Barbie Flippin Pup Pool Review by Junior Gizmo

Since it is already August, our holiday toy coverage has started! What, holidays already? We haven’t even started back-to-school yet?? Yep, we can hear you screaming that at your computer screen. You are right BUT there is so much to cover in the world of toys that we have to get a jump on it. Plus, there are so many new toys hitting the market now in preparation for the holidays that we want to dish it out to you little by little rather than all at once. Over the next few months, we will be highlighting toys that we think are going to be big hits (and maybe some misses!) for your kids.

Today’s toy spotlight is a fun Barbie toy that our Junior Gizmo gals loved but just be prepared for a mess. As parents we highly recommend this toy be played with outside since it is water play. That being said, the Barbie Flippin’ Pup Pool will be a big hit with Barbie doll fans!

barbie pool
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