Back-to-school fashions for the boys!

It’s finally time to talk about the boys. While most of them could really care less about what they’re wearing for back-to-school, most of us moms are not going to let them wear their favorite car shirt every day of the week and those ratty jeans from last year. WHY? Because the teacher and the other parents might notice and well…that’s just embarrassing! So even if you only clean their closet out once a year, back-to-school time is the perfect occasion to stock up on not only basics like socks and underwear but also the latest trends. Then there’s those select few that love going shopping with mom and picking out all their own fashions and that my fellow Mamas, is what you call a dream come true.

So whether you have a little shopper or a little boy that just prefers to wear whatever happens to be clean, here’s a look at the cutest trends for our favorite little boys!

You can’t go wrong with a pair of cargo pants in the closet. Straight Cargo Pants, $29.95, at

Every boy looks so handsome in plaid — dressed up or dressed down. Long-sleeve Plaid Shirt, $17.94, at

A classic jacket that can be worn over many, many things and won’t go out of style. Army Jacket, $33.95, at


You just aren’t cool if you don’t have a graphic tee that captures your personality to a “T.” Headphones Tee, $18.30, at (also available in short sleeve, $14.30).

Boys love having a hood…just in case! Mini Boden Snowboard Hoodie, $56, at

Retro sneakers and hi-tops are very “in” this fall season. Adidas Samba Sneaker, $49.95, at

Stripes are not just for girls — boys look so dapper in them too! Stripe Sweater, $20.99, at