Baby Jogger 2015 Vue Lite Stroller Sneak Peek (VIDEO)


Following up on the popularity of the Vue reversible seat umbrella stroller this year, Baby Jogger will be debuting an even lighter weight version in March 2015 called the Vue Lite. This new version will have a little less padding and different access to the basket, but they have shaved down the weight of the stroller from 17 lbs to 14 lbs. That’s right, the stroller is losing 3 lbs! The Vue Lite will still feature the same fold and reversible seat and will even save you a little money. The new, lighter stroller will retail for $179 (original Vue is $199) and will be available next year.

To get a sneak peek of this travel-friendly stroller, watch our Baby Gizmo review below!

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Will the Vue Lite be able to work as a travel system with the Britax B-Safe like the original vue does?

La Tisha

Hello just wondering between the Vue Lite and the Summer Infant 3D Flip, what do you prefer and why?


Thanks for the video with info on the Vue Lite! Between the Uppababy G-Luxe (either the 2014 or updated 2015 version) and the Vue Lite, what would you recommend? I’m having my baby in just three weeks so I am getting excited to think about umbrella strollers early next year. I will be using a City Mini GT for our main stroller.