty. Time to down size.

  114. I love the recline, awesome canopy and the colors!! What an amazing stroller. I’ve been oogling over it for a while now! That travel bag is amazing I never even knew it existed!! Would be great for our trip to Israel in October!!!!! Wow wow wow, amazing!

  115. The deep recline is my FAVORITE. I love that I can use it from infant-toddler. My husband has always wanted a jogger, and the fact that it’s so light means I can use it everyday, as well! I LOVE the bag!

  116. LOVING the fabric change on the 2011 model! We have the Indie Twin and love it- I find myself wishing I had the single version of the stroller as well. And travel bag? Awesome!!!

  117. My favorite part of the stroller is the very full coverage of the canopy– you pulled it down so far when you reclined the stroller! Wow! My favorite of the travel bag is that it is padded. I am so afraid to take a nice stroller out on a trip. This would put this mama at ease.

  118. I have wanted this stroller for a long time. We have an older version of the Bumbleride Flite. We need something lightweight and more adaptable to our very active lifestyle. I love this stroller!!

  119. I just simply love its looks! The water resistant fabric is awesome. And I like that the bag is padded for extra protection.

  120. This is my DREAM stroller. No joke. SPF 45 fabric, awesome! No raincover, boo. I love that the travel bag will protect that crazy-beautiful stroller.

  121. The new Bumbleride Indie looks fantastic. I am really loving that they increased the size of the diaper bag holder, and as usual, the really easy fold. The travel bag is awesome too. I appreciate that you can totally unfold it and do not have to worry about stuffing your stroller into it.

  122. I love love love all the different color choices and that the travel bag is padded to protect such a great stroller

  123. I love the adjustable handle bars, air filled tires and that the front wheel is adjustable to be in line or all around! I really like that the travel bag is so easy to use and padded, also that the zipper has a little cover so it doesn’t come unzipped!

  124. I love the wide seat and fabric options, great stroller! The travel bag is great, I like how padded it is and the shoulder strap making it easy to carry.

  125. Love the flat recline. This would be awesome for a newborn. It also seems the perfect blend of my current 4 strollers. Jogger, Light-weight, Travel-system, and my I’coo…

  126. I love that the stroller can fit a Maxi Cosi carseat with an adapter! I also love that the stroller bag can open and fold out flat, to easily put the stroller in!

  127. I love the huge spf protecting canopy as well as the air filled tires on the indie. I also love how padded the travel bag is.

  128. I love the easy fold and the all terrain wheels! And I love that with the bag I don’t have to worry about the stroller getting dirty or scratch up 🙂

  129. Love the huge canopy, super easy push great travel bag to protect it. I love Bumbleride..
    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  130. I love it and I absolutely love the color palette! I can’t believe how lightweight it is and how great it would be to have a TRAVEL BAG!

  131. What is there not to love with this stroller, the sports collection is my favorite. I love the air filled tires, compact fold, adjustible footrest and handle bars. And the travel bag is awesome, I like how easy it is to put the stroller in it and how padded it is to protect your investment.Thank you!

  132. I love bumbleride ! Love the colors, canopy with SPF, large basket and air tires. Great stroller with the travel bag ,easy to travel!!!

  133. I cant find my post so im posting again just to make sure it shows up….I love the spf canopy! It would come in great handy living in Savannah. And i love that the bag is padded making it comfy!

  134. I love all the fabric type and color choices! The bag is a great idea to protect the stroller! Love how easy it is to put the stroller in! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  135. We love the Bimbleride Indie! The easy fold, one step break & large air filled tires make it the perfect stroller for all occasions!

  136. I love how the travel bag opens all the way up so its easier to get the stroller in!! I love the large basket at the bottom of the stroller! I also love how its large on allllll the bumbleride strollers!

  137. loveee the spf canopy!! we live in savannah and that would be amazing to have. also, i love that the bag is padded making it very comfy! pick me pick me!

  138. Just having a travel bag is huge, but being padded is nice. And SPF in the canopy is very important to me just to feel like have extra defense.

  139. I love how compact and light weight it is, and how it still has air tires. The travel bag is great for airline travels.

  140. Ohhh how i dream about this stroller everyday.. the indie is my dream stroller!! I love everything about it! I love that i can use it on the beach, on the street, on the dirt ANYWHERE.. plus it will be so easy to maneuver. I love that it has the feature that you can connect your car seat to the stroller, if you wanted to, or even invest in a baby cot, and make it the cutest stroller for newborns! I love all the added features that can put on this stroller, especially the snack tray when the child is a bit older.. oohhh and didn i forget to mention that this is the COOOLEST looking stroller ever!!! Fun colors, fun style and just so chic looking!! Im pregnant with my first child and would do ANYTHING for this stroller. I love it so much!!

  141. Loving the stroller bag! I believe the indie is one of the strollers my large toddler would fit in which is cool and unlike my cheap jogger the rear wheels don’t take a masters degree to remove!

    Pinterest Marci Lundberg-Asmus

  142. I love the air-filled wheels that can come off for more compact storage – and that bag is so great with the padding and zipper protector.

  143. I lalalalaloooovvvee!!!! The removable wheels i have a two vehicle it is hard to get strollers in and out of my small trnk. I can not tell you how many times I have told my husband I wish I could just take theses wheels off!

  144. Love the color choices and that the canopy comes with SPF in! We live in Florida where it’s hot all year round!

  145. I love the Bumbleride stroller! The colors are very cheerful and the fold flat is awesome. I’d love to win this for my four month old baby boy!
    pinterest – kellypetz
    youtube – kellywalro

  146. I really like that the stroller canopy has SPF in it. Living in Florida this is a necessity!
    I like that the travel bag is padded.

  147. My favorite feature of the Indie is the fun colors you can chose from; they are unlike any other brand!!! My favorite feature of the travel bag is how well it fits and the ease you have of fitting it in the bag. Pinterest name Sara Wilson.

  148. I LOVE the SPF 45 canopy!! Every little bit helps when fighting the sun! As for the travel bag – I love how simple it is to pack up.

    Pinterest: Emery Blanton

  149. I have been searching for a full featured, A/T stroller for my large, 25 lb one year old, that has a great canopy, love the SPF 45 fabric, adjustable footrest and baby bumper, that reclines flat and has an adjustable handlebar and has a big basket. What else could I ask for? This gives me everything! The travel bag is a great plus! The easy to clean fabric is also nice.

  150. I LOVE this stroller!!! Bumbleride is amazing. One of the best strollers I have had my hands on….It is so easy to handle and is nice and roomy. And the fact that it comes with the travel bag is even better! LOVE

    I follow you on youtube (rebecca0742) and pinterest (rebecca lehew)

  151. I love that the canopy fabric has SPF and that the travel bag has a velcro strap inside! I’d be thrilled to be the lucky winner!!!!

  152. i love how the bag is padded and how easy it is to put the indie in. and i love how the indie has the removable bar and the inflateable tires!!

  153. I Looooooove air filled tires..and the bag offers such great protections. I’ve seen what can happen to mishandled luggage!

  154. I love the big air filled tired on the Indie and was very impressed by how easy it was to get into the travel bag!

  155. I LOVE the Indie Twin, but I can now downsize to the Indie – the tires are the BEST at the baseball park – and we are there A LOT!

  156. I love how easy the wheels come off the stroller for storage purposes and how easy it folds up. The travel bag is great that it is so nicely padded.

  157. I love everything about this stroller, its my 1st choice for lo! Love the big tires, and SPF45 huge canopy! Amazing how easily it folds up and the travel bag is a very nice item to have! Follow on FB and Pinterest (alison gladsden)

  158. what’s not to love about this! been doing some serious research on buying this one and I’m just about to, hopefully I’ll just win it instead!:)

  159. This would be perfect for my husband to go on his trails with LO! I love the SPF and deep canopy, the weight and that it goes flat! The bag would be a great help to travel with too!

  160. The fabric being sand/water resistant is a plus, we live near the water! The bag seems like it would be nice and secure with the large velcro strap.
    pinterest – kimberlyht

  161. I’m not sure if my comment went through, so I’m sending it again. Also, I forgot to add about the travel bag.

    I love the whole look of the stroller, it looks so soft too. I also like the fact that it weighs 20 pounds!

    I like that the travel bag is really padded, so I know it will protect the stroller.

  162. The awesome colors are one of my favorite features…they are just so much fun! Youtube – Mollydo2 and Pinterest – Molly

  163. My favorite feature of the stroller is the adjustable footrest, which isn’t always included on 3-wheel strollers, and I love that the travel bag is padded- so many others are not!

  164. I love that the Indie has 12 inch air filled tires and an SPF 45 fabric over the canopy. The bag is nice and padded and I like the velcro straps to keep the stroller secure.
    Following on PInterest- name Kimbobolini.
    Following on YouTube- name MsKimbobolini

  165. Amazing! I have never seen this stroller in person, only admired from afar, but it sounds wonderful! I love the look of it, the big canopy and I’m not going to lie, I want anything with “bumble” in the title, as my son’s nursery theme is bees. I also am excited it comes with the travel bag, as we have a hairy dog that shares our stroller storage place in the car, and it’d be nice to protect it from our friendly, stinky dog’s fur. 😉

  166. The canopy is so nice and large on the Indie. I also love how compact is folds!

    Youtube – coastalisis
    Pinterest – coastalisis

  167. I love that the Indie folds more compact than most all terrain strollers. Also love that the bag opens up flat so that you just place the stroller in the middle.

  168. I could never afford one of these on my own and am thrilled that we have an opportunity to win it. My favorite part of this stroller is the huge seat. Love that my 3 yr old can ride in this without being cramped.

    Pinterest cortneylove619

  169. What is not to love about the Indie!?! The new SPF fabric is wonderful! And the travel bag would be just perfect for me since both my husbands parents and mine live across the country and I have to fly with the kids for visits! Love that the travel bag has the interior velco strap to keep the stroller in place and the padding is nice to keep the wonderful stroller in good condition. I really can’t tell you how much I would LOVE to win this stroller!

  170. Word Press is giving me a hard time so this may be a duplicate 🙂
    I love the natural fabric and the colors.
    I love the bag opens up all the way.
    youtube sonyamorris5
    pinterest sonya morris

  171. I love the natural fabric and the colors.
    I love the bag opens up all the way.
    youtube sonyamorris5
    pinterest sonya morris

  172. I would love to win this stroller, actually starting to shop for one for my 3 month old baby 🙂 I like the fact that its a 3 wheel stroller with air filled tires and that it is still light weight.

    I like the bag as it opens up flat to put the stroller in and it is nicely padded 🙂

  173. I love the one handed deep seat recline and the water resistant fabric of the movement! I would use the travel bag all the time! Its so nice that the bag is padded and I wouldn’t have to worry about the stroller getting damaged!

  174. Wow. This stroller looks awesome. I love that it folds up so small and easily and appears to be easy to maneuver. My favorite feature of the travel bag would be that it is padded and has a shoulder strap.

  175. I love that the stroller folds pretty compact and light weight for an all terrain stroller! And I like that the bag opens up all the way making it easy to get the stroller in.

  176. I love the big canopy on the Indie and also the water resistant fabric on the movement addition. The travel bag is great, the padding will protect the stroller and its nice to have two different handle options.

  177. Love how flat it lays and the canopy! Love that the bag opens all the way so you don’t have to shove it in.

    Follow fb, blog, tube, pin.

    Tube jacobsks1
    Pin jacobsks77

  178. I love it how it pops open much easier than my other stroller that I can not stand!! And the canopy is so nice and big!! Would love to win it!

  179. I love the one touch brake on the indie and how easy it is to put the stroller into the travel bag and also the padding!

  180. Love all the different fabric options on the Indie, and the different carrying options for the travel bag! Pinterest: Jessica levy markus

  181. I’ve been coveting this stroller!! Love the colors available, the basket, the fold, the maneuverability, etc, etc! And love that you can get the awesome travel bag!!

  182. Water resistant fabric, and SPF Canopy? I’m sold!! 🙂 I love that the Natural is made of Bamboo. I love that the travel bag is padded.

  183. SPF canopy and the colors are awesome. I love the fact that there IS a travel bag and that you can carry it in different ways.
    Pinterest: Rebecca Sheehan

  184. I love that it’s only 20# and a full size stroller with a large seat! And I love that the travel bag has all the padding and TWO carry strap options!

  185. I love the large canopy and SPF on the stroller. The travel bag is great with the padding and storage pocket. We would love to win this package as we travel back and forth from NY to CA a lot and our stroller is getting pretty beat up.

  186. Love that the indie is easy around town but can be used for light jogging as well as all terrain for big susters’ soccer and softball games!

  187. I love the compact fold (for an all terrain stroller), and how adjustable it is, can be used for all sizes of kids and parents!

  188. I love the new soft material in the natural line. I love how well the stroller fits in the travel bag, it doesn’t look forced or crammed in there at all. Awesome accessory for an awesome stroller!

  189. Thanks for giving away such great gear Hollie! Love the Indie stroller .. love the large canopy with SPF as well as the adjustable foot rest etc… And love that your giving away the travel bag with it… which is so padded and easy to use!

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Spear

    you tube name: Rebecca Russell Spear

  190. I love this stroller, and i really need an everyday stroller- I love the large canopy and the large roomy seat! I love that it even has travel bag and that the bag is padded!

    YouTube: weinsteinb
    Pinterest- georgiaberger

    I hope I win!!!!

  191. love those wheels. and the travel bag looks great. especially since one airline totally destroyed my stroller when we flew

  192. I like that the travel bag is easy to use and can be carried over your shoulder. I like the adjustable footrest and large canopy on the stroller.

  193. I am a Stroller Strides member and one of the moms in my class has this stroller. I like her stroller quite a bit. I think it looks very chic.

  194. I want one so bad….I love the bright colors. I love everything about this stroller. Thank you for all the giveaways!

  195. Air-filled tires make a stroller ride sooo much smoother! I love the large basket on this stroller, too—makes for easier shopping! 😉

  196. I love this stroller! And the travel bag would be awesome…padded and everything. Having the 45 spf in the sunshade is a must for me easily burned kids!

  197. I love the large SPF canopy, unusual brilliant colors, and large under basket. I’ve always wanted a travel bag. I would love to push my love in this beautiful stroller. Thanks baby gizmo for all the giveaways!

  198. I love this stroller! I drool over it on Amazon all the time. I love the push, the colors the accessories that I can get for the belly bar! It would be amazing to win it 🙂

  199. Favorite feature of the Indie is the canopy. Love that it comes forward for that extra protection from the elements. Fave feature of the bag is the padding to protect that pricey stroller.

    Youtube name: boozetan
    Pinterest name: boozetan

  200. Oh, and the travel bag is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I like the velcro strap inside. Great idea to prevent the stroller from moving around in the bag!

  201. I really like the maneuverability and the SPF in the sun visor on the stroller and just that it comes with a cover/bag is also great. I love the natural version, too, with the bamboo/recycled materials. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  202. LOVE air tires. I much prefer my stroller with air filled tires to the ones with the conventional stroller wheels. My favorite part has to be the color. I always admire the color choices for bumbleride.

  203. I love the moisture-wicking fabric on the movement edition and the temperature-regulating fabric on the natural edition! My son sweats a lot, so either of these would be good for him! The travel bag is also wonderful. We travel a lot since my husband is in the Navy.

  204. I love the how compact the fold is on this stroller! I also like the improvement on the fabric living in Vegas sun protection is crucial! 🙂

  205. I love the deep recline recline, the air filled wheels, the spf canopy, big storage and so much more! I love that the bag is padded and has different strap options.

  206. I love how easy the wheels come off to go into the travel bag! I love that the stroller weighs in at 20 pounds. LOVE this stroller!!

  207. like how light the Bumbleride Indie is and how small it can be folded down to go easily into travel bag. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  208. Bumbleride has the best stroller colors, hands down. And the fact that the bag makes it possible to carry an all-terrain stroller over your shoulder is insane.