Baby Gizmo’s Ultimate, No-Nonsense Registry List

Baby Gizmo's Ultimate, No-Nonsense Registry List

Baby Gizmo's Ultimate, No-Nonsense Registry List

We’ve seen the lists. We’ve used the lists. And we’ve ended up with 15 green onesies, 3 bathtubs, 200 pairs of socks, and diaper pail refills for a diaper pail we didn’t get. We’re not saying everyone else’s registry list is bad, we’re just saying that ours is better. Much, much better.

If you are about to register for your baby, you have to check out the Baby Gizmo Ultimate Registry List.  We don’t only tell you our list but we teach you how to make your own list.

To get the entire scoop on this fabulous baby registry list go to Baby Gizmo’s Ultimate, No-Nonsense Registry List here.

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I came to this post hoping to view the ultimate no nonsense registry list but there are no links to the body of this post. Could you possibly work into your upcoming article rotation an updated ultimate no nonsense registry list? Heck, I’d even be happy to see the one from 4 years ago to get an idea. Baby Gizmo is THE MOST USEFUL site I’ve found and I’ll take all the help I can get. Thanks and keep up the great work!!


I don’t want to hate on another country’s culture, but am I seriously the only one who thinks this is incredibly tacky?
Not to mention ‘baby showers’.