Baby Jogger City Mini 2012 vs City Mini GT Comparison Video (and Chart!)

When Baby Jogger debuted the new City Mini GT in their stroller line, we know what you were thinking. Which one do I get? Between the City Mini 2012 and the City Mini GT, which one is better for me?

We heard you loud and clear and we decided to help you out. Not only did we do a Baby Gizmo Video Comparison but we also designed this handy little chart for you to see the differences side-by-side.


So, did they help? Which one are you getting?

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I bought a BJCM GT after testing the BJCM (non-GT) in the store. I tested the BJCM for tipping and didn’t have an issue, so I thought the BJCM GT would be the same. When I got my BJCM GT in the mail I found that it tips MUCH easier with my bag on the handle bar. Granted, my diaper bag is heavy, but I definitely cannot hang it on the stroller or it will tip : (


Thanks a lot!

My concerns about the gt after a test drive – I was so smitten by the BGCM GT when I read the reviews that I wanted one for my daughter. I took her to a local store that carried it n she hated it here is why — 1) to make the 5 point harness a no retread system. They have clips on the harness by the shoulder that snap onto the backrest. The problem with that is the clasps are right next to the baby’s head/ neck/ shoulder (we tried all) making it uncomfortable for the baby. Now my… Read more »

Hollie husband happen to test the GT in a store in ny . He says it could have an issue with tipping if you put a lill wt with ur hands in one position on the handle bar .. Could you please review that for me… That would be the deciding factor for me as I have a lean baby ..also how would you rate the terrain capabilities of britax bagile to baby jogger gt .. I’m looking for a stroller for parks,zoo n a lill beaten up pavements..


I can’t decide between the CIty MInI GT double, the CIty ElIte double, and the Stroll-AIr My Duo! I need an all-terrain for everything from hiking trails to shopping and I can’t figure out which is best! They all have certain things that the others don’t. Any help would be appreciated!

Hollie, I was wondering, I am trying to decided between a Baby Jogger City Elite double, BJ City GT double, Bob Revolution SE duallie, or Bumbleride Indie Twin! They all seem like great strollers. I will have a tall 22 month old and a newborn in May. In your video for the BJ City Elite, you said that the stroller is 30.5″ and won’t fit through a standard door and that might be a deal breaker. The Bob is 30.5″ and so is the new BJ City Mini GT double! So none of those will fit?? Is this really a… Read more »

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