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  1. I understand your website seeks out cool products for parents to try, but you should know that this product, Balloon Bonanza, is a stolen knockoff of the original product, Bunch O Balloons. BoB was invented by a personal friend of mine, a father of eight who has invented several products. The maker of Balloon Bonanza is a company that is known for stealing ideas. My friend is currently suing the imposters for patent infringement. I recommend you remove this product endorsement in the interest of fairness, and because it is the right thing to do. Please endorse the genuine product, Bunch O Balloons, which is currently being marketed by Zuru. The website is There you can view the media associated with this product, as well as special features in various news and television outlets, and get a glimpse of the inventor himself. Many of the children in the promotional videos are the investor’s actual children. Thank you.

  2. Hollie, please don’t promote this product. It was stolen from a friend of mine who owns the patent for this product. That products name is Bunch O Ballons. It was invented by a father of 8 children in Texas. This company has stolen his idea and is now marketing it trying to make a quick buck before the are shut down through litigation. I implore you to check out the real thing and promote the true original product.

  3. Hi Hollie,
    Sadly, this company created a knock-off from the true inventor of the original product – Josh Malone of Bunch O’Baloons. This family man worked tirelessly to invent Bunch O’Baloons and patent the product only to have it stolen from this knock-off company. Currently there is a patent infringement lawsuit going on. It is so sad that an awesome family who came up with an original product is essentially being robbed of their livelihood. (Josh Malone is an inventor by profession.) I’m glad you like the concept but please promote the REAL product and fair business. You can see the original product an inventor live on the Today show:

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