BabyHome Side Light Bed Rail Review

When you transition your toddler to a “big kid” bed, a bed rail will keep them from rolling off the bed onto the floor. Normally bed rails are just a safety product and nothing to get excited about. Until now.

BabyHome has announced that their Side Light Bed Rail will be available for sale in February 2014. In addition to functioning as a cool-looking, modern bed rail, the Side Light features a soft white LED light on the upper rail to help prevent a child from feeling afraid and to ease in their transition from crib to bed.

A rechargeable battery is included which lasts 24 hours, and by pushing a button on the upper rail the LED light turns on and stays on for 30 minutes.

Side Light’s aluminum structure and high-tech washable fabric make it a lightweight, easy to disassemble product, which also means it is easy to transport. Its fabric is made from a mesh that enables parents to see their child without the need to get too close.

The Side Light is also the tallest bed rail on the market, its height is the same across the entire rail, ensuring the utmost security.

Side Light will be available in Navy, Grey and Maroon and retail for $99.


BabyHome Side Light