Baby Gourmet: Tasty Food for Picky Little Eaters

Baby Gourmet: Tasty Food for Picky Little Eaters

My daughter is a notoriously bad eater.  We have struggled with her eating for months, and have tried a seemingly endless collection of fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and even sweets to entice her to no avail.  Lately, we noticed she was a little more interested in chewing on things, so we thought we would try one of those pouch-style baby foods.  I opened it up, squeezed a little onto a spoon and…VOILA!  She actually ate it!!

Baby Gourmet: Tasty Food for Picky Little EatersWhat was this tasty new treat?  Juicy Pears and Garden Greens from Baby Gourmet.  Not only was I thrilled she was eating, but I was also glad to see that her meal of choice was all organic, with no added sugars, salt, thickeners or fillers in BPA-free packaging.  Could it get any better?

It can!  This was by far the best-tasting packaged baby food I have ever had.  I am a big proponent of making baby food at home, but it is not always an option.  We have been using some jarred foods, and I can barely stomach the smell and taste of them; many of the foods we have tried are barely recognizable without reading the label first.  However, when I snuck a little taste from my daughter’s Baby Gourmet pouch, I was impressed with how fresh it tasted – I’m not even ashamed to say I took a second taste!  We tried a few other flavors – Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley, Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie and Old Fashioned Apple Crisp – and they were all just as delicious.

With three levels of texture – Simple Purees (6+ months), Yummy Combos (7+ months) and Tasty Textures (8+ months) – Baby Gourmet offers fresh, great-tasting baby food in convenient Squeeze&Feed pouches.  Started by a Canadian mom in 2006, Baby Gourmet aims to bring homemade taste and made-from-scratch nutrition to the convenience of packaged baby food.  New in the US, Baby Gourmet is available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide; visit to find the store nearest you, as well as tasty recipes for kids leaving the baby food stage.

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