How NOT To Babywear (VIDEO)

It’s time for our next installment of our “Baby Gizmo: How To” videos. I may or may not have gotten slightly injured during the filming of this one (throwing myself down a sledding hill is never good for old lady bones!) but it’s all for you guys! Yep, I do it for the audience. 🙂

This is the 4th in our series and this is more of a “How Not To” video that showcases all the places that you should not babywear. We are BIG babywearing advocates but there are just some times and places that you definitely should not babywear.  Some of the places are obvious, and others…well, just believe us when we say we’ve seen it all.

We are definitely having fun with these videos so if you have a request, recommendation or idea for our next “How To” videos – make sure you leave us a comment or shoot us an email! We are always taking requests!