Barbie Spin n Ride Pups with Bike Toy Unboxing and Review

We are still in full holiday toy review mode over here at Baby Gizmo! Our Junior Gizmo kids are working like little elves but instead of making the toys, they are videoing and reviewing the toys for you. Their job is to show you the toys so that you know if it belongs on your shopping list or now.

Today, our Junior Gizmo gal is tackling a new Barbie bike with puppies. If you have a Barbie fan on your holiday list, the Barbie Spin n Ride Pups with Bike is a great gift. This set gives Barbie her own bike (which she can actually ride!) and two pups that ride along with her. Clip Barbie’s hands to the bike handlebars and her feet to the pedals and as the bike rolls along (the child does have to push it!), Barbie’s legs pump up and down for a realistic look.

barbie bike

The mama dog has come along for the ride on a skateboard attached to the back of the bicycle, and her pup is spinning in circles around her on its own skateboard. This set was created so that kids can re-create scenes from the film, Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure.

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