Balloon Bonanza Review (VIDEO)

baloon bonanza

This just might be the most talked about summer toy right now! Yep, the Balloon Bonanza! If you haven’t already seen the commercials or your kids aren’t already begging you for it, it will happen! This cool new product takes all the work out of filling up endless water balloons. Yep, you can fill up 40 water balloon AT THE SAME TIME in about 45 seconds and not even have to seal them yourself! Brilliant, right?!?

We don’t normally do water balloons at my house because I just don’t have the patience to sit and fill up individual water balloons only to have them thrown and popped 1 second later. BUT when I saw the new Balloon Bonanza, I knew we had to try it. We didn’t want to just try it out for ourselves to see if it really worked but we wanted to do it for YOU! We don’t like you all to waste money on a product that just doesn’t work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We’ve tried As Seen on TV toys/products before and some have been good and some not so much. Remember the Wubble Bubble, Kinetic Sand, Juggle Bubbles and the Snackeez? Well, it was time to add another video to our As Seen on TV series. So, we thought we’d bite the bullet, scour 5 different Walmart and Target Stores until we could find the Balloon Bonanza and do a Baby Gizmo video. I figured if it was a bust, that at least we’d only be out the $10 and you all wouldn’t. See how much we think of you guys? 🙂

Take a peek at our Balloon Bonanza and find out if it really works and decide if it is right for your family!

PS. You can buy them at, Walmart, Target and online on the Balloon Bonanza website.