BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Review + GIVEAWAY

BabyBjorn Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BABYBJÖRN’s Baby Carrier One.

BABYBJÖRN has been one of the most well-known baby carriers for decades. I carried all three of my kids in a BABYBJÖRN (not all at the same time, of course!) when they were babies to keep me hands-free so I could get things done around the house. Like all babies, my kids wanted to be held a lot. The only way I could get laundry, dinner and basically anything done was to put them in a carrier and go about my business. If I combined the noise of the vacuum and the carrier, it was instant nap time for my little guys.

We loved our BABYBJÖRN baby carriers. One of the things I missed with them though is the ability to carry the child on your back. When the baby becomes a toddler, there are some situations in which you’d rather have them on your back.  Try folding laundry with an 18 month old on your chest or hiking with a 2 year old on your front. Not going to happen easily!

BABYBJÖRN baby carriers have always been front carriers.

Until now.

BabyBjorn Carrier

Just in time for my baby brother’s new baby, BABYBJÖRN has debuted a new baby carrier, and it is their most versatile and comfortable one yet. The Baby Carrier One accommodates a newborn or 8 lb baby, up to a 3 year old or 33lb child, and is a multi-position carrier that sports a new 4th carry – the back carry.

The back carry is going to open up a whole new world for BABYBJÖRN fans, as they can now carry their toddlers who are 12 months and older on their backs. My favorite part of the back carry feature is that you can put the toddler on your back all by yourself. That’s right, no nanny, spouse, grandma, neighbor or anyone’s help needed to use this carrier. Let’s be honest, people, we don’t all have help around during the day to help us put the child in a carrier, right?!? BABYBJÖRN has made it super easy to put the child in the carrier on your front, loosen the shoulder straps, slide it around to your back, and voila! – you are back carrying a toddler!

Babybjorn One Carrier

The One isn’t only about convenience but it has comfort features too! With adjustable, padded shoulder straps, a well-padded waist belt, and closures that are easy to use, the One provides a comfy carry for the parent. They didn’t forget about the baby on this one though because with two height positions and two leg positions, your little one will be happy too.

BabyBjorn Carrier

While I could go on and one about all the features of the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One, I thought we’d show it to you in Baby Gizmo-style with a video!

Take an up close and personal look at the new carrier in our Baby Gizmo Video below.

For more information, visit: 

We didn’t want to have all the fun with the One so we decided to do a BIG BABYBJÖRN Giveaway! Not only will the winner receive a BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One (valued at $199.95), but since it is the holidays, we are throwing in a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” Tablet (valued at $379).

BabyBjorn Giveaway



One winner will be randomly selected to receive both:

  • BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One
  • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” Tablet



Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner will be announced on December 20, 2013 via BABYBJÖRN’s Facebook page.

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*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BABYBJÖRN’s Baby Carrier One. As always, all  thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.



  1. This would be great as we are expecting our 2nd child in the spring. Would be great to have some hands free to take care of our toddler as well.

  2. I plan on baby wearing with the little one we are expecting this month. This will also help me get stuff done around the house while still being able to hold the baby.

  3. I would actually give it to my SIL who is expecting her first baby in April! She is going crazy researching everything so this would be one less thing for her to worry about! She would probably use this all the time, for hikes, shopping, walks, etc! 🙂

  4. I LOVE the lumbar support. The baby bjorn was the only thing that calmed our newborn down, but we had to stop using it when he got to be around 15 lbs (too heavy for the lumbar). This looks fantastic!

  5. I would donate the carrier to someone in need since I have a few for this baby already. The kindle fire would be an amazing to receive for my family. 🙂

  6. We’re both military and any free time we have together we spend taking our son all over. Right now in Hawaii that means lots of outdoor activities!

  7. Definitely hiking with my 1 year old! We live in the Pacific Northwest so we love getting outdoors! This carrier looks awesome!

  8. I would definitely use it on my back while walking around the neighborhood my daughter hates when our neighbor cat comes up. He jump up into her lap and she terrified of him now.

  9. I would use this all the time! I love wraps, but they’re time-consuming to put on, this would make errand running soo much easier!

  10. I would love to have this gift because it would make it so much better to carry my son, when he is sleeping, or when he is awake, and for a run to the supermarket or to the store and for about anything and go for a walk. While the kindle fire would allow me more time to read and do research. How I miss those days. You know how hard it can be to read books when you have a baby. Thank You for this

  11. I would love to win this! My 13 month old is not walking yet and weighs over 25lbs – hes a big boy… when i dont want to take the stroller its impossible to hold him for long periods… would love the option to put him on my back!

  12. Husband and I love going to the park and the beach for long walks, I think it would be a great way to take the little ones without them having to struggle by the “long” walks themselves and still enjoy the time with us, and us with them.

  13. Would Love to win this! We are expecting our first in January, and don’t have an infant carrier yet! This would be perfect for our dog hikes!

  14. I would use this carrier everywhere! Out shopping, home getting things done around the house, out for a walk… The list goes on and on! 🙂

  15. I would use the carrier to be able to get things done around the house and for outings to places like the grocery store and whatnot! 🙂

  16. We would use the carrier for family walks, trips to the mall, and just generally being out and about with our new baby on the way! My husband loves these types of carriers.

  17. I never got a carrier with first baby, so this would really come in handy for the new baby coming in March. Thanks for this chance.

  18. I am going to use it for my baby girl due next month.. especially after winters for a comfortable walk in Central Park. I really love the way one can back carry a toddler, should be fun when you go to a place like zoo, where a stroller would be of limited use. Also it would be a must on public transport.

  19. I would use the carrier for everything where my hands need to be free… from cleaning around the house, shopping or even hiking in the woods 🙂 I also love how baby can be front and back facing not just back facing like some other brands of carrier.

  20. Love these giveaways! Hope I win! Would love to go hiking with my girlfriends that I currently can’t go on now because I don’t have a good carrier.

  21. I would give the carrier to a dear friend who is due to have her son on Christmas Eve…she has no license and mostly walks to run errands, so this would be extremely helpful for her. Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

  22. I would use it to carry my almost 9 month old who has become more clingy to me… I wonder if my lil almost 3 year old would fit it in??? Would be fun to try

  23. With baby #3 on the way, this would be awesome to use at the ball fields and school functions with my other 2! This would definitely help back discomfort while carrying around a baby in my arms.

  24. I loved my babybjorn!!! But unfortunately my son is too old to use a carrier. So I’d give it to a friend who would get lots of use out of it, she is due the end of March.

  25. This looks great!! I am due with my 4th in a month and would absolutely get so much use out of this. I love Bjorns, but always wished you could use it on my back.

  26. I would love to win this for one of three new babies in the family for 2014. My daughter and daughter in law and niece are having babies. 1 month apart.

  27. I would wear it on my chest with my LO facing forward so she’s seeing what I’m seeing! We would use it all of the time when we are shopping, running errands, walking, hiking, ect. Thank you so much for the chance to win such amazing prizes!!

  28. i would use it for my little one coming april 2014. I would love to be able to have my hands free to help my two year old with what ever he needs as well as keeping the little one close

  29. My daughter does not like to stay in her stroller when we go shopping. Having a great carrier like this would really help a lot!

  30. Since I am due with my 2nd son on December 22nd, I would use it all the time with the new baby. I would LOVE to win this!

  31. I would LOVE a baby carrier! It would make my life so much easier, carrying my baby and running after my toddler… IT would be awesome to win this!

  32. I would use this carrier on my back around the house and on the front when my 18month old gets tired during our walks and wants to be carried instead of getting in a stroller. It would definitely help my back pain a lot.

  33. I’d carry my baby in the front now but would eventually love to carry on my back as she gets older. I use carriers for my walks, grocery shopping, etc.

  34. Great giveaway. I’d use it…to carry a baby, of course! 😉 Seriously, though, I think I’d be able to get a lot more done around the house with this.

  35. This is amazing!!!!! I have needed one for my baby for so long and I love that this can hold more weight!!! I would use this traveling, hiking, and even just when Aria is tired or wants to be held and I’m tired…love this!!!

  36. I’m hoping for another baby soon…so I’d use it for Him/ the meantime my 18 mo old just hurt his foot and wants to be carried everywhere, so that’d be super helpful too!

  37. My friend is having a baby and she would love to have another one of these carriers. I gave her one the first time, but she doesn’t have it anymore so this would be great.

  38. sorry, hit enter to quickly

    meant to continue to say…. and we use them when we go on family outings..festivals, apple picking, etc. with two new granbabies now we are short a few bjorns! LOL

  39. I would love to give it to my niece who is due with identical twin girls this month. She would love to have special bonding time with each child with this amazing carrier

  40. This would get a lot of use at my house since I run a daycare. Right now I have a 6 month old who would benefit but there will be many more in the long run.

  41. I love how this grows with your child (or can be used with a newborn or an older sibling), and would definitely get use out of it in the newborn stage!!

  42. I would love this for my 15 month old…she prefers to be held while shopping, but she is getting too big for that to work for me.

  43. Love this! I could definitely use either but the kindle would be great since my 2 year old broke my tablet that I had only for 1 MONTH! 🙂

  44. I use a wrAp right now but my husband dislikes it! We would love a babybjiorn carrier for him to use and for the warmer days when it’s so hot for my little babe in the wrap!!

  45. My best friend just became pregnant. This would be amazing for them and for me when i take the little one and when I have a little one of my very own in a few years!

  46. I would use it for shopping and hopefully my husband would use it for chores around the house. I have been trying to find products that work throughout the baby and toddler years so we don’t have to buy products the baby will grow out of quickly. So this would be perfect.

  47. We have the older Bjorn and we need and upgrade, since we got it at thrift store. We would use it for everything, walks, shopping even cooking.

  48. I would use it to hold my newborn baby through toddler years! Mostly on the front facing in or out. I would use it in the grocery store especially.

  49. I love the versatility of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One! I have one of the earlier models, and it’s great. How nice would it be to have the back option though?!

  50. I’d use it for hikes, my little guy is getting to the right size where his excited leg movements turn into dangerous crotch kicks.

  51. I would use the carrier in order to get chores done around the house… it’s amazing how much of a difference having 2 free hands allows you to accomplish!

  52. We would use the BabyBjorn Carrier One with our new one who is due in January – so we can chase our 2 year around the house!

  53. Only facing in. 😉 I know they show it with an outward-facing baby, but that’s neither comfortable nor healthy for the hips and spine.

  54. I would use for everything even when I’m cooking because my baby doesn’t like me to leave him alone! Also it would be soooo much easier while I go grocery shopping that way I can shop with my 3 year old and the baby w/o a car seat which makes it so complicated!

  55. We love our original baby bjorn, but used a different carrier for the back. It would be great to use a bjorn carrier for all of our carrying needs!

  56. We’re expecting our third baby in April(we’ll have three under 3) so I could definitely see myself wearing the newest all day while chasing the other two.

  57. I would LOVE to be able to carry my little man around with me. Because daddy works while I stay home and take classes, it is hard to have an extra 10 minutes that are hands free and cooking dinner is a disaster! This carrier would help so much!

  58. I would love this new carrier! I am expecting our 4th child in February and our old Baby Bjorn has gone missing! Love the idea of being able to carry on the back, and put them there without help!

  59. Cooking with a baby attached to your front (I have the old Bjorn) is so hard because he tries to grab everything. It was be so nice to cook with him on my back. I wouldn’t have to worry!

  60. This would be such a great gift for me to carry my son. Since I am not working and we leave in NY and I walk everywhere. I need a carrier that my son can be face forward to look at nature.

  61. I have a bad back from a car accident and get tired easily sometimes when carrying infants/kids around. As a nanny this is one of the only things that is a life saver for me!! I hope I win!

  62. I would love the baby bjorn carrier one so I could get things done around the house while keeping the baby close & comfortable

  63. These would be so sweet to win. We are in a bit of a lull now from having grandkids. We have five that came quite close together and now we are waiting to hear that another baby is on it’s way, so the next baby would get to use it.

  64. I have an older version of the Ba by Bjorn, love that this one goes on my back. My daughter is getting older so that is perfect for when we go hiking.

  65. Finally being able to carry baby on my back!! I’ll take her everywhere and now when I do laundry I’ll avoid bumping her on the head. Lol!

  66. This carrier would be an absolute savior with my 16 month old who is too big to front carry now. I would love to carry my little Elle and be able to put it on all by myself. 🙂 thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  67. This is such a wonderful giveaway! I would use the baby carrier for our first child who is due in january! We love taking hikes around our town and while traveling, and the Babybjorn would make that so easy!

  68. I would love to win this to carry my 3 month old baby boy around in. He is sooo heavy and wants to be held all the time.: 🙂

  69. I would love to win this for my daughter so it would free up her hands to carry other things that she needs when she is out running errands, or traveling.

  70. I would love this for my baby, it would be great for walks, shopping and even at home. It would make it much easier to go places with baby and toddler!

  71. I would LOVE to use the carrier with my 9 month old, since she always loves to be carried and I’ll admit it – my arms aren’t so strong. So this would be perfect to carry her on my back 🙂 Love it! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win these two amazing prizes!

  72. I will use the baby bjorn to shop at the mall and cook in the kitchen my baby loves to be super warm and held so this would be great for us.

  73. I would love to give the carrier to my sister who is expecting her first baby in 2 weeks. And I would love the kindle fire hd, that way I can give my daughter my first generation fire that she is always asking to use!

  74. I’d use the carrier around the house to stay close with my son, yet still get things done- laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc…. And I’d use it while grocery shopping and running errands.

  75. Another Awesome Giveaway! Thanks. 🙂
    I would use my Baby Bjorn One for taking my boys back and forth to daycare. We live in the city, and it’s quite difficult to try to manage public transportation with a double stroller. This would allow me to put on of my children in our City Versa, and the other in the carrier so that I would be able to navigate much easier. This would definitely be the One thing to make city living even better. 🙂

  76. I would actually give it to my brother in law who I know is expecting his second child. It would be the perfect gift! I know!

  77. My baby hates not being able to face out in his Ergo carrier. I love that the Bjorn would let him watch what’s going on around us!

  78. My oh my… love that I get to use the Baby Bjorn up to when baby is 33lb not having to buy another carrier, and also can have the baby on the back when I need clearance in the front … it’s nice I can probably skip the stroller when i need to take public transportation, such as bart, for a quick errands without having to log the stroller with me.

  79. I would use the BabyBjorn Carrier One to go shopping with my 2-month old son. He hates the stroller, so I always end up carrying him. This would be so much better!!!

  80. I would love to win this! My 4 month old baby boy just loves to be carried everywhere but I am still pretty out of shape from pregnancy, I can barely carry his 16 lb little self everywhere we need to go! With this carrier I could take my Kellan on walks around the park and through the grocery store and everywhere we need to go, and then some!! We would get so much use out of this, because we could probably use it for another year or more and make it a part of our every day lives. We have one carrier already, and a wrap, but those just don’t get the job done as well as I would like. The wrap isn’t very secure, and the carrier we have is not as snug and cozy as I have heard babybjorn’s to be. I would have purchased a babybjorn to begin with but they are a little out of my price range, so to win this would just be such a blessing! It would brighten our holiday season significantly 🙂

  81. This would come in super handy when I go shopping. A lot of times my daughter doesn’t want to be in the cart but rather carried and it’s kind of hard to push a cart, grab items I need, and hold a toddler all at the same time.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  82. I’d totally ditch the stroller of I had one of these and give the kindle to my son and sneak a few novels here and there. 🙂

  83. I would use this Baby Bjorn for EVERYTHING! House work, going to the store, you name it. I also love that it has the backpack carry option.

  84. I plan on carrying my second early on and this would be a great carrier for her. With a toddler and a newborn, I’m going to need all the extra hands possible!

  85. Love the different position options on this Bjorn. I have the Ergo and it doesn’t do front, forward facing. More importantly, my husband would love this and carry the baby in it!

  86. With my first baby I used a carrier while making dinner and for taking walks. We’re are expecting a new addition in 2014 and I’m thinking I really need a better carrier because I feel like I will use it more throughout the day for things like, playing in the backyard with my older child, nursings, and other daily activities.

  87. I currently have an ergo and I love it so I would give the Bjorn to my cousin since she complains that her 6 mo old hates being in her carrier (her carrier is uncomfortable, but when I babysit, the baby loves being in my Ergo). I think if her carrier provided a more natural seating position for the baby the baby would enjoy it more, plus its uncomfortable for the wearer (back and shoulder pain due to not enough support). This Bjorn resembles the Ergo with the waist belt/support and it looks so much more comfortable than my cousins current carrier, I think both she and the baby would love this carrier.

  88. I would have my husband use the BabyBjorn. I have one already and I use it to take my little on on walks, but it would be great to have him carry our son without having to adjust straps all the time.

  89. We’re traveling a lot in the next three months – this carrier would be great for the airport and plane ride so that I can have my hands free!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  90. I would use the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One to carry my 5 month old…all day long! Poor girl does not like to be put down, but with my older son demanding some attention, carrying her in my arms all day just doesn’t work.

  91. Wow. What a greay giveaway! Forward facing in the carrier is awesome since mine is only face to face. Baby wants to see what is going on too! Also, would love the Kindle!

  92. we attempted to carry our son for as long as he would fit in the Bjorn. We would use this one even more with our daughter since we love the Bjorn so much!

  93. i would use the baby carrier one to give to my daughter who is expecting her first son she love babybjorn and to baby wear!

  94. I would use the BabyBjorn carrier One to carry my little one on my back. She wants to be held constantly and it’s so difficult to complete tasks around the hose. I could really use this.

  95. I like to walk the mall with my friend to stay fit in the cold, and rainy winter months but my little guy doesn’t always like to sit in a stroller. I think he would love riding in the carrier plus I get the added benefit of burning extra calories from carrying baby.

  96. A good carrier is something I never bought for myself. My now 2 year old still loves to be carried, this looks like a great option!

  97. Since no one in my family is pregnant at this time would either save till someone is or give to a local charity to give to someone deserving!!!

  98. I would use it to carry my daughter around Disney World! I would also use it around the house because she loves to be held and it’s not always convenient or comfortable to carry her in the front when trying to get things done.

  99. hiking! my l.o. loves being outside, but is only really good for walking an hour or so, tops. and she’s way too heavy to carry for long!

  100. I would use this everyday (grocery shopping, taking my toddler to the park and wearing the new little one on me, shopping, walks, lunches, etc!)

  101. Just watched our granddaughter during Thanksgiving. Her mom is expecting another baby, and Boy! will she ever need an infant carrier! Our granddaughter was into everything!

  102. I would use this to carry my 7 month old while chasing after my 3 yr old! I’m excited to try the back carry in the future too.

  103. My husband and I would use the heck out of the Baby Bjorn! Our little princess will be arriving in March and we are ready to take her outdoors 🙂 The Kindle Fire would be a nice addition!

  104. Love the versatility of the new baby Bjorn One, being able to carry your toddler on your back! We have a baby Bjorn that worked really nice but was hard on the front side as the baby was able to face forward, just talking about getting a carrier we could carry on the back:)

  105. I would wear my baby all the time in it so I can get things done around the house and I love my baby near me or on me at this young age

  106. We currently are using a different brand but our daughter doesn’t seem to like it. The review on this was great! Would love to win one!!

  107. I would love to use this grocery shopping with my two boys. It will let me wear my youngest on my back while my older son rides in the cart.

  108. I have #2 on the way & think a carrier would definitely come in handy this time around. We’re avoiding buying a double stroller but with our oldest only 2, it would be handy to have a way to carry the baby when our oldest needs to use a stroller!

  109. I would use it to carry my son around while I did chores and running around with my very active 2 year old. This could be a god send for me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  110. I love that the carrier now can go in the back!!! Such amazing news for my growing family! My husband would love love love this!

  111. It makes my heart feel so joyful to know there are still companies/people who believe in the helping others out! These contests are such a blessing! 😀

  112. I’d use it as a loaner for all my friends and family that are interested in babywearing but haven’t tried it yet. Or might just give it as a gift to my next family member that is having a baby.

  113. With one little one and a preschooler this would be essentially used all the time when outdoors. Moms need to keep their hands free with 2 children right?

  114. This would be awesome for my family. The little one in the carrier for nice family walks in the evenings. The Kindle could be used by all of us. I lobe to read when I get the chance. It would help foster the love of reading in our boys.

  115. I think the bjorn carrier would be a great way to take our little one on walks or trips to the grocery store and other places… especially when a stroller might be a bit bulky.
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  116. I would love the kindle fire – since my two year recently tried to give my Kindle a bath ;( I would totally use the baby carrier to take my up and coming second baby everywhere, since I am going to need both hands to catch my 2 year old !!!

  117. I think i’m almost the last person to own a tablet so this would be a cool gift for the holidays. I am expecting in January so the carrier would be double awesome to have. Thanks for the chance to win a couple amazing prizes.

  118. I would use the carrier for baby #3, who just turned one year old. Would be great to use when walking through Saguaro Forest, where we live.

  119. You have the best giveaways that I really need with my little one!! this would be perfect to go on hike or even around stores & kindlefire?… who would’nt want that 😉

  120. Right now it would be a carrier for my daughter’s dolls. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll have number two however and I’ll wear it washing dishes,

  121. I have a one month old & this carrier would be perfect for those days when I walk to my 4 year olds pre-school!! Love babybjorn!

  122. My kids are so fussy.. if the new baby is anything like the last than I would use it practically all the time. Cooking, cleaning and shopping. Excellent giveaway. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks Baby Gizmo!