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  1. I’m laughing because this is a topic of conversation that I have with family and friends often. I think its very important for a mom, (no matter if she works full time or stays at home), to take time for herself. Especially if you don’t you will hit “the wall” and end up crying in a corner after bath time. ; )

    I’m still trying to find that balance, I stay at home full time with my 4yr old and my 1yr old while going to school online and 90% of the time I’m a hot mess. If I don’t have someone step in and say ‘ you need a time out ‘ many times I wont take one. That’s not because I think I’m supper mom, ok sometimes I think I’m super mom, but more often it’s because it’s just really difficult to get out of the mommy mind set. You live it 24/7 and that makes it impossible to step out the door and completely forget what’s going on at home. Come on if you’re not thinking about the mess you’re most likely to meet when you get back, you’re remembering all the stuff your brain deemed unnecessary for survival for the last 3 weeks…. “Crap! Nana had that 75th birthday last week!”

    I guess knowing you need time for yourself is half the battle, and taking that time is the other half.

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