Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 7 – Bumbleride Flyer

Baby Gizmo YouTube Giveaway Extravaganza Day 7 – Bumbleride Flyer

Congratulations to our Day 7 Winner –

Entry #3014 – Chelsey V.

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Day 7

It’s Day 7 and we are celebrating the fabulous Bumbleride Flyer and we are even letting our Canadian friends in on the action today!! If you’re in the market for a durable, infant-to-toddler, everyday stroller, want something more stylish and unique than the run-of-the-mill stroller offerings, yet don’t want to pay designer prices, the Bumbleride just might be the answer to your prayers. The Flyer is a lighter-weight stroller (in the world of full-featured strollers!) with a reversible, height-adjustable handle, removable, washable fabric and large, roomy seat.

To find out more, watch our in-depth video review below. It’s another oldie but goodie (it’s from 2012) but Bumbleride hasn’t changed much on the Flyer since then. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  (Yep, you have to watch it to know what you could win. Go ahead and watch. We’ll wait.)

NOTE: I’m very sorry for the speed talking in the Flyer video! I didn’t realize I was talking that fast but I think we were tackling the wind and anxious kids that day! Or maybe I overdid it on the coffee that morning! 🙂



To keep up-to-date on the new things at Bumbleride, why not check out their social media pages:

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  1. i like that it comes in such great colors and for n umbrella is is so functional but as with all.umbrellas i really do not like two handles it is so hard to steer one handed!

  2. I LOVE the 5 reclining seat back positions…. I also am in love with how the canopy goes the whole way down over the front of the stroller—- LOVE LOVE LOVE 😉

  3. I love that the canopy unzips in the back, I bet it makes conversations much easier being able to see each other 🙂

    Pinterest name jesskathrin

    YouTube believeoneway

  4. My favorite feature of the flyer is how the handle bar reverses to Llow for rear facing strolling. You also mentioned the rain cover as an additional accessory.

  5. I love the reversible handle! I like the Carry Cot for babies and being able to carry it inside, like the snack pack for the toddler age and I love the rain guard – if it is like the one I had for my child, I used it for cold wind protection as well.

  6. I am a fan of the reversible handle as well as the snack tray. Bumbleride has great products – and our little guy could certainly use one here in Midtown Atlanta! 🙂

  7. I like the newly designed handlebar adjuster, the ability to use a bassinet and Bumbleride – great makers of strollers!

    youtube nandae888

  8. Favorite feature? Hard to come up with just one… I like the roominess the most. I have a tall toddler with a long torso, so height allowance is a huge factor in choosing a stroller. Honorable mention for height adjustments for the parent/pusher… There’s a big difference in height between my husband and myself, and my husband likes strollers that adjust for his needs. We own a Bumbleride Indie Twin, and he loves being able to adjust the handlebars to a level that’s comfortable for him.

    Favorite accessory: snack pack for sure. Especially when you’re pushing around a toddler. 😉

  9. Love the reversible handle & the snack tray.

    Subscribed on YouTube “matthewsmarket”

    Following on pinterest “Jessica Matthews”

  10. I love the Bumbleride! I like how it reclines and how it has a bar for locking the wheels. I also think the snack pack is a cool accessory.

  11. this is the best stroller EVER ! My neighbor let push her little tyke in one while i was preggo, and need to walk, to get that little dude down and OUT, and i just thought it was a dream ! It steer’s so effortlessly, adn is light and mobile and, have to say very fashion friendly ! I would just DIE if i got one ! Oh my

  12. I love the flyer for lightweight and the option to flip handle. Also the carrycot you mentioned is a great idea!! Following you on Pinterest (nmski) and Youtube (TheNmski)

  13. Um I LOVE the adjustable handle! And the room for growth of child! And accessory is the snack pack…LOVE that too! OMGosh!

  14. My favorite feature is the adjustable handle bar, my hubby is 6’4″ and I’m 5’4″, having the handle bar adjustable is very important to us!
    My favorite accessory is the car seat adapter, love that it comes standard.
    Great video by the way, love that all the features of the stroller are fully explained and demonstrated.

  15. I like the height range of the seat. This stroller could last through preschool :)! Best accessory is the snack tray.

  16. I don’t think it worked for me 🙁 I couldn’t leave a comment unless this is the area to do it?
    I love the reversible handlebar! My favorite accessory was the snack tray.

  17. LOVE the Bumbleride Flyer, especially the adjustable handle that can be manipulated to have the child facing you or out to the world! I really like the snack pack accessory!

  18. I really love the reversible handle and the snack tray. These are really wonderful features of this stroller.

    My pinterest name is heiders78 and my youtube is hmicolucci

  19. I love the reversable height adjustable handlebar, and the roomy seat. also the washable fabric. cant always get a stroller like this.

  20. The flyer appears to be a very nice and durable stroller and I love the large canopy because it has the capability to fold all the way forward to the bumper bar. Love the option of having a snack pack/tray instead of the bumper bar. Just Fab!!!

  21. Favorite feature is that an infant can be fully reclined. Accessory that I really like = the carrycot.

    Repinned on Pinterest, username is: alyciacmorell

    Youtube: 48n9cartwrig

  22. I really love the adjustable foot rest and also how it reclines to 5 different positions. What a great stroller! The accessory in the video is the snack pack. Looks great! Oh, and I don’t think you’re talking too fast, you did great as always. The stunt kid was pretty funny. I have a couple of those myself 🙂

  23. My favorite feature is the handle bar that flips to either have a forward facing baby or a rear facing baby. One of the accessories mentioned is the snack pack adapter.

  24. Love the higher handlebar for us TALL people! & that you can have ur baby facing you or out just by adjusting the handlebar. AMAZING!

  25. I love evrerything about this stroller! One of my favorite features, however, is the reversible handlebar. My favorite accessories are the snack pack and the rain cover. What a great all-around stroller!

  26. I like the ability of the stroller to open flat for younger babies and the angle of the upright sitting position for older babies. The rain cover and carry cot seem like good accessories.
    you tube username: juliea1020

  27. love love love the reversible handle!! I also love that you can use this stroller with an infant without having them in a car seat!!

  28. Love the reversible handlebar so baby can face you! The carry cot is my fave accessory.

    YouTube and Pinterest: erinliane01

  29. the Bumbleride Flyer is so amazing! I love that you can switch what direction the baby is being pushed in even if the baby is sleeping in the stroller! and the insulated snack pack accessory is wonderful.

  30. I love that the handle bar switches front to back and my favorite accessory is the snack pack – it’s great that it’s insulated.

  31. I am dying for a stroller with the ability to face my baby. She loves chatting and hates all of our current strollers. The snack tray is a super clever design. Such a great stroller.

  32. I love that the handlebar is reversible AND height adjustable. You featured the snack pack accessory (which I also love!)

  33. I love that the handlebar can be switched so we can see the baby or baby can see the world.

    The carrycot is the best accessory mentioned!

  34. Love the flip handle bar and the cup holder. Pinterest and utube name is Logan Carl-Snyder!! Fingers crossed!

  35. i follow you on youtube, username is 111pebbles111!

    and i love the canopy feature and how the bar moves from front to back so baby can face mom!

  36. I like the medium to large basket and that you can access it fully reclined!!
    snack pack is an accessory

    youtube is votpetrelli at yahoo dot com
    pintrest is lbandj and pinned today’s pic

  37. My favorite feature is the easy bar recline.
    My favorite accessory is the universal car seat adapter.
    youtube- kelleykjag

  38. Love that the stoller canopy will unzip for summertime airflow 🙂 They think of everything! AND must have the carseat adapter!

  39. The lightweight design is wonderful for everyone to use easily! The carrycot is a great accessory! We would be able to use that on short trips too.

  40. I love how big the canopy is for sun protection and the reversible handle. Also love the snack pack to replace the bumper bar when you want it!!

  41. i love how you can adjust the handle…sometimes i want to see my baby and others i want them to view the world around. awesome!!

  42. Love how big the canopy is for sun protection and also the reversible handle. What a great idea to have a snack pack in place of the bumper bar if you want!!

  43. My favorite feature is the reversible handlebar. I love that I would be able to switch back and forth between being able to face my baby, or turning him to view his surroundings. My favorite accessory mentioned in the video is the snack pack, every kiddo needs access to their snacks and cup.

  44. I love the reversiblehandlebar and the way the canopy zips open to allow more air to circulate, we need that in the hot weather here.

  45. I love how tall the seat is! I have a really tall 20 month old and would love a stroller that will accomodate her height for a couple more years!

    I am folliowing on pinterest and I am repinning this!

  46. So much to love about the Flyer! My fav feature is how the stroller, once folded, can stand up on it’s own!!! What a space saver! Fav accessory is the snack pack.

  47. I love Bumbleride and the Bumbleride Flyer has to be the best single stroller I have seen. I love the pram and the larger basket. I am also impressed with the seats ability to face forward or backward. I’m in the market for a new single stroller and I think this one would fit my needs perfectly. I already own the Bumbleride Indie Twin (bought it after watching your video review on it) and I couldn’t be more pleased. Bumbleride has great customer service and their strollers are top of the line.

  48. I love many things about the flyer, but one of my favs is the fact that it fits the littles ones as well as, say, my four year old! And that snack pack that you featured is a great addition!

  49. This is such a cool stroller, The canopy is amazing, love that it zips off and can be pulled all the way over baby. Also really like the reversible handle!

  50. My favorite feature is the tall, adjustable handlebar, and my favorite accessory is the carry-cot. I love that is sits right in the seat!

  51. I love the reversible handle bar. I think it’s the best feature of the stroller. And also the snack tray is a very convenient accessory.

  52. I love the Bumbleride Flyer. I have an Indie twin for my girls but would love a single stroller. My favorite feature is the large, easy canopy and my favorite accessory is the snack pack!

  53. I love that even a 5 year old can fit in it (great height!) and I like the reversible handlebar! My favorite accessory is the snack pack

  54. I love the adjustable hand bar. I am tall and HATE hunching over to push the stroller. I love that they put the adjustment on the inside of it now. I also love the way the canopy covers baby. The accessory I love is the Carry Cot but the snack tray is good too but if I had to choose it would be the cot!

    Youtube subscriber wiseowldesigns

  55. Ah I LOVE the reversible handle! Wish my stroller had that! Also when the seat is fully reclined its easy to get into the basket! I want this thing!!

  56. I love the swivel wheels and the overall looks of it! You talked about the snack tray. I like you on FB, I liked the blog post, I am a you tube subscriber (mandyntx1), I follow you on Pinterest (mandyntx), and I pinned the giveaway!

  57. I love the reversible handle bar and all the different adjustments that can be made in height for ease of pushing. My favorite accessory is the snack pack.

  58. That reversible handle is seriously the best feature. And I like how the snack pack accessory can be folded with the stroller.

  59. Love it!!! Best feature is the adjustable handle as my hubs and I are quite different i n height. The accesory I love is the snack pack!!

  60. I like the changes to the carry cot. Rear facing is much better and the canopy is fantastic! My favorite feature is the adjustable handle that flips.

  61. My favorite feature of the Flyer is the reversible handle. I love to see my baby all the time. My favorite accessory is the rain shield, a perfect accessory for western WA weather.

  62. I really like how the handle to the stroller can be in the back or front!!! That is SO cool. I also really LOVE the carry pack, the pram looking basket. I think this is the coolest stroller! PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!!

    Also, I follow you and pinned it on Pinterest. My user name is Jessica

  63. My favorite feature is by far the easy switch between forward-facing and parent-facing. I still wish it was that easy to switch my toddler to facing me when he starts to fuss in a store. (He seems to hate our Trader Joe’s.)

    The snack pack accessory would be handy too.

  64. I love the fact that the 5 year old fit comfortably and I really liked that carry cot (spelling right?) for small babies, overall seems it can last such a long time.

  65. i am tech illiterate… i dont often use youtube… BUT I did subscribe to your channel!!!

    i think my userame is “zkdoss”..

  66. I love that you can flip the stroller handle to face your baby! The snack tray is great and the rain cover would be so nice… VERY impressive stroller and exciting giveaway! 🙂

  67. I love that the Flyer is lightweight and that the handle flips to have your child facing you. The snack pack and carrycot are my favorite accessories.

  68. I have gone through many stollers having 4 babies already. Looking forward to pushing #5, #6 and #7 in this one, the rolls royce of strollers. It will certainly make life much easier. With 7 kids, I need every advantage I can get to make life easier.

  69. I love the adjustable handlebar that can be switched from one direction to another and love the snack tray accessory and the zip that can open the canopy for more air. I hope I win it:)

  70. I just cant get over the 42 inch handle bar! My husband is 6’5 and never wants to push our daughters stroller because it hurts his back. The footmuff is a great accessory for Seattle to keep her dry and warm during the 300 days of rainy weather!

  71. I love the reversible handle and full recline. You featured the snack pack and the new location for the adjustable handle.

  72. My pinterest name is Lesily Pusztai Davis (and I pinned this) and I subscribe to your YouTube channel under JasonAndLesily.

  73. I really like the way the handle moves from front to back to change direction. I also love that the infant seat adapter is universal and comes with it!

    I love how roomy the seat is, how FLAT it gets for newborns & the zipper on the canopy!.

  75. my fave feature is the reversible handle bar
    i like the snack pack accesory

    you tube name is boyzruleinmyhouse

  76. I Love the reerible hand bar I like this idea for when you want to shield the un and the umbrella just is not enough!

  77. Love the canopy and reversible handle bar plus love that it’s a lightweight stroller, I definitely need one! The snack pack was featured in the video.
    YouTube: clary0423

  78. This stroller is amazing. I already have the double, but I am looking to downsize to the single. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that the canopy unzips to let the air flow through on hot summer days. The coolest accessory is by far the snack pack. A must have for all little ones!

  79. (correction!) i thought my pinterest name was my whole name…turns out it wasnt lol!
    so for the following you on Pinterest, “ashknepp”…sorry about that 🙂

  80. Not entirely sure my previous comments for additional entries went through…
    But I’ve liked Baby Gizmo and this blog post on Facebook (Jill Dowling), followed and repinned on pinterest (jilld2012), and subscribed to your YouTube channel (jilldowling)!

  81. I love the one handed bar recline…it looks so much easier than the other strollers I have tried. I also love the carrycot accessory!

  82. Sorry, I forgot to do both parts! The car seat adapter is also a great accessory, so that I could use my current infant seat with it!

  83. I like the new location of the adjuster buttons for the footrest! Also the 13″ seat and huge canopy! In the video it mentioned that it is a one hand stroller, how wonderful!

  84. I love how all different sizes of kids can fit in it! It is hard to find a stroller that a five year old is comfortable in too!!!

  85. I love that the canopy folds so far forward in case it’s needed and that you can recline it easily flat to accommodate a newborn.

  86. I am such a fan of the bumbleride flyer. I love that the canopy go completly cover the seat. Living in Oreg0on means unpredictable rain. Yay bumbleride!

  87. I love that the handle flips over so I can choose the best way for my baby to stroll. I also love how the handle adjusts. You mentioned the snack tray in the video.

  88. I like that the footrest is adjustable – I’ve never seen one that moved like that & think it’s a great feature. In the video I liked the car seat adapter – something I didn’t have for my first that I think would be wonderful for baby.

  89. I love the carry cot and the snack pack accessory! I more in-love with the reclining bar feature and the reversible handlebar.

  90. i love how it reclines flat for baby! and i love the bar recline rather than a teather. pinterest name rachel_eckman

  91. I like that the handle switches position so your child can be facing you or out. The snack pack looks like a great little accessory too!

  92. I love that the handle is height adjustable & you can swap it to have the lil one facing you or the world… & the car seat adapter seems very handy!

  93. love the change to UV mesh for the peek a boo window, the Bar Design for the recline of the seat and the option to flip the handle bar to allow baby to face you! Fav accessory is the included car seat adapter.

  94. I love so many of the features: the adjustable handlebar, the snack pack, and the way you can easily switch between front and rear facing!

  95. I like how versatile the flyer is with it either being a travel system or a regular stroller. I really like the Carry cot accessory make the stroller a rolling bed or even a place to sleep if you were traveling.

  96. I love the carry cot and the snack packs! I have a double stroller and am now looking to downsize to a single. Love this one! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  97. I would love to win a Flyer! I have an Indie, but have ways loved the idea of the reversible handle, especially since my little monster doesn’t ride in her car seat anymore. I can’t see her cute little face. We’re also excited to check out the snack pack; just ordered one for our Indie.

  98. I have been contemplating buying this stroller because of the reversible handle! I would love to win this!!!!!!!!

  99. I LOVE how you can switch the handle bar around so that you can see baby instead of baby just being faced forward!

  100. I love that it’s so light and that it is reversible! I can’t believe that it comes with so many features like the head hugger accessory and the rain guard! Plus, it comes with the car seat adapter. With most strollers, you get nothing! I think the snack pack accessory is the best accessory that you mentioned! My son LOVES his snacks!

  101. We have looked at this stroller before and LOVE the reversible handlebar and that it’s height-adjustable for my husband and I to both use it comfortably. I also love that they’ve changed the baby bassinet to face you when using the stroller!!

  102. I’ve looked at this stroller before and LOVE the reversible handlebar and that it’s height-adjustable for my husband and I to both use it comfortably. I also love that they’ve changed the baby bassinet to face you when using the stroller!!

  103. I love that the Flyer is reversible so you can stroll with your child facing towards you or away! My favorite accessory is the snack pack! Pinterest name Sara Wilson…I pinned the video! 🙂

  104. **I love how the stroller is reversible and how easy it is to do it!

    ** Love the snack pack!

    ** I subscribe to YouTube Channel…
    UserID: gRFYso6a33kRkQV05EKCcw

    **I Follow you on pinterest…..Floydmoe

    **I pinned the contest….Floydmoe

  105. I like the reversible handle so the stroller can change depending on the child and age. And the easy recline…our stroller right now is a bit of a hassle (clips and zippers…etc)

  106. Reversible Handle soo cool. Carry cot, SNack Pak accessories are super cool and definitely needable accessories for some

  107. I failed to finish my earlier comment!

    I love that it fits larger children and I love the snack pack (and that you can fold it while the snack pack is attached!) I also love that its only 19 lbs.

  108. Love the height adjustment- so many great features on this stroller. You mentioned the snack tray as one of the features, and it’s positioned where the normal bumper guard is- great design!

  109. I love that this stroller can so comfortably accommodate an older child. I also love the bar recline feature. The snack pack is definitely my favorite accessory. A cupholder is a must with a toddler!

  110. I love Bumbleride and would love to add this stroller to my collection. The snack pack is fabulous.

    Pinterest: Nadine Nagy

  111. I absolutely love the reversible handlebar… it is so convenient and easy (its a hassle to have to move the entire seat for baby to face you)! I also love the new snack pack accessory… love how it zips closed and open for toys or snacks!

  112. I really love the reversible handlebars and how easy it was to change directions. One available option presented was the snack tray that is used where the normal bumper guard is. Very handy option.

  113. LOVE the reversible handle, way easier then flipping a seat around. Also love the snack pack! my 9 month old would love this!

    Youtube name: BeckK87
    Pintrest: Rebecca Powell Kilbreath.
    I pinned it!

  114. I like that this has features that will make it useful for a newborn and also love the large canopy! My first child should be here in about 5 weeks and I still need a stroller, so this would be fabulous to win!

  115. I totally need a stroller that is adjustable like this! My husband doesn’t like any of the strollers we have because he said they are too short. I am only 5’3” and he is 6’1” so there is quite a height difference. 🙂

  116. I LOVE that the stroller is reversible and the colors! I also LOVE the carrycot (basinet).
    Following and pinning on pintrest: Robyn Winner

  117. How I love you bumble ride! I need you in my life!!
    I love how the handlebar adjusts AND can face backwards or forwards. I love that the wheels lock and you have better maneuverability! Such a plus!!
    My favorite accessory is the snack pack! So cool for a toddler,Iike mine!
    YouTube: gbidrugchemist

  118. Another GREAT stroller babygizmo! Thanks again for the wonderful giveaways 🙂
    Jessi Levy on Pinterest and sphardilevi82 on youtube!

  119. I love love love that you can flip the handle bar so that your baby faces you! You also mention the snack pack and the carrycot! Great accessories!

  120. I pinned the image from the giveaway, am following all your boards on Pinterest and am a Facebook fan – all as Jessica Phelan.