Babywearing made easy with the Belle Baby Carrier

I must admit…I’ve never been much of a babywearer with either of my first two kids. With the first one, I much preferred to hold her in my arms then wear her on my chest…simply because I could. With the second one, he just got so big so fast that it was just too uncomfortable after awhile to wear him. Now with the third and me only having two arms and definitely being outnumbered, I’m much more into wearing this baby then before. Not only that but she’s super tiny so just now at three months of age we’re able to fit into a carrier without the worries of her slipping through the cracks (literally!). I also might add that even though I’ve never been much for babywearing…I’ve had my fair share of different carriers and nothing ever really seemed to fit my exact needs at that exact moment in time. Perhaps I’m just picky…but there is something about this new Belle Baby Carrier that seems right for the moment.

While the premise of the Belle Carrier is to be simple in design, while still meeting you and your baby’s needs, here’s what the carrier features:

  • An independent waistbelt which brings the weight down to your hips instead of your shoulders. The waistbelt is reinforced with steel rings to ensure safety and closure.
  • Across the back the straps crossover to distribute weight evenly and feature light padding for comfort.
  • Baby CAN face in or out and they sit in a natural ergonomic position to support their developing spine.
  • Comes with a removable head support panel to comfort a sleeping baby.
What I personally liked about the Belle Carrier design was:
  • It IS simple and straightforward because with the other two kids running around the parking lot, I don’t have a lot of time to fiddle with straps and clasps to get the baby in the carrier.
  • I also liked that I could easily get INTO the carrier by myself. I’m not mentioning any names but there is a very popular carrier out there that I find near impossible (unless you’re a contortionist) to snap by myself in the back…perhaps I just have short arms?!
  • The other bonus to the Belle carrier over another popular brand is that it does allow baby to face OUT — a huge bonus in my book. My newborn loves facing outwards and watching all the action and often gets fussy (unless she’s snoozing) when face inwards because she’s missing out on all the fun.
The one thing I would like to see integrated into the design, is a simple pocket in the front to keep things like keys, money or a pacifier because when I do run into the store wearing the carrier, I don’t like to be holding a diaper bag too. Like I said before I don’t really use the carrier on an everyday basis yet because she is quite small but some babies prefer to be worn by mom all the time…even around the house, in which case the Belle would be a great carrier. I also let Dad try the carrier out (by the way…this Dad has never before worn a carrier with the other two) and he loved that it wasn’t big and bulky and fit his large frame. Another bonus!!
The Belle Carrier is currently available in four organic colors and five classic colors and patterns and range in price from $109.95 for the classic carrier to $129.95 for the organic at