Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 23 – Peg Perego Skate

Congratulations to our Day 23 winner –

Entry #2254 – Ashlie L.

We are no joke over here at Baby Gizmo! We are taking this whole YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza very seriously! That is why we are giving away another luxury stroller today! We’re just cool like that!

Same deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything (it is Day 23 after all!), if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 23

We are skating right through these 30 days of giveaways and pausing just long enough to celebrate the Peg Perego Skate Stroller System! This is no ordinary stroller. This is a whole SYSTEM! The Skate is a luxury stroller system complete with a chassis, stroller seat and bassinet. With its large roomy, reversible, telescoping seat, huge canopy, amazing maneuverability and the ability to become a double with the addition of the Jump Seat, this is one bad-ass stroller!

To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Peg Perego Skate 2012 Stroller.

*Sorry about the speed talking in the video. Clearly, I had too much coffee that morning…or we were dealing with the wind or noise issues during the shoot…or both? 🙂


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  1. I love how far down this stroller can recline. A cool stroller that I would have never looked at if not for your review. Awesome.
    Pinterest name Leslie.
    Youtube Leslie Guenther

  2. Love the full recline seat, height adjustability of seat, & the mesh canopy section

    (sorry if this is a repeat post–your page keeps crashing on me while using an iPad)

  3. Love that the basinet has the option to elevate babys head a bit, I’ve never seen that feature on a stroller. I also love the storage basket 🙂

    Pinterest jesskathrin
    YouTube believeoneway

  4. love reversing seat and bassinet; told my daughter the best feature is light weight and large canopy for the hot and sunny florida afternoons. love the red color; would be happy walking my first grandson in it!

  5. again, as a first time nana, looking for a light stroller, large canopy and gorgeous red color! told my daughter that the reversible seat is the best feature a stroller can have!

  6. My favorite feature is the new 5 point harness that ensures the child does not have a lot of room to free themselves from their seat belt.

  7. wow this is a cool stroller! I love the seat and how it’s reversable and also how it reclines flat. I also love how it can be used as a highchair at a restaurant. So much better than those yucky highchairs, lol.

  8. fave feature is the gripper in the handlebar middle for easier maneuverability

    you tube = votepetrelli at yahoo dot com

    pintrest = lbandj

  9. My favorite feature is the easy-access and roomy storage basket, which makes it easy to fit a bag of groceries. Also, glad to see they changed to a five-point harness, a great improvement!

  10. There are so many features I love about this stroller!! My favorite feature is the reversible seat so I can see baby or she can look out… This stroller is just amazing!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! 🙂

  11. The new design of the tires is great! I hate going through the garage looking for a pump to fill up deflated tires with a fussy baby

  12. I like the new tires – sometimes the air filled can be a pain, so I’m glad they changed it. And, I think the removable “shopping basket ” is a great addition. Of course, the maneuverability is great!

  13. What is not to love about this stroller!!! My favorite feature is the reversible seat and the option to add a jump seat. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!

  14. Love the reversible seat. And the fact that this stroller can fit a 5 1/2 year old!
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  15. I love that you can raise or lower the seat…. great for when you’re at the Mall or whatever to use as a high chair….

  16. There were many features I love on this one. The reversible seat, bassinette, the basket, the zipping canopy…. Too many to pick just one!

  17. My favorite feature is the reversible seat and the adjustable height on the seat is very interesting. Pinterst name is Geributter.

  18. I love the adjustable height. You used to always wear the same sweater vest in the original videos. My YouTube and Pinterest usernames are MalWilHist.

  19. Yay! The harness is better! I did not like the old one, my kids could practically get out of our Peg stroller. Love the seat as well, reversible is neat!!

  20. I like the more secure 5 point harness and that the seat reverses. (My son would like the freedom of movement harness:)

  21. I’m pretty sure my son will like the “Freedom of Movement” harness, he likes to be able to look around and grab for things.

  22. this stroller would be great for my new grandbaby. I love the bassinet and how you can raise the head slightly. Love the lightness of the stroller overall.
    My pinterset name is: Mary K Miller

  23. I love that the seat can recline all the way down, slide up and down, and the huge canopy on the seat. Also love the bassinet option.

  24. I love the double stroller option and the facing options that my old pliko 3 does not have!!! Fingers crossed!!

  25. I am just crazy in love with the recline and canopy. I’m huge on canopies and need them just right. This one seems to be perfect. Love the breathable mesh window allowing air to circulate through seat or bassinet. The recline is just awesome! Always looking for a recline as my number one priority!

  26. I love the canopy. In the hot Florida weather, the mesh window is a great feature. I like that you can unzip it to expand it and cover the mesh part when it rains and attach the rain cover. The child space being so tall is an added bonus. My daughter is very tall so we would like that.

  27. I love how adaptable this stroller is. Love the bassinet, transitioning to a stroller seat and even adding a second “jump seat!”

  28. I would love to win the Skate stroller because I love the collapsable basket, the full recline seat and the bassinet with incline option!

  29. I love alot of the features but I especially like the peek a boo roof in the canopy and I think that’s great that the seat can slide up and down so that it can be used as a high chair in a restaurant!

  30. I am having a hart time deciding my favorite feature between the One Handed Recline and the Three Height Positions.

  31. This one is so cool! I have a 4 year old peg perego and would love an upgrade but can’t afford it right now. It would be so cool to win 🙂

  32. I love the two piece system (Bassinette/toddler seat) – so handy!!! I also LOVE that you can switch the seat from forward to rear facing.

  33. I love that you can have a bassinet and a toddler seat in the same stroller system. I also like that you can slide the seat up and down the frame.

    Pinterest name: Kimbobolini
    YouTube name: MsKimbobolini

  34. I absolutely love this this can be converted to a double stroller! This is a feature that I can appreciate with a 16 month old and another on the way:)

  35. Hi! I LOVE how the seat fully reclines and is reversible! Looks like an amazing stroller! Great review Baby Gizmo!!! 😀

  36. Really very interesting looking stroller, and reversible. Would love the bassinet for my new little one coming in June.

  37. **I like the height adjustment….especially taking up to a table and not having to move your child into a highchair!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  38. I love the reversible seat and the huge storage space for all of my daughters stuff!!! And the removable basket is genius.

  39. I LOVE the shopping bag/basket. That is such a useful feature. I also love the foam wheels, easy steering, and all of the different seating options.

    pinterest and youtube username: whavens2w2

  40. I love all the different features! The reversible seat is great! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, and I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  41. I absolutely love this stroller, especially the roomy bassinet, the cool carry bag, the new wheels, and the awesome canopy!!

  42. I like that the seat can face both ways. I also like the separate bassinet option. I think that is the best option for going for walks with a newborn.

  43. This stroller looks amazing, its hard to pick one thing I like the most about it! If I had to choose I would say its either the canopy, love that it zippers out bigger and LOVE the big mesh window, or that the bassinet has multiple positions, great feature!

  44. I love the one handed recline, bassinet, and the handle bar feature. Oh, it’s completely stylish as well!!!!

  45. My faveorite part is the reversable seat. I love being able to look at my children and play with them and interact with them when I walk. I also like that the seat height adjust too, this stroller definitely grows with our child.

  46. I like the 3 level adjustable for the frame so it’s easier to move the seat higher or lower. I like the foldable shopping basket!

  47. love the basket in the bottom and the fact that the stroller goes up and down the frame!

    Pintrest name: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath

  48. I like the removable shopping basket and how the seat can change directions. The jumper seat is a great options for quick trips!

  49. Wow! so many changes! the best feature is the fact you can fold the stroller with the seat facing in either direction.

  50. love it’s two pieces, the adjustable cover, the idea you can use it as a “high chair”…..this is sooooo versitile!!!! LOVE!!!!

  51. I love this stroller! I know for some the basket may be weird but this is amazing. I could really carry a lot of stuff with this stroller. When you’re out and about with a preschooler an a baby, you really have no hands to spare. I love the stability of the stroller as well as it’s carrying capacity.

  52. I really like the expanding seat on this. Such a versatile stroller in a small package!
    Youtube: 22benjamin22
    Pinterest: 22b22

  53. What’s not to love?!?!? I love the fact that the seat can be raised to use as a high chair, and I LOVE that it clearly grows with your child–most claim that they do, but with a 3 year old who is in the 98th percentile for height and weight, we’ve found that most don’t.

  54. I love that is comes with a bassinet and has that neat little shopping basket. I like the canopy and the fact that is can face you or away.

  55. This stroller is wonderful! I love that the harness has been improved, definitely my favorite feature. It has a great canopy as well.

  56. Luxury on wheels! This is a complete package stroller from birth to adding a second child. I like the roomy seat and that it’s reversible.

  57. Wow! I have been reading consumer reports forever because we need a stroller, and i LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing!

  58. I love this stroller! It has a great look! My favorite feature is that the seat is reversible. I’d love to win this stroller!

  59. This is the first time I”m saying something like this. I LOVE that the seat adjusts on the frame because I can attach one of those ride on boards to the back (hopefully) and my 5 year old can go for a ride with us AND see over, especially since he’s so short.

  60. I love that the seat can face Mom and that it can turn into and pram and you can add a jumper seat! Thanks for another great give-away!

  61. I love that it comes with a bassinet! I hate having to lug the car seat around when they’re small infants. I’d rather just take them out of the seat and put them in the stroller.

  62. I really like that the seat can slide up and down the frame. Great for when you’re out shopping and get lunch you don’t have to worry about a highchair, or putting your stroller where someone might take it.

  63. I LOVE that the stroller only weighs 28lbs! And how it switches from bassinet to toddler seat!

    Pinterest: Melissa Keranen

  64. I love that you can unzip the canopy to make it larger! San Diego babies need extra canopy coverage!

    YouTube: AshVic39
    Pinterest: ashknepp (Ashley Knepp)

  65. As a new mom to be, I think this would be a amazing stroller that would be great to use from new born to toddler. I love that the seat is reversible.

  66. My favourite is that it can be folded front or rear facing!!
    I love prams/strollers that can rear face bud dread having to turn the seat back before I can collapse it to put in the car etc, so it’s an awesome feature!!!
    Also love the removable ‘basket’ =)

  67. I’ve seen the 2011 Peg Perego Skate, and I loved it. I think the adjustable bassinet is brilliant, especially if your baby is colicky.

  68. I love the ability tomiove the seat & dassinet on the frame to adjust the height!
    YouTube: Moncia Tutko
    Pinterest: Monica Tutko

  69. I love that this stroller is a full system stroller, and the seat can face forward or back! Also, I love that this comes with a bassinet.

  70. Bonus question – Your kids are always in the intro / ending of the video and they are used as testers. Thank you =)

  71. I love this stroller, I love that its a Full system stroller, My favorite feature is the way the bassinet is adjustable . I have not seen a full system stroller like the Peg Pergo Skate before I really love that it is the only stroller you will ever need.

  72. I love that my baby can face me, how it’s really easy to maneuver and the unique shopping basket. I love how it can become a pram and the seat is adjustable height and how this stroller can become a double stroller.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  73. We are in the market for a new stroller, I was so bummed I missed the Britax b Ready giveaway, until I saw this stroller! Wow! I hope I win, this is a great stroller!!

  74. love how it comes with the bassinet, love the recline, love the parent facing seat! follow on youtube and pinterest

  75. I love the air circulation possibility with the mesh on the canopy! (…and my other love is the jumper seat capability on occasion)

  76. Everything about this stroller screams luxury. Whats not to like? I can’t think of anything this stroller doesn’t have thay I would want

  77. I love that the handle is telescoping/height adjustable. Hubs is almost a foot taller than I am, so this handle would work well for both of us. I also like to have my babies facing me when we’re out and about—once again, a feature that I would appreciate. 🙂

  78. I love all my Peg Perego baby gear and this stroller looks like the best combination of all! I love the pram and toddler seat and all the different positions. I also want to see more about the jump seat since I have 3 kids under 5 :). My only question that I didnt see in the video is does it work with the infant seat, maybe I missed that part at the end?

  79. I loveeeeee that the peg perego has the feature where you can fold the stroller WITH the seat attached ! Thats so much easier than having to fold the stroller into multiple pieces. I also love the huge canopy and shopping basket feature! I LOVE this stroller !

  80. How do I pick only one thing I love about this stroller? I love the bassinet, the fact that it can become a double stroller and the fabulous sun shade.

  81. I love the big mesh window in the canopy for air flow, that it comes with the bassinet, that the seat can reverse and that it can become a double!

  82. bonus: your kiddos in the intro, and at least one or two of them as a tester. Or, your sunglasses. I see them a lot, but can’t say they are in every one.

  83. What is not to like. Here are a few of what I like most: distance between seat and canopy, adjustable seat and the pram feature.


  84. What don’t I like about this stroller? I’m short so the height adjusted seat is awesome. Both of my grandkids can use it, the seat is wide and roomy, love the ease of the one hand recline (strollers are so complicated these days), so glad the cover is zipped into the canopy. I could go on and on.

  85. This looks like a really interesting stroller – you would never know at first glance it had so many features. Thanks for sharing this review with us Holly!

  86. Love the new harness and the recline.. 🙂 And the reversible seat is neat for when baby is grumpy and wants to see mommy.

  87. I like the quality construction of this stroller, it looks like it would be very sturdy and long lasting. I also think the ability to change which direction it faces is a wonderful feature, especially for fussy times or nap times out and about in nature.

  88. love this stroller and especially love its ability to become a double when needed – considering my 2 year old doesn’t always want to ride, but when he does – I need room for both him and my 6 month old son!

    pinterest: lwexler (lauren scheiring wexler)

    youtube: lscheiring

  89. Bonus ?- Hollie’s sunglasses on her head. 🙂 don’t know if that will work for an answer but she’s always got them on her head, but that’s okay because so do I.

  90. I looooove this! Can’t get any better with all the things this stroller is capable of being:) Just wish the jump seat came with it. We really need a duo.

  91. Adjustable handle!!! There is over 8″ height difference between DH & I…it’s nice to have a stroller that fits us both!

  92. I love love love this stroller I love you can adjust the height of the seat and that is too can be turned around. I also like that is can lay down completely flat make is way super easy for diaper change!

  93. I love all the positions of the seat and the easy recline! This would be a dream come true for my baby coming any day now to grow up in!

  94. I’ve never considered this stroller before – I really like it!! My favorite feature is the height-adjusable seat – how convenient is that?! I think the foldable shopping basket is really nice, too. The Included bassinet that can incline is of such great quality!
    What a nice stroller!!

  95. My favorite feature is the separate but included bassinet! I love that it moves up and down on the frame- I can match it up to the height of my bed and pull it right up alongside.

  96. I love that the HIGH level of safety! I love that the seat is reversible! I love that it is also height adjustable! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!


  97. As a dad, I love the reclining seat. My little man can just cruise and be completely relaxed but safe! I would love this!

  98. i love that the seat removes and can be a bassinet or a regular stroller seat, also love that it is height adjustable

  99. Wow this stroller has everything. I love the mesh backed canopy and the fact you can add a jump seat. I wouldn’t mind the handle because my husband and I are far from tall.

  100. I really like many of the features, probably my fav is the ability to raise and lower the seat. Great if needed to push up to a table at a restaurant and such. Also love that you can use a bassinet with it since we’re expecting this summer. Thanks for another great review and giveaway.

  101. I love that it can be a pram and a double! and the locking front wheels are great for the non-smooth road that we live on.

  102. I love the upright seat, huge canopy, and cool removable basket, that’s great for going to and from the park, and returning from the mall!

  103. I love the mesh canopy and how light it is! And the bassinet that can be on incline. Love his stroller!!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  104. I love that the seat can recline all the way back and that it is also adjustable to go up or down depending how high you want it to be (3 positions is great). I also love that it comes with a bassinet. This just seems like an overall great stroller. I would love to win this.

  105. I love the canopy and how it can be mesh or covered! It’s nice that it zips up as well if you don’t use it all the way out, unlike some strollers that are kind of floppy.

  106. I love that the Skate is reversible, and has so many options with the bassinet and extra seat. Plus it looks nice too.

    YouTube – oshimbo
    Pinterest – mrsoshimbo

  107. I absolutely love the canopy with the large mesh window. So nice for alternating seasons! And the fact that it has a flat fold and can accommodate the jump seat for a second rider?!? Perfect!

  108. I absolutely love the breezy/mesh canopy and the fact that you can move the seat up and down to raise and lower the height! I also love that you can set the bassinet to an inclide. AMAZING FEATURES! ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!

  109. “let’s talk canopy”. I love it. All of them should unzip showing the super wide mesh window that’s great for air flow. Christina Applegate’s character on Up All Nightbuses the Skaye and I’ve been eyeing it forever. Beautiful stroller and the flat recline is a must!


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