BabyLegs Introduces Newest Addition: BabyLegs Newborn

It’s no secret, I love little leg warmers!  And with the summer ending and the cooler weather right around the corner, we will soon start digging out all the BabyLegs leg warmers for my daughter.  They are a brilliant alternative to tights and leggings!   And yep, my son even has a couple BabyLegs for himself in the soccer and fire engine patterns! 

As one of my go-to gifts for my expecting mama friends, I was excited to hear that BabyLegs just introduced a new addition to their leg warmer family just for newborns!  The BabyLegs Newborn legwarmers are a smaller version (but just as adorable) of the original leg warmers perfect for those tiny new baby legs.  Tiny baby legs swimming in the original leg warmers?  Get the BabyLegs Newborn made especially for 0-3 months.  The Newborn collection includes 12 stylish patterns for boys and girls!

Created especially for preemies and newborns, BabyLegs Newborn are 7cm wide by 21 cm long. They provide a cozy layer of warmth for the first months of life, and are ideal for both home and hospital use.  In the neonatal intensive care unit, leg warmers add warmth without disturbing monitoring equipment or IVs.  In the home nursery, leg warmers provide easy access for frequent diaper changes.

The blend of yarns, crafted from 80% organic cotton, 18% nylon and 2% latex-free spandex, ensures maximum comfort for baby and confidence for caregivers and parents alike. Designs include old favorites, such as Lil’ Flame, Lil’ Jolly Jack, Lil’ Rainbow and Lil’ Sweetheart, as well as a newbie, such as Sweetness, Sunshine and Peter Rabbit.

Plus, don’t miss the 100+ new styles for the BabyLegs Fall Collection!

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