Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 – Stroll-Air My Duo

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 - Stroll-Air My Duo

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 - Stroll-Air My Duo

Congratulations to our winner of Day 26 –

Entry #78 – Caroline K.

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 - Stroll-Air My Duo

Can you believe it? We are entering our sixth and final week of the Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza! Don’t worry though because this week is going to be BIG! And before we forget, Canada, you are in today!!! Yahoo!!!

Same deal today – so that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 26

Today to kick off the final week, we are celebrating the fabulous Stroll-Air My Duo Double Stroller! The My Duo has some fabulous, stand-out features that make it unique in the world of double strollers. With gigantic canopies and basket, independently reversible seats, adjustable handlebar, great maneuverability and ability to take two infant seats, this is a fabulous double stroller!

To find out more about the  Stroll-Air My Duo, watch our video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) NOTE: Since our video review, the 2011 My Duo stroller has been improved!!

  • The buckle has been improved.
  • The hood is now longer (on the back) so that it folds under and has elastic to make it nice and tight.
  • The front bars are now easier to remove with spring button and flip open.
  • Stroll-Air has ensured that the crotch pad is sewn in tight, so it doesn’t fall off.


One lucky winner will win a Stroll-Air My Duo in Green!
To keep up-to-date on the new things at Stroll-Air, why not check out their social media pages:

Stroll-Air Facebook Page

Stroll-Air Twitter Page

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 26 - Stroll-Air My Duo

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  1. Fabulous stroller! I have twin girls on the way and after lots of research this seams to be the best twin stroller on the market. It’s excellent that it can accommodate infants from birth without having to use car seats! Love the reversible seats! Very compact when folded plus it comes with great accessories! Can’t go wrong…hope I win…my twin girls would look so cute in it!


  3. Stroll-Air My Duo Double Stroller Giveaway?!!!!!!! This is definitely exactly what I’ve been longing for! I have two children. The oldest will be two in June and the youngest is 4 months. It’s very time consuming trying to go for a walk. Trying to shop, walking to the park, going through a store, instead of all of it being as easy as it sounds, when two adorable little munchkins are tired, our adventure becomes an obstacle course for a marathon, rather than a simple trip. This stroller is definitely what I need! I hope I win!

  4. I love that the stroller seats can face forward or towards me and that they can be adjusted independently, yet it is a side by side stroller!

  5. We would love thus stroller! We have two two and under and are ready for more! This stroller would sure help with walks!

  6. hi HOLLIE
    i love this stroller, i love how u can turn the seats around and the large canopy, i also love the mesh in the seat for the air to go in. i like the big basket i also love the fact that its a dbl. i would love to win since i havent been able to afford a dbl stroller for my spontaneous identical twin grils.

  7. I lovvvvve the stroll air duo and just had mu third baby three weeks ago!! Love how u can turn the seats around!! I have a 17month and a 5yr old! New baby is fussy!! Help I forsee a lot of time walking and moving!! Courtney

  8. I love the huge basket and the fact that the seats can go rear or forward facing. Hope there is an automatic lock now!

  9. First of all I love that it’s two seats. Would love to win this for my niece who is pregnant with twins. Secondly, I love that it has reversible seats so you can face the babies the opposite ways and they cannot touch each other.

  10. Like so many others, I love the independent maneuverability of each seat! I have an infant and a toddler, so this would be PERFECT!!! I love the accessories, too and of course, the mod sleek design!

  11. Love the reversible seats, the canopy, everything.. it would be awesome for my twins.
    youtube karjac13
    pinterest Karla Montoya-Jacobs

  12. There are so many great options that I love! The adjustable, reclining, and reversible seats are wonderful and perfectly complete with the mesh and canopy! With an easy accessible stroller like this, getting back into shape after the baby or babies will be easy!

  13. I love how small it is and all the accessories that it comes with. It is amazing that it has the 3 pockets under it, this really helps with keeping the essentials with you no matter what (sun screen, wipes, diapers). LOVE IT

  14. My favorite feature is the ability to configure the seats in so many ways. This would be perfect for my infant and toddler.

  15. Love that the seats can be rear or forward facing independently! Liked the page and this article on FB, and following on Youtube and Pinterest as krischan325.

  16. like the seats and the many different positions. Smart solution when you have a newborn and a toddler, each one has a little of their own space
    you tube: underthestarrysky05
    pinterest: starrysky05

  17. My favorite thing about this stroller is the versatility of the two seats! The fact that a toddler can face out while the newborn can face mommy is awesome! Love it!!

  18. I absolutely love the fact that this is a side by side stroller that has multi direction facing. I also, love all of the extra accessories that come standard with the stroller.

  19. Love that you can face baby towards you and toddler away. I’m also a fan of how narrow it is. My skinny girl usually swims in most stroller seats.

    Pinterest: Jamie Geogheagn jorjugan

  20. This stroller is so awesome, the design is very creative and convenient, though the seat is a little tight. All the accessories are well designed too. I especially love the huge canopy and the mesh part that help air flows better since we are living in a hot area.

  21. I love that the seats adjust individually (ie: one can face front while the other faces back), it’s great for kids of different ages.

  22. I LOVE everything! The seats that can flip independently are amazing! The canopy is to die for! The storage basket is huge! I love that they switched the bumper bars so they flip open and are easier to deal with! Basically, I just love the whole stroller!!

  23. I just love that I can have an older baby and a newborn in the same stroller comfortably together. And I love that the seats are easily resversible! There are tons of things to love about this stroller. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  24. I love that the seats are reversible and independent from one another! Perfect so I can watch my baby and my toddler can watch the world!

  25. Hi! I love the look of this stroller. My biggest must is great tires and these look great! I also like that y’all mentioned that air tires are an optional accessory. I am so there if I win this stroller!!!! My next baby is due soon…so I’ll be praying!!!!

  26. love everything about this stroller…..seriously… the seats, the canopy, how compact it is, and the color…

  27. I love how the seats can face forward or backwards… And are independent of each other!!! My two year old and eight month old would love that!

  28. I love the positioning of the seats and of course that it’s a double stroller! Oh, I would be so grateful for this. I love how with the press of the two, red buttons, you can change the positioning of the seats

  29. There’s too much to love on this stroller. It’s awesome that it comes with so many accessories, the seats are independent of each other, and the one hand steer.

    Katie Callahan Brennan on facebook
    thecaitbrennan on youtube on pinterest

  30. This stroller looks good for children that are close in age. Not as nice as the Dokney but I hope it is less expensive.

  31. I love the fact that you can reverse one to look at you while having the other face the other way. I also love that it lays flat for sleeping babies. This is the ultimate stroller (in my opinion) it’s very compact, you can sit twins or toddler/baby siblings. I love how they created every detail to a busy mother’s dream with the privacy between the two kids, perfect for my argueing children.

  32. Wish this stroller had been out when my twins were born! Love the reversible seats and the fact that it will take 2 car seats.

  33. I like the independently reversible seats… the flat recline, the adjustable foot rest… ok. I like this stroller

  34. OMG this is perfect for my 4 months old twins…… Love that it’s side by side, that they’re 2 separate chair so you can pretty much play with them….

  35. I love how the seats can either sit facing forward and backward and that they don’t have to be facing the same direction at the same time! Awesome!

  36. Love that the seats reverse! Don’t really see side by sides do that.

    YouTube believeoneway
    Pinterest jesskathrin

  37. I am drooling!!! What isn’t there to love about this stroller??!! The color, the rear or forward facing seats.. The fact that there are two seats!!! I would most likely faint if I were lucky enough to win!! Thank you so much Holly and the other bloggers for the amazing giveaways!

  38. I love the reversible seats!! I would really love to win this stroller. I have a baby due in June and a 15 month old toddler. This would be a perfect stroller for us. I am crossing my fingers and toes for this one!!!

  39. Love this stroller! Love that one seat can be turned to face you and the other to face out… great feature! =)

    youtube: supershabooka
    pinterest: bandshalon

  40. I love the side by side seats & that they reverse! awesome doubles stroller!
    pinterest: curlyq753
    youtube: valeriesrhodes

  41. I love how easy it is to reverse the seats and that the actual width of the stroller frame is narrow enough to fit through standard doors. Huge canopies too! This is an awesome stroller.

  42. I like the independently reversible seats. This is great for when your baby wants to face you. But also great for when the kids are old enough to fight with each other. They each have a separate seat so they are not on top of one another.

  43. I love that one can face forward and one backward…perfect for my infant and toddler!
    I follow you on pinterest and like you on FB.

  44. Love how compact it folds for a double and the reversible seats. With baby on the way I could use a double that will fit my nearly 3 year old for a while too.

  45. This is such a wonderful stroller! My fav is the mesh on the sides of the seat so when reclined the baby can see out and stay cool. So nice that many accessories are standard 🙂

  46. My favorite feature of the Stroll-Air My DuoI is the handle bar protector that you can buy separately because you can wash and put it back on if it happens to get dirty.-love the eye poppn’ green version!!

  47. I would love to win this stroller. I love how nice it looks and that you can forward and rear face each seat! With 7 children, 2 under 1 this would be so helpful!

  48. Too bad the seats are so narrow, but I love that it would still fit my toddler and newborn at the same time- and my newborn can face me!

  49. I love the two mesh windows that are behind the kids heads on this stroller. The kids get plenty of fresh air but no bugs, and no losing toys n things that i cant go back and pickup around traffic. I love that bug nets also come with My Duo; Its frustrating, and a waste of time to have to order a lot of extras to go with a stroller I have already spend a good amount of money on. Thankyou Stroll-Air.

  50. Hands down the best feature is the independently swiveling seats. I also love the canopies!
    Pinterest Name: Aleia Chambers

  51. I love how the seats can be moved in either direction so one can face me & the other face out! Ilike you on facebook Leslie Rohner Bauman
    I follow you on pinterest Diva Baby Designs
    I subscribe on youtube Diva Baby Designs

  52. I love the reversible seats!!! I’ve been wanting one of these for months! With a 2year old and a newborn, this stroller is the solution for busy mamas!

  53. A double stroller would be awesome for my two kids. Well, awesome for me. I know the kids would prefer I carry them everywhere! 🙂

  54. My favorite feature for the Stroll Air My Duo is the interchangable seats. Having the option to move the kids from front to back facing is awesome.

  55. I love the mesh for open napping as well as the ability to have the seats facing in opposite directions. I neeeed this stroller for my new baby and 2-year old!

  56. I love that I can have one child facing me and the other facing out at the same time and the one step brake is exactly what you need when chasing after kids 🙂

  57. Wow! This stroller is awesome. I have been looking at double strollers lately and this stroller has so many cool features that I haven’t seen in other models. I especially love the huge canopy shade that is provided, the reversible seats and the fact that they are independent of eachother, the bar for the seats are included, it’s more compact and lighter in weight, and that the tires can be changed to all terrain ones. I can’t believe I have never heard of this brand of strollers before. LOVE it!!!

  58. Perfect stroller, for a toddler and newborn, use a car seat facing you and the other seat facing the world!! Wow… Perfect wide and easy fold, that will be my dream stroller for sure

  59. I love the independently facing seats. We have differing ages of kids and it would be nice to have the baby facing me and let the older one face the direction we are going.

  60. What a fantastic stroller!! I love the bumper bar, side by side reversible seats, and the option of two infant car seats. Absolutely love this!!

  61. I love the seats that can be switched in either direction and the mesh screen.

    Mary K Miller
    makami on pinterest

  62. I love that it’s a double stroller and I love the mesh fabric when the stroller reclines to keep baby cool and the lovely large canopies!

  63. I love the reversible seats, the large canopy and extender, and the accessories (that com with it and sold separately) !!!
    i need this with my new one coming in a couple months and my toddler!!



  64. The zip down back exposing mesh is probably my favorite feature, it can get so hot in there in the summer time, and frankly thats when I use my stroller the most. If I had known the foot muffs were included I may have chosen this instead of my Bumbleride…

  65. In my opinion, the stroll-Air Duo is the perfect double stroller for two little ones. So many options to make everyone happy!

  66. Ilove the reversible features. Having the option to face forward and backwards is great! This stroller has it all.

  67. Thank you for all the great giveaways! So excited to see a double! Would love to win this!! Love the individual seats that can be faces different directions… also love that you can buy air filled tires for rougher terrain!

  68. So many things I like about this stroller! Side by side reversible seats, large storage area, color options, large canopy, adjustable bumber bar… I could go on and on.

    Pinterest: txkaters

  69. As a mother of twins, this looks amazing! Love that it’s a side-by-side that allows for changing up the seats to face forward and backward….

  70. Absolutely amazing stroller for all ages and stages…
    love that it can take two carseats and that the seats can turn around independently!
    and the canopy is amazing.. and love the colors!

  71. This would be great for my 10 month old and my toddler. We are always going on trips and end up having to carry one of them so the other can rest. Hubby will appreciate not having our toddler in his shoulder!!

  72. wow this is amazing, i have a three year old and an eight week old and no double stroller. i love that you can have one seat facing forward and the other towards you, and I love the mesh inscolser for when the childs inclined and most of all i like that its not bug and bulky like most doubles!!

  73. I love that the seats are independent from each other and can be rear or forward facing. I also love the pretty compact fold for a full size double.

  74. My girl hates facing forwards in her current stroller. I love that you can change the direction. Plus, I’m expecting, so I’ll need two seats!

  75. I low how it has the huge mesh window when you lay the seat back, would be great for Texas summers! I also love that they can face opposite directions!

  76. I love that this stroller has a ton of space underneath for a large diaper bag and shopping bags for all my shopping trips I like to take 🙂

  77. I like that one seat can face forward while the other face backward. I also like the adjustable foot rest. Nice seat recline.

  78. Love that it will work for my infant and toddler in a variety of forward and parent facing positions. It does more than any other stroller I have.

  79. I really like the included stroller accessories – hard to find nowadays. But, I love the independent reversible seats!

  80. I love the fact that his is a DOUBLE stroller!!!! The seats can be moved any which way and the canopy is huge which is a plus.

  81. Lots of pluses on this one — love that it’s narrow and that the seats can be both reversed to face mom or out! I also really like the full recline, though I wish that the upright position was more upright.

  82. The reversible seats are the best. I love how one baby can face you and the other can face away. This will be helpful when they are fighting or bothering each other when facing the same way. I think my two little guys will love this stroller!

  83. this strollair has awesome features i love the side by side changing sides and positioning just an awesome double stroller i wish i had one

  84. this strollair has awesome features i love the side by side changing sides and positioning just an awesome double stroller i wish i had one

  85. I have been looking at this stroller since I found out I was pregnant with our second baby. I spent over 2 hours playing with it at Buy Buy Baby. I love that the under cargo is big enough for stuff for two babies, I LOVE that the baby can face me (with the high or low car seat adapter) and my 15 month old can face out to the world like he prefers. I love the extended sun shade, I love that air can flow through when it’s warm out. I love how easy it is to fold down, and I love that I can remove the wheels when we’re at a park or somewhere to prevent theft. I am beyond EXCITED about this stroller. We will be buying it, if we don’t win it. It is also really light, I lifted it myself down from the shelf cause the clerks were ‘busy’.

  86. I love the independent seats! Sometimes I can’t see what they’re doing or how they’re aggrivating each other when they’re both facing away from me 🙂 We also have a third on the way so it would be nice for the baby.

  87. I love that you can reverse te seats. I haven’t seen that on a side by side before.

    YouTube believeoneway
    Pinterest jesskathrin

  88. I love the whole concept of the stroll air my duo, but my favorite has to be the reversible seats! this is my dream stroller. win or lose, I will have one for my twin boys sooner than later!

  89. Love the adjustable bumper bar and foot rest. I also like how the seats can be placed in various positions.

    Pinterest: rebecca sheehan

  90. The independent seats are AWESOME! I also like all of the accessories that come standard with the stroller and how flat it can fold.

  91. This seems to have many great features for a double stroller – easily fits in doorway, great options of seat combinations!

  92. I love this stroller! With twins coming in 7 weeks I don’t just want this stroller I need it! Love the reversible seats and easy maneuverability! I can’t believe how easy folds and how flat it gets! Follow on FB and Pinterest!

  93. Despite the narrow seats, I love the fact that they recline to a flat position and and offer two infant car seat to ride side by side!

  94. Hi,

    I really like that each seat is totally independent. It is nice to be able to swap one seat around so that it is facing backward yet leave the other facing forward.

  95. I LOVE how the seats recline all the way down! This will be perfect for my 2 year old and 3 month old!!! AHHHHHH i want it!

  96. My favorite feature is the ability to have the seats facing two different ways. I’d be using it for a baby and a toddler like in the video so that feature is nice to have.

  97. Reversable seat is amazingly handy. My girlfriend has a y month old and a little one due any day. I would love to win this. And surprise her with such a very gift

  98. This stroller is a perfect double stroller! I love the oversized canopies and the that it can hold a child up to 40 lbs. Perfect for our newborn and 3 year old.

  99. Love the reversible seats. Would be perfect for my 3 month old and my 2 year old!

    facebook becki malandrino
    youtube beckimallo
    pinterest beckimallo

  100. I like the shades and extra canopy. Seems like my kiddos are always complaining about the sun being in their eyes!

  101. I love the reversible seats!! That is def. my favorite feature! perfect for my infant & toddler! The adjustable baby bump bar and adjustable foot rest are really cool too!! Awesome stroller!! Two thumbs up!! -Valarie Duran

  102. I love that it holds up to 40 lbs! That means I’ll be able to use it for a few years before my 2 year old outgrows it. I also love the reversible seats — so I can coo and look at my newborn, while my daughter can look out and enjoy the world!

  103. The reversible seats are amazing! I would love to have this for my kids :D. The canopies are bigger too. It’s compact too for a smaller car.

  104. Reversible seats! This really is an incredible double stroller! My babies are going to be 21 months apart so this will be a necessity!
    Pinterest: agrenham
    Youtube: alicimez

  105. Reversible seats! This really is an incredible double stroller! My babies are going to be 21 months apart so this will be a necessity!
    Pinterest: agrenham
    Youtube: alicimez

  106. My favorite feature is definitely the reversible seats! With a 2 year old and newborn, this would come in very very handy!

  107. **I like how you can reverse the seats independently!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…..Floydmoe09

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

  108. independent seating & easy to adjust – I big puffy heart my Stroll Air Zoom and cannot bear to part with it even though I have 2 toddlers now.

  109. The independently reversible seats are terrific. I also love the huge basket and that the seats are high enough so that it’s easy to access the basket.

  110. I love that I can do what I want with each seat! Mine are about a year and a half apart so this will be ideal for our family!

  111. Love it!! I need a new double stroller and this will be perfect!
    Love the fact that the seats are independent

  112. Love that both seats are reversible and how easy the stroller is to maneuver, even with one hand. And those tires! This would be perfect for my tot and one due in May 🙂
    Pinterest: Stephanie Allen Jarrett

  113. I love the fact you can have the seats doing different things! having a bassinent and a forward facing seat is ideal for us!

  114. I love the independent reversible seats that is a fab feature! I also love the extended canopy, I can’t tell you how many times the sun gets into LO’s eyes when we are out and wish all strollers had this feature. The storage is a great feature too.


  116. I love the big basket with the pockets. I also love that you can turn the seats toward you. This would be perfect for the twins I will be having this spring!!!

  117. I love the extra pop out visor on the canopy! That the seats are independent and that you can make it to where the kids can’t bother eachother!!

  118. Love that the seat can face two different directions, keeps busy hands away from each other!

    Pinterest Marci Lundberg-asmus

  119. Love the recline for my baby, the reversible seats to keep my toddler from the baby when she gets grabby and the fold to fit it behind the seat of my suv!

  120. I love this stroller! The independent reversible seats are amazing and the canopies are huge! The underbasket is also very spacious and easily accessible. Love the new color!

  121. this is an awesome stroller! I love that the seat back reclines, not just the entire seat, allowing baby to lay flat, very few strollers with a reversible seat offer this feature!

  122. i love this stroller. The fact that 1) its a duo and 2) both seats can be reversed independently are huge for me!

  123. I love how easy it is to adjust the seat whether its letting your child sit up or lean back for a nap! Very convenient!

  124. I can’t pick one favorite feature. The independently reversible seats are a big seller. I also love the flat reline & themesh exposure!
    YouTube: Monica Tutko
    Pinterest:Monica Tutko

  125. I love how you can change the seats positions around. I have been drooling over this stroller!!!! Would love it for my twins.

  126. I love the ability to have one seat facing me and one facing out into the world – plus, all those accessories that are included are wonderful!

  127. I love that the fold is pretty compact for a stroller with so many great features.

    Youtube: ttvalverde1
    Pinterest: ttvalverde

  128. As a mother of twins, I love that it will fit two infant seats and that I have the ability to move the seats to face in either direction.

  129. LOVE the independently reversible seats! WOW! I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I follow you on pinterest (mandyntx).

  130. I love how big the canopies are! I’ve always had problems with those never being big enough. I also like how both seats have the option to face forwards or backwards.

  131. I love the independent, reversible seats and the fabulous recline. The compact fold is really nice too. A great double stroller!

    PInterest: heiders78
    Youtube: hmicolucci
    Twitter: HeidiMicolucci

  132. i love that you can put two children in facing different directions. So I can keep an eye on my infant while my toddler keeps an eye on everything else 🙂

  133. Love that it has the ability to face in or out and also can hold two infant car seats! This stroller Wouk be great for twins! The giant canopy is a huge plus for summer time!

  134. I love this stroller!!
    I love the reversible seats! I love that the seats are side by side and the recline is awesome! Adjustable handlebar and footrest! Just cool!

  135. I love the independently reversible seats. And it looks very easy to adjust the seats too. Great looking stroller!

  136. I can’t pick one favorite feature. The independently reversible seats are a huge selling point! I also love the flat recline & the mesh exposure!
    YouTube: Monica Tutko
    Pinterest: Monica Tutko

  137. Love the flat recline on th seat as my little ones always tend to fall asleep while we’re out. Also love that I can have my baby facing me 🙂

  138. My tag. Features of this strode is that you can have the kids facing you or away and that the kids can’t touch each other when the canopy is up.

    Pinterest – bnnsplit2

  139. I love that the seats reverse and recline individually, so my toddler can face out while I could keep a close eye on my newborn. I also love that it’s half the price of the Donkey. 🙂

  140. This stroller looks AMAZING! It has so many features of an inline stroller that has reversible seats (a must for me in a stroller) but its a side by side, which is so much better! I love that the seats reverse independently, the adjustable bumper bar (my child likes having a bumper bar but sometimes she is trying to read a book or play with something and it gets in the way), the HUGE basket (also a must because we dont have a car and I need to put groceries somewhere) and the easy recline, also a plus is all the accessories the stroller comes with . I would LOVE to win this one!

  141. My favorite feature of this stroller is the independantly reversible seats. Also that you can have a bassinet and a toddler seat.

  142. love the adjustable seats and how you can turn them any way independently. and i LOVE your cute girl’s wiggle at the end of the video! 🙂
    pinterest- aliza leifer

  143. I love that it has the 2 removable side by side seats! Its great to have the face in or out options and it looks cool too!

  144. This is an amazing double stroller! It seems to be like a mix of the Baby Jogger and Uppababy Vista (has many of the same features from both). I love the adjustable handlebar and the best thing is how you can turn the seats both ways. Very cool.

  145. love the look of it and that it has been improved from the last one. also appreciate that it reclines and have a big canopy.

  146. I love this stroller, its reversable on both sides so one can look forward and the other back, great for different ages.

  147. Love the independent reclining of the seats and the amazing hoods! Not to mention its a brisk tick stroller!! Perfect option for two under two!!

  148. Great that the seats accommodate two babies or two different age kids. great canopy and love that the kids can face parent or world 🙂

  149. one favorite feature? more like everything about it is amazing! the colors to choose from, the beauty of a large stroller that doesnt look like a clunk,choice of directions for each seat, maneuvarability,folding compact, etc…

  150. Favorite feature is definitely the reversible seats, although independent is nice I’m sure if one is facing one way the other will want to face that way too 🙂

  151. I love this stroller. Its easy to adjust, the longer hood is wondeful. And the reversable seats should be in every stroller.

  152. LOVE the large canopy’s that keep the kids separated! LOL We use the canopy on our current as s mini time out device, and they are just not big enough!

  153. I love the independently reversible seats!! That feature is rare on a double stroller, unless you can afford a much more expensive stroller.

  154. My favourite feature on the Stroll-Air-My-Duo stroller is the two independently reversible seats. This is the type of stroller that I`m looking for. Because I have a 2 year old son and my second child is due at the end of August. This would be fantastic to win and use.

  155. can’t use my Joovy Ultralight this time around since the babies are only going to be 22 months apart, definitely could use a double!

  156. I love how the stroller has reversible seat option! 🙂
    We are expecting our second child in September and this would be great! 🙂

  157. I pretty much LOVE everything about this stroller! Perfect for my twins! I love the reversible seats! I love to have my children face me! Facing out is nice too with those big ol’ canopies! We’re frequent zoo goers and this stroller seems like it’d be fit for the perfect zoo trip! Love love love the reclining seats in either position, facing mom or not. I would LOVE to have this stroller!!!

  158. Ahhh I love that it takes two cars seats that is the sell for me!!! I can’t decided on a stroller and only have 20 days till induction with twins ! I need to make up my mind! A win would totally solve the problem!!

  159. With less then 20 days till my babies arrive and still no decision on a double stroller for the twins this would solve the problem!!!

  160. follow you already on Facebook(kendra lindula), Pinterest(kendra jean), Youtube(kendrajeanphoto) and twitter(kendrajeanphoto)!

  161. Love this stroller!! Need a double for my 2 yr old and newborn and this would be perfect. Love that both seats are independent seats and reversible!

  162. My favorite feature of the stroller is just that fact that it’s so convenient and grows with the age of the children


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