Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 4 – Mutsy 4Rider

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 4 - Mutsy 4Rider

Congratulations to our Day 4 Winner –

Entry #2492 Stacey F Chale

Baby Gizmo hit 5 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating with YOU!  We are giving away a fabulous prize every day (Monday-Friday) for six weeks to one lucky winner!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous!  To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product!  We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 302 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 4

The Mutsy 4-Rider Light video review is a classic. A look back in time essentially. This video was one of the very first video reviews that we did. It was pre-sweater vest. Pre-third baby. Heck, my 7-year-old was only 2 1/2 years old in the video and my now 5 year old was a teeny-tiny baby in the bassinet!  This is one of the videos that started the Baby Gizmo video phenomenon.

We loved the Mutsy 4Rider Light back then and we still love it today. It is everything a luxury stroller should be. With the Mutsy, it was true love at first push. A luxury stroller system fabulous in terms of mobility, maneuverability and just plain modern marvelousness. It responds with the slightest touch. Drives as if on clouds. It not only glides forward as if self-propelled, it can turn on a dime and navigate even the tightest of store aisles.

With its sleek lines and cool fabrics, this was one of the first strollers we brought home that our husbands couldn’t stop raving about. The delicious solid colored fabrics against the cool gray aluminum really had them sit up and take notice. To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.) One lucky person will win the Mutsy 4Rider Light (frame and seat!) in the color of their choice (from the colors in stock!).

NOTE:  Not much has changed on the Mutsy 4Rider Light from our 2007 video review. While the bassinet used to come standard (complete with a higher price!), now you can purchase the 4Rider Light frame with either the bassinet OR the seat. Depending on which attachment you choose (seat or bassinet), the other would have to be purchased separately. *Giveaway does not include the bassinet! Mutsy also offers the 4Rider Light in an expanded color range with some great new colors this year!


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  1. I love that with 2 clicks you can use the seat or the bassinet. I love that you can push the stroller with your pinky it’s so easy to steer!
    I love this STROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love love love the reversible seat!! And the unique look of the stroller. I would love to win this stroller!!

  3. I love the many different ways that you can use this stroller. It is a shame it’s not made for twins too! I love love love the Tiffany Blue and Black (my two FAVORITE colors ever!). The click and change actions make it seem so flawless and easy and trust me…with new twins that is a HUGE plus!

  4. Pintrest name:bcomer85

    I love, love, love how easy you can switch from the toddler seat to the bassinet and that you can reverse the toddler seat to face you or away from you!

  5. I love, love, love how easy you can switch from the toddler seat to the bassinet and that you can reverse the toddler seat to face you or away from you!

  6. This Stroller is perfect!!! My favorite feature has to be that you can turn the bassinet to face you! im pregnant with my first baby and i know i wont be able to get enough of that face, so this gives me even more moments to stare!!!

  7. I love how easily you can switch from bassinet to toddler seat. Love that I can take a sleeping baby from the stroller to the house 🙂 Would LOVE to win this!! 🙂

  8. I love the click in to change from bassinet to seat is so easy. And I really like that you can take off the canopy. Nice for the zoo.

  9. Love the bassinet – perfect for moving a sleeping baby into the house after a walk! The easy removal is perfect.

  10. I love that this stroller has both the toddler seat and the bassinet. Plus, both seats are easily detachable – making it super easy to move a sleeping baby into the house inside the bassinet.

  11. Oops, forgot to tell you that I’m already subscribed to YouTube too…YouTube name is NancyBeresovoy. wooooo Mutsy

  12. LOVEEE that the toddler seat is reversible and that it’s very easy to switch back and forth! Also love that the 2 front wheels snap off to make it more compact.

    Oh, and obviously have been following you on Pinterest for a while now and pinned the giveaway <3 – NancyBrez

  13. I love the easy access to the basket on the bottom. And the flexibility of changing the way the seat faces is really useful.

  14. My favorite feature is that you can have your child face you, or the world with an easy conversion between both.

  15. I love how unique it looks! Also that it comes with the bassinet.

    YouTube: hhp1205

    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  16. I love how easily it’s converted and folded. I had another stroller that reminds me of this one, but it was so difficult, I had to leave it outside every time I used it until I could figure out how to fold it. I got rid of that one pretty quickly 🙂

  17. coolest stroller I’ve ever seen. Wish I knew how important a good stroller was back when we had a little money to buy one..pinned it! youtube name: RedUmbrellaMama

  18. I like how light weight it is and sooo easy to push!!! And the little baby in the bassinet it TOO cute! does he come with it?!?!?!

  19. I really like the large storage area and how easy it flips around to face you. The large canopy is great and it looks more comfortable

  20. Look how small your kids are here! So cute. Love how easy this stroller is to use in general – from the fold to the attaching seat, bassinet and canopy. I hate battling a stroller …
    Pinterest: plumble
    Youtube: plumswith

  21. I love how easy it rolled on an uneven surface. With the stroller I have currently, I have to push it really hard to on most surfaces, and it leaves blisters on my palms. So I’d really be excited to win this stroller.

  22. the reversible seat, love!

    I follow you on FB, youtube, and pin. Plus I pinned it 🙂

    youtube jacobsks1
    pin jacobsks77

  23. That video review was super entertaining just because it is so old! 😉 My fave feature would have to be that is folds with the seat attached- no more 2 piece strollers for this mama!

  24. I like that the actual back of the seat reclines rather than the whole seat like most luxury strollers. I also like the look of it, very different than most

  25. I love the feature that allows you to select how you want your baby to face you, and the easy fold up and out is great too! Love To Win This! Thank you

  26. This stroller looks and sounds amazing! I’d love to win it for my new baby boy that is due this coming July!

  27. my favorite feature of the Mutsy is the bassinet to seat option and the fact that the seat is reversible and can face either direction 🙂 It is an incredibly sturdy, well built and easy to maneuver stroller! I <3 it!

  28. Any stroller that is reversible is a winner in my book!

    pinterest beckimallo
    Facebook becki malandrino
    youtube beckimallo

  29. I love that the baby can face you while riding and not strangers! It’s healthy for the baby to be fixated on someone familiar.

  30. I love the light weight frame, and that you can fold it with either the toddler seat on or the bassinet! So perfect!

  31. Although it doesnt come with the bassinet I love that you can take the bassinet off and go inside! I always hate when my son falls asleep in the stroller and I have to wake him up to get him inside!

  32. I love that the toddler feet can face both directions… I never really thought about it with my son but man would that have been so helpful!

  33. Wow is this pram ever light! Love that you can fold the stroller with the seat attached! I think that feature in it self beats out my bugaboo!

  34. I love the reversible toddler seat, the easy fold, the great push, the adjustable handle… I just love the whole stroller!

  35. I love the adjustable handle. That has been our biggest struggle to find a stroller that both my husband and I can both use comfortably without one having to hunch over it.

  36. I like that you can switch the seat to face in or out, and that the same frame can be used for a basinette or toddler seat.

  37. The adjustable handle would be great! My husband always complains our stroller is too short for him to push comfortably.

  38. I love the fact that you can face your baby/toddler towards you or they can forward face! I <3 versatility in a stroller!

  39. I’m in love with how it can be either forward or rear facing. With my first I didn’t think about it, but with my 2nd child I’ve already been thinking about how I don’t think she will like to face away from me so this would be perfect!

  40. I’m already a youtube subscriber (idontwannasignup2) lol I didn’t want to sign up for a youtube account before, just to watch a short video that had a content advisory.

  41. I like how it pushes so easily! After my current Combi debacle (how can they even continue to make and sell strollers is beyond me!) we really need something good.

  42. Love the little girl peeking around the tree, so adorable! What I love about this stroller is that it’s lightweight but my favorite features are that the bassinet and toddler seat both clip on and off so easily and if the baby is sleeping you can take the bassinet off and put him in a quiet place until they wake up. I also love how you can face the seat facing out and forward.

    Thank you for these awesome giveaways!

  43. Wow, this stroller is amazing. The one pinky mobility would make life so easy when pushing an infant and chasing a toddler… Would love to have it!!

  44. I would Love to win the Mutsy 4-Rider Light. We have our first child in the way and this would be great to have!!

  45. I had never heard of mutsy till today. It looks fabulous. I love the easy click on/off of the bassinet and that it can fold with the bassinet attached.

  46. I would love this stroller. We live in a very, very small farming town in Iowa. I would love to push this little beauty around to show off. The nearest city is about 2 -3 hours away. Pinned you to pinterest.

  47. wow- my favorite feature has to be the reversible seat- but also- it looks so much easier to fold than the stroller I have now- thanks for the awesome review.

  48. love the colors and the reversible seat and how easy it is to fold up! i pinned this on pinterest: rachelbyman

  49. love the all terrain wheels,my current Kolcraft stroller tires are starting to bald after less then a year

  50. wish i saw this stroller months ago!!! i love how y9ou can fold it with the seat still in it. good luck to all who enter!!

  51. I know that the bassinet isn’t included, but the fact that you can fold it with both the toddler seat and the bassinet. The fact that everything snaps in and out too.

  52. I love this stroller, the whole look of it and the ease of maneuverability (beautifully demonstrated in the sped-up, park twirl scene…awesome video review!). seems like a pretty compact fold for what it is. Fingers crossed on this one 🙂

    Eileen Wittman McLeod

  53. That you can push it with a pinky is a HUGE hit with me! But I really like that it INCLUDES the bassinet without an added fee.

  54. I love the versatility of the seat and the option to have a bassinet.

    This is at the top of lists of strollers… soooo hope I win it.

  55. I love the versatility of the seat and the option to have a bassinet.
    This is at the top of lists of strollers… soooo hope I win it.

  56. I noticed that it looks like that handle telescopes up. Us long legged mommas like that! I love that you can fold it with or without the seat, too.

  57. I love that video, the kids were super cute.
    I think my fav feature was the reversible bassinette, I like to see my baby while out and about.

  58. I think the stroller has so many awesome features. Love the travel system and how easily the components switch out. I loved how easily the stroller could move around. Impressive. Hope I get it!

  59. I love that you can fold it with the seat on.
    My facebook name is Erica Solomon
    It is also my Pinterest name.
    Your strollers have been pinned to my board.
    Pick me please!

  60. Although not very compact, I like the easy folding of this stroller. One step and its folded. I think it is pretty looking as well!

    Youtube: nandae888

  61. To start, it’s a beautiful stroller, but my favorite feature is the ease of breaking it down, folding it up, etc. Even the wheels can be easily detached if needed!

  62. I love the large wheels, how it can be fitted to suit any need with the bassinet and the reversible seat along with the easy steering and smooth ride.
    youtube: reflectionsinmyiris
    pinterest: irisjune