Back to School Shopping Haul with Stuck On You

Can you believe it is time to talk about back to school shopping already? It’s August so that means the summer is winding down and the kids will be heading back to school in just a few weeks depending on where you live.

We have absolutely made the most of our summer 2018 so far with our YouTube Travel Series “On the Road with Baby Gizmo” that it’s sad to think the back to school grind will be starting soon. What does make my kids happy is picking out all the new back to school supplies though!

This year our Gizmo Teen, Savannah from The Savvy Life, teamed up with Stuck on You to share some of her favorite products for back to school that she thinks you need to know about. Take a peek at all the products in her video below.


Now, let’s tell you a little about Stuck on You!

Stuck on You is a fun, Australian company that was started more than 20 years ago by mom, Carrie Felton, when she needed to label her first child’s belongings for daycare. The company has since grown and expanded to offer clothing name stamps, activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages.

The first thing that is always top of our back-to-school list are name labels. My kids are notorious for losing EVERYTHING. After losing countless items that they just forgot where they are or “can’t find”, we now label ALL THE THINGS.

Stuck on You has a wide variety of all types of labels including name labels, clothing labels, allergy labels and more. Plus, there are tons of colors and designs to choose from!

Stuck on You Labels

Speaking of labels, Stuck on You has brand new Clothing Name Stamps that are going to be perfect for labeling all the kids’ clothing so easy. It’s literally the fastest way to label clothes on-the-fly. The stamp pad features instant drying, long-lasting, waterproof, black fabric ink that is acid-free and non-toxic. It’s washing machine and dryer safe so no worries there either. If you are labeling a bunch of dark colored clothing, there are handy iron labels that you can get that work with the Clothing Name Stamp as well.

Stuck on You Name Stamp

Back to School

With gym class, after-school clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities, Savannah picked out a new Stuck on You duffle bag so that she can keep all her things organized on the go. She plans to use the duffle bag for soccer and gym class but it would also be a great bag for gymnastics, dance, cheer or any other sport.

It is big enough without being too big and bulky. You know what I mean, right? Sometimes kids just need a medium size duffle that is easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much room. The Stuck on You Duffle Bag comes in four fun colors and features carry straps and a shoulder strap.

Stuck on You Duffle Bag

Last year, we got my youngest son a Stuck on You Bento Box and he absolutely loved it! He took it to school all year long.

Bento Box

Since he plans to use his bento box again this year, we thought it would be a great idea to get him a Bento Box Cooler Bag to carry his bento box in. We monogrammed it with an S for “Sutton”, but to be honest, I picked just the first letter so that it would be no problem for his brother or sister to use the Cooler Bag as well. (See how handy it is when you name all your kids’ with “S” names?! LOL!)

Bento Bag

The Stuck on You Bento Cooler Bag is an insulated and thermal lined lunch bag that features a zip pocket for a slim ice pack, a carry handle and an easy zip opening. The Stuck on You Bento Box fits into it perfectly.

Another back to school product that Savannah picked out was the Personalized Weekly Desk Calendar because it worked out so great for her last year. She hates to forget things so this desk calendar helps keep all her school and extracurricular activities organized. She keeps it on her desk to remind her what the week’s schedule looks like.

Desk Calendar for teens

Pencil cases are always on every required school list for us lately. The kids always need them for all the pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, scissors and markers to fit in. We find that many of the pencil cases and bags are on the small size and don’t really fit all the slightly bigger things my kids carry to and from school like notecards. That is where the Stuck on You Pencil Case gets an “A”.

The Stuck on You Pencil Case measures 8.85in x 12.20in so that it is capable of holding all the loose school supplies neatly in one pouch. It is made of a durable poly canvas and is fully lined. We even like that you can monogram it for that personal touch.

Back to School Pencil Case

While those are just some of Savannah’s (and mine!) favorite things, Stuck on You has many more personalized products to choose from including activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages.

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To find out more about Stuck on You, visit their website at or follow them on the Stuck on You Facebook Page.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.