My Favorite Part of Pregnancy

It’s been keeping me up at night and keeping me company during the day—but hands down, no matter what time of day it is, my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling this baby kick.

Actually, feeling the kicking or any kind of movement at all has been my favorite part of all three of my pregnancies, and what I missed the most when I wasn’t pregnant. I probably walk around like one of those smug pregnant women, always reaching for their bellies and smiling, but when you get kicked in vital organs from the inside, it seems pretty natural to me to try to touch whatever just punctured your spleen.

This time around, I started feeling something around 14 weeks and excitedly texted my husband, “I just felt the baby move!” His reply? “I just wiped Henry’s a**.” Ah, third-time dad and potty training humor… That fluttering, the feeling of little bubbles or butterflies, is always hard to really grab ahold of as any concrete sense of a baby, I’ve found though. I mean, they’re still so tiny at that point. At 19 weeks was when I woke up and really felt with certainty that a baby (and not just an unfortunate meal choice) was moving around inside of me. And now, at 21 weeks, I feel her moving constantly. It feels like a special little secret between the two of us (although now I can see my belly moving when she jabs me, so it’s becoming more of an open secret these days). My husband got to feel her move last week, as did my younger son. My older one seems a bit miffed about the pregnancy, so I’ve held off on seemingly reminding him yet again about this addition to the family that will shake things up for him in another few months.

When did you first feel your baby move? What was your favorite part of pregnancy? Please share in the comments!