Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5 – Britax Car Seat

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 5 - Britax Car Seat

Congratulations to our Day 5 winner –

Entry #1272 – Katie Jacobs

Baby Gizmo hit 5 MILLION video views on YouTube and we are celebrating with YOU!  Woot! Woot! We are giving away a fabulous prize every day (Monday-Friday) for six weeks to one lucky winner!

Each day (Monday through Friday) we are going to re-feature one of our fabulous video reviews from our collection that helped to make us famous!  To help celebrate that video, we are going to hold a one-day giveaway for THAT product!  We aren’t going to tell you which products are coming on which days – but you’ll know it has to be a product from our collection of 302 videos. It’ll help narrow your guesses to what’s coming next.

So that we don’t bore our regulars by repeating everything, if you just joined us for the giveaway for the first time today – you can find the rest of the giveaway description HERE.

Day 5

Have we gone insane?  Winner’s choice of ANY Britax convertible?  Answer: Yes.  Whichever Britax convertible car seat strikes the winner’s fancy is what they will get (granted it is in stock, of course!)!

We are big fans of Britax! They are all about safety. WE are all about safety. It’s like a match made in heaven!  With a car seat range that covers the entire car seat age gamut, Britax is definitely a go-to car seat company! Today we are celebrating our “What’s New for Britax in 2012″ video by choosing one lucky person to win their choice of Britax Convertible Car Seat. Go ahead and watch the video segment which highlights all the new fashions that Britax is bringing out this year.

(NOTE:  Companies even withhold information from Baby Gizmo. You will notice that I said there were no changes on the B-Ready in this video highlight from last Sept. Come to find out later, this was not entirely true. They came clean with me a couple months later. I’ll let you in on that secret next week!)

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  3. LOL Im confused, it says its over already? Did I miss something, lol Can I still be included? ha ha My whole day has been this way, lol

  4. I love the new zebra print! It looks great, I also think the wheeler for toting kid in seat through the airport is a wonderful addition to the line!

  5. I love the marathon. The B-agile was mentioned in the video. I would love to win this seat…expecting baby #2 in June!!

  6. I love the Britax Boulevard car seat which we are currently using for my son. I also love the B-Agile stroller that was in the video. We just got one!

  7. I love the Advocate CS car seat. We have one for my son and it’s fabulous! I’m also loving that B-Agile in kiwi. It’s gorgeous! If I didn’t need a double stroller I’d be all over it!

  8. I like the boulevard 70 seat. & I like the cart that you can wheel the convertible carseat thru the airport kinda like a stroller!

  9. I love the Marathon Convertible carseat! I would looove to win that. 🙂

    The car seat travel cart (featured in the video) is pretty cool, but I don’t think we travel enough to make it worth buying for us!

  10. i have all britax registered on my baby registry- can’t wait for the baby shower to get these awesome/great reviewed products

  11. We have the Marathon 70 for our twins and love it. Planning on buying another for our third. You also mentioned the b-agile

  12. Love the marathon 70 in onyx! We have this seat for our 3 year old, and will need another for our 5 month old. We have a B-Ready, it’s the best stroller. You mentioned the b-agile in the video today.

  13. This is an amazing offer! I have been waiting until our other car seat expires in a few months to buy a new one and this is what I have my eye on! We would have bought one outright but we had to budget for baby number 1! She was a honeymoon baby :).

  14. I love the toddler seat with the cup holders. I like the pull out padding (Washable) in the one you showed. They have car seats I trust

  15. I just recently bought the marathon 70, and I love it. It was very easy to install and I love the no rethread harness!!

  16. I love the Marathon, and we also have a Frontier and an Advocate, but that one’s sooo huge! We need a new Marathon now 🙂 You also mentioned the B Agile.

  17. I love Britax Advocate 70 CS car seat and the other product that featured in the video is Britax Car Seat Travel Cart.

  18. My favorite Britax carseat is the Advocate 70 CS, and I adore the zebra print. The travel cart is a nice accessory for parents on the go!!!!

  19. The advocate is my favorite convertible car seat in Anna, you talked about the B-agile which is one of my serious wants at the moment.

  20. I love the Britax my older daughter is in. My baby has almost outgrown her infant carrier, so I’d love to win a Britax for her too!

  21. My favourite Britax Convertible Car seat is the Britax Boulevard! Great seat!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Britax B-Ready (featured in your video)

  22. The Boulevard is my favorite. We have one now and will be getting one for baby #2 soon! I also like the new colors of the B-Agile.

  23. my favorite of the carseats was the zebra print one. How stylish is that?!!!! we could really use this next stage carseat. another product I loved was the b-agile. Great products

  24. I love the Marathon. We’ve owned 2 and we would love a 3rd for baby #3. You also showed the B-Agile in the video.

  25. I love the Boulevard the most because it is my daughter’s favorite out of three carseats she rotate on a regular basis. You mentioned the B Agile and B Ready in the video. Love the new color of the B Agile, I wish they have the option when I purchased the red one last year.

    Youtube: Mrslingling168
    Pinterest: Ling H

  26. I like the azaela Marathon 70..I’m not a big gender neutral fan. You also pointed out the B-Agile stroller and it’s new colors.

  27. My favorite Britax car seat is the Marathon, but I’d like to try one of the newer seats either the Boulevard or Advocate. You mentioned the 2 new colors for the B-Agile.

  28. I really like the Marathon car seat. We’re using the Chaperone right now and I love it. You mentioned the B-Ready in the video (which we’re also using!!)

    youtube: 48n9cartwrig

    Repinned, pinterest: alyciacmorell

  29. We are getting ready to get our little guy a new car seat. Winning one would be fantastic!!! I love Britax!!!

  30. i like the Britaz Boulevard.
    You mentioned the BAgile and B Ready in the vid.
    My you tube name is boyzruleinmyhouse

  31. The zebra print on the (advocate? Boulevard?) was my favorite, and I love the marathon, also. My kids have the Marathon, the Boulevard and the Frontier. Youtube name is Pianca77 and pinterest is Pianca.

  32. I loved the gum drop,and the travel cart waspretty neat,cant wait to hear the secret next week…I subsribe to your youtube channel karrie. and tweet

  33. I like the Britax Boulevard and Advocate carseats. You mentioned the B Agile and the B Ready in the video. I have a B Ready, and I love it! It’s perfect for my 2yr old and 5 mo old.

  34. Love the Boulevard 70, we love our Britax Roundabouts except that our daughter is about to out grow them, wish we had the 70lb weight limit.

    The B Agile was featured in the video, the new green is awesome!

    the caitbrennan on youtube
    Katie Callahan Brennan on facebook on pinterest

  35. I loooooove the Opus Grey convertible car seat. Another cool product is the car seat travel cart, how convenient!

  36. youtube: nandae888
    favorite car seat is the Boulevard in the zebra print…and we are definitely in need of that now that our son is just about out of his infant seat.

    You also showed the B-agile, B-ready and some new prints for the 2012 lines.

  37. I love the Silver Link color in Britax carseat color! The carseat travel cart AWESOME idea!! LOVE it!! I would love to have the Kiwi BAgile!!
    Connie G

  38. Ok. The Zebra print is super fun! But, since we aren’t going to find out the sex, it would probably be more fair to go with a more neutral pallette like the gumdrop, also super cute!

    I LOVE the Britax car seats. The usability at all ages is amazing. I also think the car seat travel cart would make traveling with a baby much easier.

  39. My favorite car seat, so far, has been their Advocate CS 70. I could see how that new travel cart could be really handy when hauling those big boys through the airport!

  40. Love me some Britax! I already have two of their convertible seats, but as we’re expecting #3 in May, I could REALLY use another one!

  41. We love the Britax Boulevard here around these parts – and I need to get that travel cart that’s featured in the video so we can take the carseat with us around the airport when we’re visiting friends!

  42. I’m in love with all the britax products! My little one is almost out growing the b-safe car seat. Can’t wait to get the next stage up!

  43. I love the Boulevard carseat! I also like the Britax B-Agile stroller and the new carry cart for travel. So convenient!!

    YouTube: hhp1205
    Pinterest: Heather Parker

  44. My favorite Britax is the Boulevard CS 70 Convertible Car Seat – Waverly; And you showed the travel cart for the car seat! Youtube= TheNmski and Pinterest: nmski

  45. We have the brittax marathon for our older son and love it! We need a second for our youngest son – yay! You mentioned the Britax B-ready in the video. Thanks!!

  46. I do not own a Britax car seat but after watching the video and seeing all of the choices I might just have to go get one! I love the animal print! (Cow and Zebra!) I also love the idea of a travel cart!

  47. i love the britax boulevard convertible carseat we have for our oldest son…would love another for his brother, the zebra print would be lovely! 🙂 the carseat travel cart seems like it would be pretty slick for the airport!

  48. My favorite is the Britax Boulevard 70 CS, which we recently bought and like a lot. Another product mentioned was the b-ready!

  49. My favorite Britax carseat is probably either the Boulevard 70 or 70CS or the Advocate 70 CS. Tough choosing which one I like better 🙂 You mentioned the Britax B-ready in your review as well as the B-Agile and the new colors.

  50. Our family loves the Britax Marathon, particularly in cowmooflage:) The B-Agile stroller is also favorite product of mine.

  51. I really like the new Silver Birch color and interested to hear about new developments on the B-Ready stroller!

  52. I love the Advocate 70 car seat and the new prints are awesome! I also love the B-Agile stroller with the new colors in the videl!

  53. I love the B agile stroller (really want one)! The cow fabric Britax car seat is so cute as well. I think the car seat carrier is a great idea!

  54. We have been looking at the Marathon 70. Car seats are such a big and important investment. I love the B Agile and am so excited it’s out in new colors! I love the kiwi-so cute and gender neutral, which is great for long term use 🙂

  55. My favorite has to be the b agile, but would love any of the Britax car seats (loving the zebra print!!) and the car seat cart. perfect travel pair!!

  56. I am so in love with the zebra print!!! Zebra has been my favorite along with Britax so how perfect putting them together!!!! Smart thinking with the traveling carseat cart.

  57. I would love any of the Britax convertibles carseats. I do love the zebra print. The carseat cart makes so traveling so much easier. And the lime green b-agile is too cute.

  58. I love the britax marathon carseat and you mentions their handy travel cart for the airport. I might need to pick up one of those 🙂

  59. I love the britax boulevard. You also mentioned the carseat travel cart. YouTube name – m.imming.balangero – never wanted a giveaway more!!!

  60. Kinda confused by where to leave a comment. Hope this is it! Crossing fingers for a new seat for the grandbaby due in August.

  61. We love our britax marathon but need a new seat for our next baby due in June! And you mentioned the B-agile, which I also love!

  62. I love the Britax Marathon…I have 3 of them currently in my car ( 3 kids that are age 3 and under) 🙂 Another featured product: car seat travel cart.

  63. Love the Britax Marathon 70 car seat. You also mentioned the B-Ready stroller. Youtube and pinterest name nat5732

  64. I would love to win a Britax Advocate 70 cs. I like the opus gray color. 🙂 and from the video I like the britax b agile in lime. It’s my favorite color!

  65. I like the Britax Boulevard 70 and you also mentioned the B – Agile Stroller!

    colljerr at comcast dot net

  66. I like the Britax Marathon Carseat and in the video you talked about the B-Agile Stoller which is coming out with new colors such as kiwi.

  67. I love our Britax Marathon car seat. I also love the car seat cart–that would have been handy when we traveled over Christmas!

  68. But rafflecopter wouldn’t let me edit the blog comment…not sure if it is the tool or my computer :(. I hopt that doesn’t end up disqualifying me.

  69. I have the Britax Marathon 70 and can’t wait to get a second one for my husbands car. I’m thinking that we will get the new 2012 Zebra pattern!

  70. I love the Boulevard 70- no rethreading of the straps! I have the purplish leaves for my daughter and I want the Zebra for my son in a couple of months! Who needs boring carseat covers?? The video also featured the B-ready stroller.

  71. I have heard good things about Britax car seats and love the many color options they are releasing this year. I like a car seat with a bit of personality!

  72. i would love to have the zebra print B-Agile for my little girl! and something else that was in the video was the b-ready stroller and i would love that also!!!!

  73. I’m digging the Silver Lake pattern! (And the cow of course!)

    YouTube name Monica Tutko
    Pinterest name Monica Tutko

  74. I have two of the Boulevard 70 CS car seats and love them! I really like the look of the B-Agile featured in the video. I’ll have to see where that’s available in my area! Thanks for the reviews!

  75. I thought the gum drop car seat was really cute! I love the fabric on that. I’m also obsessed with the Britax B-Agile, and almost bought the red one- but I really like the kiwi!

  76. I like the Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat, Serene. I love the B-Agile stroller in the new Sandstone color.

  77. I love the Britax brand. Used it with my son, and now my daughter. Would love a new car seat to replace her Chaperone once she gets older.

  78. My favorite is the marathon 70! In the video you also talke about the B agile but my kids have about out grown strollers. My daughter would also like I gie a shout out to the frontier 85 sense he saw her carseat in the video!

  79. I would love the Advocate 70CS. You also mentioned the car seat travel cart that can fold up and be placed in overhead storage.

  80. I saw the Britax carseat travel cart being shown in the video. The Boulevard 70 is my favorite Britax convertible seat.

  81. *Boulevard 70 model (oops, only mentioned the printl in my earlier post)

    Already subscribed to your youtube channel: SuperShabooka

  82. My favorite would be the Britax Advocate 70 Serene. Another product shown on the video was the Britax Advocate 70 Zebra.

  83. My favorite Britax convertable car seat is the boulevard in Zebra print! Also mentionned the new colors for the b-agile stroler kiwi and sandstone.

  84. Loooove the Zebra print! Also really like the idea of the airport attachment that allows you to push baby around the airport in the carseat! Hubby and I were just discussing how many things (ex, stroller, carseat, etc) we will need to bring on our vacation to visit family in Hawaii in August. This would make traveling soo much more convenient! =)

  85. My favorite Britax car seat is the Boulevard 70. Also, love the car seat travel cart. Perfect for traveling with baby!

    youtube username: ashkai808

    Pinned it! pinterest username: melissararama

  86. I would love to win any of them, but if I got a choice I would probably pick the advocate. I love the new color designs in gumdrop and serene 🙂 That carseat travel cart is SUCH a great idea. You don’t have to worry about lugging a stroller and carseat!

  87. I have (and love!) the Britax Boulevard. I’m loving the Azteck car seat! Thank you for showcasing the Britax carseat travel cart. I haven’t seen this before, but I love it!

  88. Our favorite carseat is the Britax Boulevard in the cow print, my daughter adores it. We also have the B-Agile in red, wish the kiwi color shown in the video was available when we bought ours.

  89. We just got a Britax Marathon 70, I love the tilt feature of the carseat and knowing that our baby is safe whenever she is riding in the car! There is no price too high for a child’s safety, and the fact that it’s so comfortable for her too is a bonus!

  90. I love the new azalea color for the britax carseat. And the travel cart is such a great idea for travel!! Super handy!

  91. I love there car seats..I just welcomed my first grandbaby, a girl, on Monday March 5, 2012. My kids have no income right now but they are working on it. This carseat would be godsent…thank you so much for these giveaways and giving us a chance to win..

  92. My favorite car seat is the Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat in the new Zebra print!!!!! The Advocate comes in at a very very close second! These are the best car seats out on the market and I would absolutely be thrilled to win one!

    I also really like the new color Sandstone on the B-Agile stroller! Great color, and great stroller!

  93. I would love the Advocate 70 CS in Opus Gray. The Britax B-agile is a great stroller – I love the new Kiwi color from the video!

  94. I love the new colors, especially the gumdrop one. I have a marathon 70 and really could use another one for the new baby on the way.
    pinterest: indecisivegirl

  95. Mu favorite Britax Carseat is the Advocate, which I didn’t see in the segment, but I would absolutely LOVE any Britax seat- Marathon or even the Roundabout. Loving those new colors! Very hard to choose from Azealea & Bubbles! Also loving the new colors for the B-Agile- Sandstone looks great! The rolling travel cart would really come in handy for travelling- may have to pick one up if we go anywhere ever

  96. We have the Britax marathon car seat, which has been great, cleans up really well and is easy to install. I love all the new colors for the car seats, it’s nice to get something more interesting without ruining the warranty.

  97. Our toddler loves the Boulevard 70 CS and we’re sure #2 would too! We would also love to have the B-Ready for both of them too!

  98. I like the Britax Boulevard 70 CS car seat in “Cowmooflage” (has to be gender neutral, we don’t know what our first baby’s gender is yet – will find out in about 2 weeks whe he or she is born!) The B-Ready was also mentioned in the video.

    I subscribe on Youtube under krischan325.

    Also follow on Pinterest as krischan325, and pinned a photo today.

    “Liked” Baby Gizmo and this article on FB.

  99. I LOVE these giveaways! Thanks for doing such a great job with your reviews – wonderful! I like the zebra pattern – I think it’s trendy without being odd. 🙂

  100. As much as I love our cheap three wheeled stroller I need a double, BAD, and wish the b-agile had a double, since it doesn’t after hours and hours trying to find the perfect stroller I think I’ve settled on the b-ready….I just can’t force myself to buy the pink one….it’s the just in case factor! I don’t own a britax cars eat either, so no favorite but the convertible ones are definitely in the running for when our new peanut outgrows her infant seat!

  101. I love the Britax brand car seats and their safety standards. I’d love to win one for my little boy due this July.

  102. I love the marathon car seat and would love one for my baby who will be out of her infant seat soon. I think the B Ready is amazing!

  103. I LOVE Britax! I’ve got their B-Agile, Marathon convertible seat and one more convertible seat (don’t recall the model). Can’t wait to get more Britax stuff. I’m dying to get the new stroller organizer for our B-Agile.

  104. I love the neW colors out for 2012 on the carseats. That sand was nice, neutral color.
    Hope I win it. !!!

    Can you make one with Canadian flags on it ?

  105. my favorite car seat is the advocate seventy cs in serene. i like the new sandston color of the b agile stroller in the video.

  106. Subscribed to YouTube and Pinned/Followed on Pintrest!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!
    User names for both: astreet99

  107. We loved our Marathon!! Love all the new colors and patterns. The travel cart is a great idea!! Would make traveling with kids and carseats so much easier!!

  108. I love the Britax Marathon. I used it with my older two boys and will be getting a new one for our 1 year old. The travel cart looks smart. Great idea!

  109. This car seat is fantastic, hope to win it. Will definitely be registering for it. I love the red/black, but the new colors Aztec and Serene are great too. The new car seat travel cart seems like such a great idea. All in all, i’m quickly becoming a big fan of Britax.
    Youtube user name: SFbecca7
    Pinterest: beccavaughn

  110. This is our first baby and we are planning on using the Britax 70CS! I also, enjoyed seeing the other products in the video like the b-agile strollers. 🙂

    Pinterest: ktsmith05

  111. Wow Baby gizmo…! Another awesome giveaway..Thank you!!
    This is something we really really need right now…
    We own a britax infant carseat and the b-ready stroller. We were thinking of buying the britax convertible seat soon. We love britax. I know my baby is safe when he is in his britax seat.
    Would love to win this! 🙂

  112. Love the marathon 70 and I think the travel cart is a great idea! No more dragging heavy carseats through the airport!

  113. So far we’re still using our Chaperone but the Advocate 70CS is like the Rolls Royce of car seats. I love it but I just hope it would fit in my car! I really liked the funky kiwi color for the B-Agile in the video.

  114. I like the Britex Marathon 70 and would love to have one of their strollers, like the b-Ready!
    YouTube follower – JLJMommy

  115. I love the Advocate 70CS – it’s the mother of all carseats. I think the Car Seat Travel cart is an ingenious idea.

  116. I love my Britax Roundabout, it’s the older model they they don’t make anymore, the harness only goes up to 40 lbs FF. But it is so light and easy to travel with. My little guy is approaching 40 lbs, so when I get a new seat that can accomodate higher weights, I’ll definitely buy the new travel cart. That would make trips through the airport much easier!

    Thanks for this info and all you do to promote Child Passenger Safety!
    Jess 🙂

  117. @dmmngs2 is my twitter name
    dmmngs2 is my youtube subscriber name
    Dannielle Brenner is my pinterest name
    Dannielle Jackson-Brenner is my facebook page
    fingers crossed for this one!

  118. We love our frontier 85!!
    We are going to need another convertible, since our second child is about to outgrow her infant seat. I never knew about the britax travel cart you showed—sounds very smart!

  119. We have the Boulevard 70 in cowmooflauge!! We LOVE it!! and there’s no better print then cowmooflauge!! the airport cart looks amazing!! would have made our flight last month much easier had we had that!

  120. The B-agile colors are awesome. I love the softness. We love our Britax advocate and will defiantly be using a Britax for baby #2

  121. I love the Boulevard, we had one with our dd and it was great. I also like the new colors for the B-Agile, loving the Kiwi!

  122. You mentioned the new colors of the B-Agile. We already have the B Safe car seat and love it. I feel like my baby is very safe in it. I’d love to have the Boulevard 70CS in Biscotti on hand for when she outgrows her current seat.

  123. I really like the B-Agile. Beautiful new colors. For my favorite carseat, I really like the Boulevard 70 CS and the Advocate 70 CS.

  124. Love the new Kiwi and Gray in the B-Agile! Love the new carseat designs- my favorites are zebra and Opus gray! Would love to win one for my daughter 🙂

  125. I love how safe my baby will be in the car with the Britax Carseat! You also talked about the Britax Car Seat Travel Cart , the B-Agile and B-Ready!

  126. My favorite Britax car seat is the Boulevard 70CS and a new product featured in the video was the car seat cart which was pretty cool as well as new color options for car seats and strollers. Love them!

  127. just realized didn’t say which carseat was my favorite, I’d go with the britax boulevard and the cart for wheeling carseats is a great idea

  128. All in one place!

    youtube- kathenna26
    pinterest followed and repinned- kathenna
    liked on FB
    liked the blog

    Thanks so much for the great contest!!

  129. My favorite convertible car seat is the Britax Advocate 70 CS in Riviera! You also featured the B-Ready and B-Agile (2 new colors!)!

  130. I love the Britax Marathon convertible seat- always have. It’s served us well for the past 2 kids, but it’s expiring soon so baby #3 won’t be able to use it. 🙁 I was also interested in the B Agile mentioned since we will need a new single stroller, too.

  131. The britax, and the the new colors especially on the b-agile 🙂

    follow on FB, blog,PIn, Youtube

    youtube jacobsks1
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    pinned it

  132. Oh I forgot to say: But I love my Marathon and Marathon 70! They are the ones we currently own, but I am so excited for the new colors available on the 2012’s and the the car seat travel cart!!

  133. OMG! I love Britax seats and I need another one! YIPPEE! They are the safest out there! You Tube: perfect09072003

  134. We love Britax!!! Would love to win a carseat for the new little one that’s due in May! Would like an Advocate 70 CS

  135. I forgot to mention I like the boulevard 70 convertible! I have the b agile and absolutely love it! I’m so excited for the organizer britax released!

  136. I love the marathon and the boulevard. The Britax has much better head support than the Graco we have. I also love the new colors in the B Agile, as well as the travel cart for the airport. Now if only we could go on more vacations!

  137. My little man is outgrowing is infant seat so crossing my fingers that I win! This is the brand hubby and I have decided on for his next seat so this would save us some $$$ 🙂

  138. I LOVE the Advocate 70 CS in Onyx!!! We have the B-Agile stroller from the video and love it for our 2 1/2 year old daughter. The one-handed fold is awesome. We recently bought the B-Safe infant seat which hooks into it for our new addition due in May! I would love to try the B-Ready, but for the price, I am not sure if the toddler would appreciate riding on the floor, LOL!

  139. Nice new fabric color for 2012!!! I loved the Boulevard 70 CS … but I only own a Roundabout.
    Other Britax product showed in the video: the B-agile stroller… I love the new kiwi color 🙂

  140. We are actually shopping for this Britax right now. Winning it would make our lives so much easier. My son will be 1 this Sunday and he has already out grown his Chicco Keyfit 30! We need this ASAP and really bad. Thank you baby gizmo for offering opportunities like this!

  141. I like the britax boulevard 70 cs ( I don’t think the advocate would allow enough room for passengers riding next to my toddler). The b agile you featured in the video is a great fresh color!

  142. Glad to see they came out with some different color options on their B-agiles!!! Love that zebra print on the carseat!!! So cute!

  143. I really want a Britax Advocate! Love it in Zebra! I love them all though! The video also mentions the B-Agile!

  144. I love the marathon, but will be needing a frontier for my son! I don’t travel a lot by plane, but I love the folding cart for the seats!

  145. I love the Marathon and the Boulevard. With a 25lb 8 month old I guess I’m going to be needing a convertible! You also featured the B-Ready which I love.
    Pinterest: Plumble
    Youtube: plumswith