Baby Snaps or Zippers – Which do you use? (VIDEO)

Zipper Sleepers

Today’s Baby Gizmo video is all about baby sleepers. You know, those long sleeve, long pants, one-piece outfits that you generally put on a baby for bedtime. This is a staple in most baby’s wardrobe and even a go-to fashion piece to keep baby comfy during the day. The most popular fabrics you’ll find are cotton and fleece but you’ll find endless numbers of colors, patterns and designs. While all that is fine and dandy, today we aren’t talking about┬áthe fabric that sleepers are available in┬ábut whether to choose snaps or zippers.

Take a peek at our quick Baby Gizmo video and see what we think you should choose.



  1. I had a couple of really great zippered sleepers but the zipper went the opposite way of normal sleepers. This made it even easier to change diapers because you only had to unzip the legs. I think they were from Target, but couldn’t find a similar one online.

  2. I have always preferred zip for older kids and snaps on little ones. But now that we are adopting a two year old, I wish I could have snaps for her. She has a feeding tube and we have to cut a hole in her pj’s to pass the tube for over night feedings. If she had snaps we could just use the openings between the snaps.


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