Baby Gizmo’s Hollie Schultz Talks Baby Proofing on Indy Style

Baby Gizmo's Hollie Schultz Talks Baby Proofing on Indy Style

I’m just spreading the word about the importance of baby proofing one city at a time.  This time  I visited Indy Style on WISH-TV CBS in Indianapolis to share 5 different ways to baby proof your house. This trip was a special because I made a video diary of the 24 hours leading up to the segment to give you a behind the scenes view of what goes on.  You can watch that behind the scenes video HERE.

After you watch the behind the scenes video you might want to watch how it all turned out.  Here is the Indy Style segment:

To find out where to purchase all the products featured in the segment visit:

Baby Gizmo Baby Proofing Guide


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