Baby Jogger Kicks it Up for the Elite in 2012!

Baby Jogger Kicks it Up for the Elite in 2012!

Sure, you’ve heard that Baby Jogger is coming out with the City Mini GT and the Versa in 2012, right?  If not check out our video sneak peek HERE. While that is super exciting, we haven’t told you what they are doing to the Elites yet!  First, the big news is that the Baby Jogger City Elite Double is being discontinued!!  What!?!  We know.  Crazy!  Sure, the hand brake made it just a bit wide for a standard door and it was a bit heavy but we think they should have just fixed that and brought them back for 2012!  It’s a fab stroller even WITH the hand brake.  So, if you had your heart set on a City Elite Double, you might want to grab a 2011 before they are gone!

They are keeping the ever-so-popular City Elite Single though!  They are making a few changes for 2012 to make it even better.

Here are the changes:

1. Removable auto lock feature (this will be available on every Baby Jogger stroller in 2012)!  Auto-lock?!?  Baby Jogger, have you been reading our diary??

2. Hand break

3. Lowered U-bar for easier access to storage basket

4. Magnetized kicker avoids the loud rip of the velcro (this is another access point to the storage basket)

5. Black frame gives a tougher look (We told you black frames were hot for 2012!)

6. No more white racing stripes down the hood.  Really?  We thought the stripe made it look sporty but I guess some people didn’t.

7. Available in red, black and sand.


  1. How is the seat on the 2012 elite compared to the new mini GT. I have been told that the old elite has a “slouchy seat” and I am looking for something a little more upright. I currently have a city mini that I had to add the board in the back to make it sit up straight. Trying to decide between the mini GT and the new 2012 elite for my tall 3yr old. Any opinion you have would be a great help. Thanks

  2. hello, I have question about the hand break. is it the same break like was on the 2011 model or is it “real hand break” like on peg perego gt3 for example? thanks.


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