Baby Jogger City Metro 2016 Stroller Sneak Peek (Now Premiere)

*UPDATE: The Baby Jogger City Metro 2016 has been renamed to the Baby Jogger Premiere.

Baby Jogger has a new stroller coming out in March 2016 and we have a sneak peek for you today. The Baby Jogger City Metro is an updated version of the City Versa (which a little birdie told us is being discontinued!) and has a few features of the City Select mixed in. It has updated fabric and wheels from the Versa and the adjustable handle is replaced with a telescoping handle. It has a higher weight capacity (50lbs) and a taller seat back than the City Select but it does not transform into a double stroller.

Baby Jogger City Metro

The Baby Jogger City Metro will retail for $429 and comes out in March 2016.

Watch the entire sneak peek in our Baby Gizmo below.


  1. Hi! We are already in March and I’m looking for buy this new version but isn’t available yet, will be at the end of March?
    This city metro model is also adaptable for carriying two baby seats? Like the city select?

  2. Tires are still plastic, wish they would add air tires. Or the option to buy air. Would have been the stroller for my next baby since Uppababy is soooooo pricey now!


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