Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 24 – Bumbleride Queen B

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 24 - Bumbleride Queen B

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 24 - Bumbleride Queen B

Congratulations to our Day 24 Winner –

Entry #728 – Bryan C.

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 24 - Bumbleride Queen BThis is no ordinary giveaway day! This giveaway is fit for a queen. The Queen B that is. That’s right, today is Day 24 and we are choosing one lucky winner to stroll away with one of the best prams on the market – the Bumbleride Queen B.

Same deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 24

The Queen B, a classic pram reinvented, was one of Bumbleride’s original premier strollers when the company launched in 2004. First of all, the Queen B is stunning to look at! The beautiful design resembles the classic pram but Bumbleride has added some parent friendly features that make it a cross between a pram and a sport stroller. It has the beauty of a pram but unlike the traditional prams with fixed wheels and no way of folding, the Queen B has front pivot wheels and a collapsible frame. It comes standard with a bassinet, can become a travel system with a car seat adapter and even turns into a double with an added Bumbleride Toddler Seat. With its stunning appearance, great large wheels with suspension, adjustable handlebar, roomy seat and excellent optional accessories, the Queen B is a winner in our book when it comes to prams!

To find out more about the Bumbleride Queen B, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

One lucky winner will win a Bumbleride Queen B (winner’s color of choice!)
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Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 24 - Bumbleride Queen B

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  1. I would LOVE to have this stroller. It’s such a classic look; it begs for quiet strolls in the park (and it’s gorgeous enough, it just might lure Baby into said nap!).

  2. Love the fact it can go from back to front, the ability to grow to a real toddler stroller, the air vent too! It just seems like they took everything into question. The changing of the stroller handle. How cute to put it down for an older sibling. They love to help out.

  3. OMG this is a gorgeous stroller! LOVE love love that the bassinet comes standard and the adjustable foot rest is very nice, especially how it goes up to make a bed with the seat reclined. You almost don’t need the bassinet.

  4. I really like how you can change it to a toddler seat! Toddlers do not like to walk! Atleast my oldest daughter didnt and still doesnt!

  5. The toddler seat is cool but a pram in general is supper cool!

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    Tube jacobsks1

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  6. My comment was cut off. But what I wanted to say was that he queen b is just so pretty!! Chic and modern. Fit for my queen b

  7. I absolutely love this stroller, the canopy, bassinet and the versatility. What more can you ask for in a stroller!!! Awesome!!!!

  8. i love the many “stages” it goes through. a bassinet is so handy with a new little one


    pinterest: tabmommy

  9. Love the foot muff and the head rest. Wonderful items for our little girl. Also love that the seat can be reversed.

  10. I love everything about this stroller, the canopy, the bassinet, the versatility…what is there NOT to love!

    pinterest….mary k miller

  11. i love that it has the look of the pram, but all the modern day amenities. i love that it can be a double stroller too

  12. I love the huge adjustable canopy and the fact that it is basically a modern-day pram. Having so many included accessories is also great.

  13. I love strollers with the footrest. I also like that so many “extras” come with the stroller…the bassinet, the foot muff…
    Pinterest: Taryn Handlon

  14. I love that it’s such a beautiful head turning stroller with a giant canopy to protect my baby from the elements. The roomy seat is another feature I absolutely love. I would be very happy to own such an amazing stroller!

  15. I love that the stroller can be a travel system, can have a toddler attachment, and it is so versatile!
    Pinterest: agrenham
    Youtube: alicimez
    Bonus: I believe there were 5 children, if I counted correctly!

  16. **This looks great! I love that the foot muff and bassinet come standard!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  17. This is the Pram of the Prams! I like the old-school but hip fashion of this Pram. Like the one hand recline and that you get all of the accessories included with the stroller.

  18. I’m loving the coversion to double and how attractive it is for how functional it is!
    YouTube: Monica Tutko
    Pinterest: Monica Tutko

  19. I love bumbleride and need the queen b in my life! It is gorgeous! I love the pram, the footmuff, the adjustable footrest.

  20. I simply love everything about it, it’s beautiful and stylish and totally functional! Youtube – Mollydo2 Pinterest – Molly

  21. I love Bumbleride Queen Bee it is sooo beautiful stroller, love seat, canopy and wheels, very stylish and cute stroller.

  22. I LOVE the option to make this a double stroller. I also love that it grows with your baby.

    Pinterest name: Aleia Chambers

  23. I am a huge Bumbleride fan! My favorite features of the Queen B are the bassinet attachment and the extra toddler seat.

  24. I love how you can use it right from newborn with the bassinet. And then it can convert for older children as well.

  25. The Queen bee is just beautiful. I love how you can put an infant seat into it and how you can use the bassinet outside of the stroller. Would LOVE to win!

  26. What a gorgeous stroller! I absolutely love the HUGE canopy and footmuff that comes standard with it! Love, Love, Love!

    youtube: SuperShabooka
    pinterest: bandshalon

  27. I love this stroller always wanted one, I cant get over how cool the rumble seat is. I just looks super classy.

  28. what a fantastic stroller! so many great features it’s hard to pick a favorite feature! I love the reversible seat and the fact that with just a few clicks of the footrest it converts almost into its own little bed – LOVE the hood that goes completely over I have a large hood on my stroller but we still hung a jacket over it to shield our little ones eyes from the sun – a hood like this would be PERFECT!

    Thanks so much

    Karla-Rae Krekoski

  29. Does appearance count as a feature? The Queen B is so pretty! I’m also a big fan of myriad of seating options, with the super-adjustable primary seat, included bassinet, and additional toddler seat.

  30. I love the reversible seat and the huge canopy. I also love that the bassinet comes with it. I would have to get use to just using a strolling stroller, but it is so nice I think it would be an easy adjustment.

  31. I love that it can be pulled down to a bassinet like position and up like a standard stroller position. I love the adjustability of the foot rest. I also found the toddler seat very neat.

  32. Hi! HUGE Canopy is a plus for my little guy since he won’t keep sunglasses or a hat on & the sun really bothers his eyes! Thanks so much for the chance! 😀

  33. I really like that the seat is reversible and that the canopy can completely cover my baby!
    Youtube username is jbutter2 and pinterest is Julia Morris.

  34. i love how versatile this pram is. i love the full coverage canopy, the add-on toddler seat and that you can turn it into a travel system! great stroller!

  35. Would so love to have this gorgeous stroller….I love that the seat can be turned either direction allowing the stroller to actually grow with the child!

  36. What I love about the Queen B the most is the large air filled wheels and SUSPENSION!
    I can’t imagine my kid riding in a stiff plastic frame stroller that cannot rock! I love the soft suspension that enables gentle rocking and a comfy ride!

    The air filled wheels are great for snow! I live in Canada and we have plenty of the white stuff 😉 plastic wheels just dont work……….

  37. I LOVE that the seat removes and turns around. Bumbleride is genius when it comes to all-in-one strollers. And I can’t believe your five year old fit in it too! 🙂

  38. I was just watching this video on youtube today because I Loooove the Bumbleride Queen B!
    Now I went on facebook and found out about this giveaway!!!!!!!!

    I saw the Queen B years ago in a shopping mall. I saw that stroller and it looked exactly like strollers I was used to seeing in Europe so it caught my eye instantly!
    I walked over to the lady and asked her WHERE DID SHE BUY THAT STROLLER?
    She told me about Bumbleride and Queen B – it has been the stroller of my dreams ever since.
    Now, I am planning to have a family and become a mommy 🙂 Queen B is still the Queen of stroller to me !
    Love you Bumbleride and Baby Gizmo!

  39. Love this stroller! I love love love how accessible the basket is, for some reason lots of stroller company’s forget that we need a Place to put our stuff!!

  40. it is quite an impressive stroller/pram. it seems to have everything you would every want and it looks like baby would be very comfortable. I just wished it wasn’t so big.

  41. My favorite feature is the adjustable seat. I love that it can adjust all the way into a bassinet as well as adjusting into a toddler seat for a 2nd child. Perfect for visiting cousins!

  42. I LOVE the adjustable handlebar! Ooh and the air filled tires! And the fact that it’s a tandem stroller and can go from birth to like 3 or 4 years old! So amazing!

  43. I just adore the classic styling of this stroller! It also looks like a stroller that goes flat enough to change a diaper in when you are out-n-about. Priceless option!

  44. I really like this stylish pram. My favorite thing about this stroller is the traditional yet modern styling! The full suspension is also really nice.

  45. Love this stroller- perfect for showing my new lil one off once she gets here in July!! Can’t wait! Plus, I love that all the accessories are included!

  46. Love this stroller- perfect for showing my new lil one off once she gets here in July!! Can’t wait! Plus, I love that all the accessories are included!

  47. I really love the canopy. I have a Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system. The stroller is great but the canopy is so small. My poor son needs shade when we’re out on walks! This would be perfect for him!

  48. My favorite thing about the Bumbleride Queen B is how versatile it is. They really seemed to have thought of everything to make this a perfect product.

  49. This stroller is gorgeous! My favorite feature is the all terrain wheels that comes with a pump. I also really love the full canopy and that it can fully cover your child if you desire.

  50. I LOOOOOOVE the toddle seat option… & especially that it’s foldable with the the toddler seat attatched. <3 Bumbleride!

  51. I like that the bassinet comes standard and the whole reversable handle. I like to SEE my babies when they’re little!

  52. I love how it can become a pram/bassinet without any extra attachment. I would love a stroller w ith that feature.

  53. I forgot to mention the bassinet. I would love to have place to lay my newborn flat when going for walks around the neighborhood

  54. I love how the baby can face me, and that it can fully recline! I love that you can buy the toddler seat accessory too for my son!

  55. Wow! this has everything i could ever want! The bassinet would be perfect for my little one ( He will ONLY lay on his tummy) and my 2 year old can ride in it too! What a great thing to be able to have!

  56. What a gorgeous stroller! LOVE the toddler seat attachment and pram look-so classic and elegant! What an amazing stroller!

  57. I love this stroller. I would love to win this for my daughter. She is pregnant and has a toddler. This would be great for her because of the toddler seat attachment. I love that!!

  58. I love everything about the seat! I really like the toddler seat option. And the fact that it folds is awesome!

    Youtube: hmicolucci
    PInterest: heiders78
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  59. I love that the bassinet comes standard with the stroller and that you could even use the reg seat as a makeshift bed.

    Pinterest- lillidan

  60. Beautiful stroller!! I love how adjustable/customizable it is! The little zip pouch for your phone, wallet etc. is awesome! I love that it also comes with a bassinet, standard. The vintage pram look is great, too!

    YT name: RedUmbrellaMama
    Pinterest/FB name: Tiger Sue

  61. I love the reversible seat and the fact that you can add a toddler seat. I am really praying that I win this stroller!!!

  62. My favorite feature is the canopy, reversable seat and that you can add a toddler seat. I also love all the standard things the stroller comes with.

  63. I love that this stroller can be a pram or a toddler stroller, but that it can also become a travel system. Not to mention… it’s adorable!
    Youtube: gillianclaire
    Pinterest: gillianfenske

  64. Said it didnt post mu comment So im writing it again! What’s not to live about this stroller it is style and function mixed into one! Folds down easy and opens just as easy great canopy

  65. What’s not to love about this stroller! It’s style and function all in one! Folds easily and opens just say easy ! Great canopy and foot rest

  66. i looooove how it rides like a cadillac with those shocks and how you can turn the basket around so the child can be facing forward or backwards.

    pinterest name is Rachel_Eckman

  67. I love the look of this stroller, along with how it is made to be a pram but can also be a toddler stroller. The large canopy is also really nice. I also love the toddler seat, the bassinet, and how it can become a travel system.
    Youtube: ReflectionsinmyIris
    Pinterest: IrisJune

  68. I think it’s just fabulous that you can turn it facing you and away. I also love that you can add a toddler seat and make it a double stoller. 😀

  69. This was a great review Holly! We are having a baby girl in June, so this stroller would be perfect for our Queen Bee! I really love all the features and how sleek it looks. I’m crossing my fingers!

  70. this is a luxoriouse stroller and I love it that it turns into a mini bassenet, and it faces me when I push the stroller. This would be perfect for my 2nd baby coming this Aug!

  71. I love that it has a huge sun canopy, the seat reverse, comes with the bassinet and the seat can be used like one too, and that it folds!!

  72. I love that you can put your own carseat in to make it a travel system and I love that you can adjust the handle! This would be perfect for our little baby to be born any day now!

  73. I love this stroller!!! My favorite feature besides that it fully reclines to an infant bed, is that the seat is reversible. This is one of my favorite strollers on the giveaway so far! I’d love to win!!!

  74. The comfy, reversible seat — plus, MY baby stroller was a pram, so would love our Sporkina to have a similar style! 🙂

  75. My favourite thing has to be how gorgeous it is. I rarely get stroller envy but I love this one!
    Pinterest: plumble
    Youtube: plumswith

  76. Love that this can be used as a travel system and a duo, making it a stroller u can continue to use as your family grows.

  77. Love the reversible seat! The toddler seat option is great too! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  78. Expecting our 4th boy in May and this would be SO Nice to have! We have a two year old and I am loving that removable toddler seat option!!

  79. Love that it’s loaded with features! Foot muff! Large seat! Padded 5-point harness! Bassinet! Large full coverage canopy! And more!

  80. i am a first time nana and i love the old fashioned bassinet style that i knew up north; the reverse seat is what i told my daughter about and large canopy is great for south florida sun.

  81. love the classic look and feel but with today’s stroller needs – plus having the accessories come standard is a huge bonus!

    youtube: lscheiring
    pinterest: lwexler

  82. I really like the seat ( recline, reversible, looks roomy and comfy as well) also the fact that the baby seats higher up than in many other strollers.

  83. Oh my goodness! That is the most beautiful and versatile pram ever! For our next baby, I wanted a pram, and this would be perfect as our young toddler would be able to ride along with the addition of a toddler seat! Eep! Loves it! I adore the style, love the optional accessories and seriously, I don’t know anyone who is rocking such a gorgeous stroller. It would totally make some waves around my town, as well as be super handy for carting (or should I say, strutting) my two little ones around. 😉 Also, bees are our theme, so it fits into our life perfectly. Love, love, love!

  84. I love that the seat can recline into a pram or you can attach the beautiful bassinet. Also love the large storage basket! Thanks for another amazing give-away!

  85. I really like how the accessories come standard (as it should be for all ‘luxury-line’ strollers): bassinet, head hugger, foot muff, tire pump…! The add-on toddler seat that’s front facing is really great too!

  86. ~I love the adjustable foot rest!!
    ~I love that the seat is reversible!
    ~I love that the handle is adjustable since I am very petite.
    ~I love that the bassinet is standard….

    My goodness this stroller would fit my lifestyle perfectly.

    Please please please pick me!

  87. ~I love the adjustable foot rest!!
    ~I love that the seat is reservible!
    ~I love that the handle is adjustable since I am very petite.
    ~I love that the bassinet is standard….

    My goodness this stroller would fit my lifestyle perfectly.

    Please please please pick me!

  88. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller, it has so many great features.

    youTube: Daniellerios24

    pinterest: DanielleSIlva

  89. I love the huge canopy with the peekaboo window and I love the reversible seat.


  90. Love this stroller! Reversable seat, flat seat recline for newborns and one touch brake and easy fold! I could go on and on! 🙂

  91. I love all of the seat options (it feels like it’s infinite – bassinet, reversible seat, toddler seat!) and the huge canopy. I also love that it looks like a pram. Thanks!

  92. I think it’s prett neat that it can go from the stiller to bassinet and yet it also adapts to fit an infant car seat on it as well 🙂

  93. I love all the attachments! the bassinet the second sest and i also love the storage underneath!
    youtube name: brittney reader

  94. I love the bassinet feature as well as the toddler seat. Love all the room the basket offers underneath. Everything about this stroller is great!!!

  95. I love love love the large basket underneath! Perfect for those of us that live in the city and walk to do all of our shopping. I love how you can just put the carseat into the stroller.

  96. I love the options of having the queen b growing with my growing family! Looking for a stroller with a comfortable seat an pram options are tough, but the Queen B covers all my wants!

  97. It’s beautiful! if that wasn’t enough it has an adjustable handlebar, seat can become almost a bassinet even on it’s own. Seat is reversible and fits newborn to toddler. I love it!

  98. A pram with swivel front wheels, canopy that moves to completely cover baby and the reversible seat are my fav features . Gorgeous stroller!


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