Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 – Britax B-Ready

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 - Britax B-Ready

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 - Britax B-Ready

Congratulations to our winner of Day 21 –

Entry #311  – Kristin F.

Day 21 is such a big deal that we are giving away the newest stroller to the market!  Actually, this stroller is so new it isn’t even available for sale for another 3 weeks! We’re cool like that!

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 - Britax B-ReadySame deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 21

Today is all about the Britax B-Ready. Not just any B-Ready but the 2012 B-Ready! You know, the one with the new foam filled, rubber tires, more upright seat position, and improved basket and shocks. Yep, that 2012 B-Ready!! The B-Ready transforms from a single to a double by adding the second seat, has a full coverage canopy, adjustable handle, reversible seat and more. This is a luxury stroller you are going to want to win. Who doesn’t want to be one of the first with the 2012 model?!?

To find out more about the Britax B-Ready, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)


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Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 21 - Britax B-Ready

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  1. Im soooo in love with this stroller. I literally spend hours researching others and i can’t find one that beats it. It has everything i needed and would be the perfect upgrade for my growing family 🙂

  2. Love the different positions. My son loves to sit up and I think this would be awesome for him. New color is Navy.

    Youtube name Leslie Guenther
    Pinterest Leslie

  3. Love the (new and improved!) wheels–that’s the main thing that turned me off the original. The navy fabric is also awesome!

  4. New color is Navy, would be perfect for my little guy! My favorite feature is the wheels. With the rubber outer and shock absorbers this would be perfect for our rough driveway and for walks down to the lake. NICE!

  5. My favorite feature of the 2012 Britax B-Ready is the fourth recline/more upright position. So many strollers have the child leaning back too far. The new color is navy.

  6. I LOVE that the 2012 Britax B-Ready has rubber wheels! It will make for a very smooth ride along the rocky trails in our area. Also, the new Navy color is fabulous! It is a color that I know my husband wouldn’t mind having for the stroller. Thanks Hollie for the review!

  7. I Love this stroller! I really love the new more upright position and the new foam filled tires. The new color is navy.

  8. The foam filled tires is my favourite feature of the 2012 B-Ready Britax and the new colour is Midnight Blue which is so nice!!

  9. I love that the seat can sit up further and reverse. The new wheels looks awesome too! The new color is Navy.

  10. love the new wheels and the new color is navy! I’ve been saving up for this stroller since #2 is coming in june and it would be awesome to win it instead!

  11. Need, need, need the 2012! I love the navy and couldn’t be more excited about the upright seat and new wheels.

  12. There’s a tie for my favorite feaqture today- love the wheels and that you don’t have to rethread the straps. New color is Navy. Pinterest user name is Tiffany Godfrey.

  13. New color is navy. LOVE this stroller- the new wheels are great! 🙂
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  14. I like how the harness slides down to accompany your growing baby! In my case to accompany one of my FOUR children! (under the age of 6) The new color is Navy

  15. I love the new wheels. I have to say I didnt love the old ones. Not only do the new ones function better they look nicer. And the new color is navy

  16. Navy is the new color. I think I would love the tires. My current stroller (different brand) gets flats ALL the time!! It would be nice to not worry about that! It is nice that the wheels can be purchased for the older models too.
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  17. (can’t tell if my original comment posted or not so I’m going to do it again!)

    I love the new tires!! The new color is navy.

  18. i am obsessed with this stroller. i love the new color and the new wheels look awesome. I hope i win this giveaway!!!

    facebook: ledys carol
    twitter: LedysCarol
    pinterest: Ledyscarol
    youtube: mizzdevilicious

  19. i am a newbie to the britax brand and recently had a baby! i love the britax products and i love the new b-ready wheels!

  20. Wow! Was going to buy the 2011 but didn’t cuz of the colors…enhanced wheels are amazing and love the carriage overall- especially the new wheels!

  21. I love the deeper, zippered basket. I had a nice pair of baby shoes fall out of a stroller basket and be lost forever and I’m still not over it! =P The new color is Navy. Please let me win this amazing stroller!

  22. We’re very active outdoors so the tires would be a huge plus, no more flats! With a newborn & 14 month old this would be perfect!
    You Tube: Monica Tutko
    Pinterest: Monica Tutko

  23. Wow what an amazing stroller!!!! The new navy color is wonderful, it’s one of my favorite colors. I love how the wheels are rubber but foam filled, the fact that there is more cargo room, and that you can sit your child up more, because my son is very inquisitive and loves to look around with our stroller he can’t do that as much. Another feature that I love is the easy press button to release your child from the stroller some of those buttons are impossible to open! Overall very impressed!

  24. love the size of the storage and that it is accessible from the size by unzipping! also i am crazy about the sliding strap adjustment, hate having to re-thread the straps on my current stroller! need this stroller for my growing family to accomodate both a toddler and a new born!

  25. I love that there is a 4th position and adjustment handle for the shoulder harness, would love to have, both my daughters are in Britax carseats and wouldn’t use anything else, I would love to have a britax stroller for them!!! Navy!!!

  26. I love the new rubber foam-filled tires. The new color is Navy.
    Pinterest name: Kimbobolini
    YouTube name: MsKimbobolini

  27. I loveeeeeeeee the new navy color!! Makes it look much nicer and classy. I think I just started liking the b ready flmire than the bjcm gt! Those wheels! That basket! I’m in love. And I adore the option of adding a second seat. It’s truly the perfect stroller! Please let me win!

  28. I love this stroller, I saw someone with it at the mall yesterday and it’s beautiful. I really like the new tires too.

  29. My favorite feature is the ability to have reverse seating. My child isn’t ready to be viewing the world yet and there’s not many affordable stroller that’s able to reverse the seat! I love the red color, it’s so pretty!

  30. I’ve been planning to purchase this stroller but decided to wait since the 2012 model was coming out. And now, I have a chance to win it?! 😉 Great video review of the new changes!

  31. Love the stroller! I love the storage space, small/stylish frame, well the whole stroller!! Thanks for the chance:)

  32. Love the new blue color, foam wheels and the large canopy!

    Pinterest: JBJLover
    You Tube: Darlene Orol

    21 is my lucky number: Got engaged at 21, had my son on the 21st, perhaps this will be the charm. 3rd time the number 21 will be in my favor 🙂

  33. The new color is navy and I LOVE all of the different configurations, especially all of the different doubles configurations.

  34. I LOOVE this stroller!! Please please let me be the winner! :)- The new color is Navy and I love what you say about the new wheels!

    I follow you on pinterest divababydesigns
    I like you facebook

  35. what i like most about this stroller is that I will win #1 husband award if i win it! My wife has convinced me that its great for our growing family since it is a double or a single and we trust and use britax!

  36. Omg I Need this stroller!! I love the reversible seat and that it converts from a single to a double! Wow!

    Pinterest: Jennifer Wardle White

  37. I like the 4th position which sits more upright, especially for older children. I also love the new tires. The new color is Navy.

  38. Love the foam filled tires! The pop out shade and the new more upright position!

    Twitter: @KristinDavey
    Pinterest: Kristin Davey (momofthedude)
    YouTube: KristinDavey1
    Facebook: Kristin Davey

  39. Love how many different configurations there are. Love the new tires & cannot wait to try them. And the new color is navy.

  40. pinterest – 13kmm

    Wow! So many great new features. I love the tires and the new 4th position. Kids are always trying to sit up straight.

    Love the navy color

  41. The new Navy color is totally rockin’ my socks! It’s beautiful! I also love the new foam filled tires 🙂 yay for no flats 🙂

  42. I love the new tires for the B-ready and the pretty blue color! I know they have put in a new 4th position that is more upright than previous model. New color is the blue.

    youtube nandae888
    pinterest ame8

  43. I like that they fixed the wheels, buckle, and that the seat can sit up right in fourth posistion. The new color is Navy!

  44. I like how it easily turns into a parent facing pram, then back again to a front view stroller. The new color is Navy which is very nice.

  45. Favorite new feature: tie between deeper basket with side access, and the fourth position for more upright sitting. LOVE the new navy color!

  46. I love the rubber/foam tiers, I hate that my air tires always need to be filled at the most inconvenient times ever. This also is so easy to fold.. Winner in my book

  47. I love how you can reverse the seat so you can see yoru child! That is really great especailly when they decide to nap and you want ot know when they wake up!

  48. Also…
    Pinterest username: gillianfenske
    YouTube username: gillianclaire

    (Sorry if I did this needlessly! I wanted to be sure each entry counted.)

  49. I just had my 3rd child and am finally starting to look into a replacement stroller (my original stroller from 6 years ago is a wreck!). WOW, the B-Ready looks amazing! And those tires! I can only wish.

  50. I love the improvements to the Britax B-Ready. We are preparing for our second baby and Britax is such a reliable company with such innovative and safe products.

  51. I love that the stroller converts to a single and a double – perfect for our 3yo and new addition due in October. The new color is navy!

  52. I love the new navy blue color, great for boys and girls. My favorite new feature is that the seat can be more upright. My little guy loves to sit all the way up.

  53. My favorite feature would be the new foam filled tires. Those would make switching from one surface to another a lot less annoying for the baby. I need to mention that the color is navy in order to be elegible for the prize, but I actually really like the color. This stoller would match any other baby eqipment pretty well.

  54. The new color is Navy and I’m diggin’ the new wheels and better suspension… makes me wonder if that has something to do with the BOB acquisition. Maybe they got some pointers? 😉

  55. I am in love with this! Reversible seat, car seat friendly, the wheels and shocks, I love it all. Navy is the new shade.

  56. Love the new foam-filled wheels for a smooth ride! The new color for 2012 is a gorgeous navy!

    pinterest: bandshalon

  57. Love the new color and the new wheels. I love that they are rubber with foam filled wheels so that i don’t have to worry about my tires ever going flat and that they’ll be able to handle all types of terrain.

  58. I like the adjustable harness and the breaks where you know if you locked it or not depending on the color. New color is Navy.

  59. Love the new wheels and better suspension, and the new Navy color! Can’t wait to use this stroller with our new little one in July, hope we win!!!

  60. love love love this stroller!!!! just love the air tires…. makes for a smooth ride and love the color navy!!!!

  61. My favorite change to the 2012 model is the new tires and better shocks! Love the new navy color too! Pinterest: Jessica levy markus, YouTube: jessmarkus

  62. the new color featured in the video- is navy!
    My fave feature of this stroller is the seat! Love it! 4 positions, as well as the foam filled rubber tires!!
    outdoors- here we come!
    You tube: underthestarrysky05
    pinterest: starrysky05

  63. I loved this stroller before, but my favorite new feature is the 4th, more upright seat position. The new navy blue color is great-looking.

  64. I love so many things! The ability to convert it to a double (since we’re expecting 2 under 2!), the different positions of the seat, and the new navy color!

    pinterest: julieb05

  65. I love that baby can face you or away. The foam filled tires also seem interesting and the ability to add a second seat.

  66. Love the new Navy blue color and the new foam-filled forever tires!! Who wouldn’t love to win this stroller?! Perfect for a growing family with the additional seat.

  67. My favorite feature is the ability to turn this into a double! And I love the navy! I already follow you on youtube ( and pinterest (Jenna Lamb Bennedum)

  68. Talk about a stroller my husband would love – better shock absorption with the foam-filled rubber wheels, quicker 5-point harness release and the navy color…gorgeous!

  69. Hi, my favorite new feature are the foam filled wheels which will make for a more comfortable ride. Also I love the new navy color!

  70. I’m so excited about this stroller!!! I LOVE the new wheels almost bought the old model until I heard about the new wheels. The new color is Navy.

  71. This stroller has all the bells and whistles. And it excites me that it can be made into a double because we just found out we are expecting again!!

  72. I love the new tires and the upright seating position! I would love the Navy! It seems a very good balance for my son and soon to be here baby girl!

  73. Love the new foam filled tires and the additional upright position. Also love the new navy color. Perfect shade of blue.

  74. I love the new tires and the fourth position on the seat! My favorite color would be the Navy! I love blue and it seems a more gender neutral color!

  75. i love that they added a new recline position and the foam filled tires are great also. im really loving the navy color 🙂

  76. I solicit Britax products like it’s my job – and the 2012 B-Ready is exactly why. The additional recline setting pushes this stroller right up to “perfect” and with the updated wheels, there’s no telling how quickly the B-Ready will fly off the shelves! It maneuvers like a dream – with one baby, or two!

  77. The new color is Navy. I love the zipper on the side of the basket so you can get in from the side. I also love the new tires along with the new suspension to take the bumps away from getting to my baby. I also love the harness how you don’t need to re-thread it. And finally, the step down break, how it is completely flip flop friendly. This stroller is amazing as it can become a double stroller and the seat is reversible.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  78. I like the 4th position — there are so few strollers that support a baby/child sitting fully upright. (My husband would be impressed with the wheels — we were just comparing the B-Ready and the City Select) As for the favorite new color, the navy is great. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  79. I love that the harness adjusts so easily!! I love that the harness is behind a zipper!! And I love the new color!

  80. My favorite feature is the new upright position!! Definitely needed for toddlers that need to see EVERYTHING- no straining! Also, the new color is navy!

  81. I love the wheels, the wheels on my last Carrige is terrible, I hope to win for my new baby coming in may. The new color is navy !

  82. I would love to win this stroller. I have a baby due in June and have a toddler. This would be a perfect single to double stroller for us. I love the fact that it can be a single or double stroller and also the large canopy, and the removable new tires. The new color is navy. Love it!!

  83. I love the new 4th position (upright) on the B-Ready, as well as the huge canopy and the ability to make it a double with the 2nd seat. The new color for 2012 is Navy… and it’s so cool, i love it!

  84. The 2011 B-ready is the best stroller ever…until now! I love the upright seat and improved wheels/shocks. The new color is navy.

  85. Check out those removable wheels! Wonderful idea for those smaller trunks in subcompact cars. Britax is thinking of all sorts of things.

  86. It has everything a Dad could want in a stroller. The new foam filled rubber tires are exactly was I was waiting for. The new 2012 navy blue sure would help this Dad feel like he is pushing the Dad stroller while Mom’s pretty diaper bag can be stowed easily in that large basket below. Fingers crossed this Dad will be pushing a new 2012 Britax B-Ready this year!

  87. Love the new tires and the fact that you can upgrade your old stroller. Navy is the new color!

    Pinterest: txkaters

  88. I really like this stroller and the new color for 2012, Navy!!! My favorite feature on this stroller is that it has a 4th upright seat position. Great stroller! I’d be so happy to win!

  89. This stroller is awesome! I love the new color, Navy, for 2012! It’s a perfect stroller for our new little boy! My favorite feature is a new modification this year as well, the foam rubber tires. I love that it is all terrain. I also really like the large canopy!

  90. I absolutely love the color of the new B-Ready 2012. The new wheels are interesting. I also liked that it comes with parents cup holder.

  91. I am so in love with the Britax B Ready. I am so excited about the new wheels it will be easier to wheel my little one around when we are walking around the property and at horse shows. I also think all the little improvement that Britax made shows that they really listen to their consumers. I love Britax and I would love the navy color.

  92. Oh my this looks like such a nice stroller… I wish i had know about bitax before buying the stuff i used for my son….

    pintrest: eekie83

  93. The new color is Navy and I like the new major change to the tires as well as the 4th position so baby can sit more upright.

  94. Thanks for all these great giveaways Hollie! This looks like a great stroller! Love the new color- navy, and love the new foam filled wheels, perfect for our terrain in Maine!

    Pintrest name- Rebecca Spear

  95. The new color is navy!
    YouTube loganmom4211
    Pinterest aclendenin07

    Would be a wonderful 1st birthday gift for my lil man today 🙂

  96. My favorite feature are the wheels but I also love how easy it is to adjust the 5 point harness and ow big the canopy is. Great stroller! The new color is navy.

  97. The new color is Navy, which is the color I hope to win! I love the new foam filled tires, I also love the 4th upright position on the chair! Thanks for the video, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  98. I love the new wheels but I really love everything about this stroller and would be so grateful to win it. I like how you can make it a double stroller as well. The new color for 2012 is the “navy” which is a beautlful color.

  99. omg!! love love love this stroller!!!! sis in law owns one id love to have one for me
    🙂 smooth ride and love how i can easily convert to a double!!

  100. Have had my eye on the Britax B-ready since I found out I was pregnant. It would be the perfect stroller from birth to having our second child because of the seat addition!

  101. PICK ME, CHOOSE ME!! 🙂 New color is Navy (very versatile), and the feature I love most is that my Fabulous Miss Lucy will look fantastic in it … and that it can become a double, baby number two is right around the corner! :):)

  102. I love how the seat is reversable and you can also use a car seat w it also, all the recline positions are fabulous, and the sunshade is awsome,

  103. I love everything about this stroller! Its total eye candy to me! 🙂 the new color, which I am in love with is NAVY! thank you so much!

  104. sorry left a review before reading i had to do certain things… new feature i like is the 4 positioning seat because i put my 1st child in this about 2 weeks ago and she wasnt very upright. newest color…is the one you have on your photo! Navy Blue. Very pretty but i already have the Red Chaperone so i would like red still.

  105. ohh so excited. about to have my 2nd and this is the stroller i actually want! Britax trying to improve it current model showes me it listens to its customers. happy with that.

  106. I like how it can become a travel system and attach an infant carrier. I also like the zipper on the sides of the under basket. The new color is Navy

  107. My favorite feature is the 4th position that sits more upright (nice for bigger babies!) and the new color is Navy.

  108. The new wheels are my favorite new feature. The old ones were not so good at all. The Navy is the new color. I like it.

  109. The new color is navy and I love it! Also I love the new tires and the option to turn into a double.

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  110. The new color is Navy which is perfectly gender-neutral (and happens to be my favorite color 😉 ) and I love the new tires and more upright seat.

  111. OOPS! Not sure how or if I can delete/change my comment posted at 9:25a. I forgot to include: I love the change done to the tires and the new Navy color!

  112. Love the new navy color, will be perfect for my baby boy Benjamin!!! I also love the new foam filled tires!!! I would love to win the new 2012 B-ready!!!

  113. I love all the britax products. I love the new color and air tires (they always seem to work better)

    pinterest: tabmommy (Tabitha Brown)

  114. **Oh I totally want to win this one!!!! I love everything about it. That is goes from single to double, but I do love the new better wheels!

    **New Color Navy! LOVE IT!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  115. I love this stroller! I am expecting my first in June and was planning on getting the silver but the new navy color for 2012 may change my mind. I was concerned about the reclined seat but so glad they added a more upright postion on the new version.

  116. I love that the stroller transforms to a double stroller. I have a 3 year old son that likes to ride in the stroller at times.

  117. I love the new fourth position — great to get the older kids more upright. And yes, the new navy colour is gorgeous!

  118. I love that this transforms into a double for those of us who don’t want to buy a double for a toddler who may not always want to ride. I really want this:)

  119. my toddler prefers sitting upright in his stroller, so the new 4th position is a major plus!
    the new color is navy (a very nice blue i must say)

  120. I was just looking at the Britax B ready at a local baby gear store and loved it, minus the tires! Which made me so torn because the store was having an amazing sale on them which made it so i could afford the stroller, but i just couldnt get past the lame tires compared to other all terrain strollers i was considering, and now I hear they are changing the tires on the 2012 model which makes me so excited and now Im even more excited about it. I would LOVE this stroller!

  121. I love the new features for 2012 which of course is the better wheels but also the more upright position of the seat. The new color for 2012 is navy blue. thx

  122. There are so many pretty and chic strollers, but this is my dream stroller. It works with my B Safe car seat and turns into a double stroller. I know my husband would be excited about the new foam filled wheels and the more masculine new navy color. 🙂

  123. the tires look awesome for up here in maine – and I love all the storage space- and navy is such a versatile color- fantastic.

  124. I want this stroller! Love the foam filled tires, the 2nd seat option and the new color for 2012, Navy. Perfect for my boys!

  125. The new color is navy and I love the 4th position of the stroller they made which makes the child sit more upright!

  126. Added the fourth seat position is great and the new tires! The new color for 2012 is Navy. Thanks as always for the awesome update!

  127. The new tires make all the difference! and I love the new navy color!!

    Youtube: esteeac

    pinterest: Estee Aronow

  128. I love the new 2012 Britax B-Ready in the awesome (almost navy) blue color! The best improvement on the 2012 is the chair recline – as the parent of an active toddler, I love that they added a 4th position, fully upright!

  129. Love the new tire feature:) Also- love that it turns into a double stroller, as I have a 16 month old and am expecting another child in July. Really enjoy the new navy blue color but also really like the twilight color:)

  130. My favorite feature is the new wheels! I love everything about this stroller! I would get it in the new navy!

  131. The new color is navy and my fave feature is the 4th position, allowing my baby to sit upright even more and see out! Love it!

  132. I have a toddler and an infant so a convertible stroller is a really nice feature. I love that you can have a single that. Inverts to a double and back to a single when big brother no longer needs a place to ride

    YouTube believeoneway
    Pinterest jesskathrin

  133. Love the new wheels and navy color… Pinterest and utube- Logan Carl-Snyder. Fingers crossed!! Love this stroller!

  134. The new color for 2012 is Navy. I love the new seat position too. This is my dream stroller and I would LOVE to win it!

  135. My favorite feature of the 2012 Britax B-Ready is the sliding adjustable harness from the back so there is no need to re-thread. The new color is navy.

  136. Great stroller & new tires look great. Love all the configurations. Deciding between this and the Vista, maybe we will win this!

  137. I love baby gizmo!! I have never bought a stroller without gping to your website first
    I have my second baby due in August amd would love to have the b ready!! Such an awesome stroller!

  138. Love the foam filled tires, that it turns into a double since I have twins, and the new color is navy.
    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  139. The new color is Navy! Love the new position for older babies and the new wheels! A larger basket always helps too!

  140. Love the new wheels and Love that it’s the same price. The new color is this stroller! Youtube – mollydo2 and Pinterest – Molly

  141. I love the new wheels, and the easy fold ! I like the Britiex B-ready also can carry a car seat ! I love the new colors, send me the Navy ! We will be ready for a smooth ride at the zoo !

  142. I really love the Navy. It is beautiful! The change in upright position is great. The accessibility of the basket is really nice too. I really love the one step brake system. So nice for the summer! And the maneuverability is so nice. I would LOVE to win this one since I’m so in need of a new stroller.

  143. The new color is navy and the new tires are great. I gave mine away because of the tires and would get it back if I knew they were getting these new tires! 🙁

  144. The new color is Navy. I love everything about the new Britax, I will buy this stroller if I don’t win it, I love that it can be a tandem stroller and I looove the new wheels upgrade! I also love love Britax customer service!

  145. I love that the seat can be a single or a double, and that it automatically takes the chaperone. The new color Navy is very nice. I didn’t get the mega millions but this could be just as good!!! 🙂

  146. My fave feature (from a fave company) is the type of wheels – foam filled = no flats/low air! New Navy color is fab, too.

    Pinterest: littleabbycakes

  147. Favorite feature is the new wheels! They sound great. Also, I love the new navy color that the stroller comes in.

  148. The navy is such a beautiful color, dark enough to hide dirt yet light enough for color. i really like how they.made this seat more upright, great for older and curious children

  149. the new color is navy. i like the adaptability of the stroller, since it can turn into a double. my youtube name is: lloraresr and pinterest name is: laurenrasor

  150. I like the way it turns into a double and both seats recline. The new wheels should make the stroller even better, and the seat pad is great!

  151. Love how customizable the seating configurations are! And the new navy color? Definitely my favorite!
    Pinterest: Katrinamaye

  152. Favorite 2012 feature – foam filled rubber wheels!
    New color is navy
    My wife has been talking about this stroller for quite some time now. It’s a bit over our budget, but the way it converts from a single to a double makes it more long-term use friendly.
    I’d really like to win this and surprise her!

  153. I love teh new tires and the 4th recline position. my son is always pulling himslef forward in our current stroller!
    ANd the new colour NAVY is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. I love how the seat reverses! The new color is navy. I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, and I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  155. I love the New color, which is Navy, and the no re-thread harness! Following you on youtube(JaimeeNeil) and pinterest (jaimee830)

  156. I like the new wheels and the new upright position. My daughter would like that so much better! The new color is navy – very pretty!

  157. I love the new navy color and the new wheels. Tried out the 2011 last week and it is So easy to push, even with a 3 year old in it!!

  158. The new color is navy, and I really like the new upright seating position, I know that was something that a lot of people complained about in previous models but now kids can sit up and see the world!

  159. Favorite feature – new foam-filled rubber tires to make it more all-terrain (4th upright is a real plus too!)
    New color – Navy – so nice!
    I’ve been hemming and hawing over this stroller for months now. The new 2012 updates make it a definite yes! I’m so excited Britax isn’t changing the price – still a bit steep though, but it’s a luxury stroller, right?
    I really want this stroller for our first LO expected July – I love the way this functions as a frame stroller with the infant/car seat, bassinet (though not included) option, reversible seat, and option to add a (reclining) second seat.
    I want this to be my one and only 🙂