Beados Review by Kids (VIDEO)



Another new product has attacked our TV and infiltrated all the commercial breaks during kids’ programming this holiday season. Beados is not necessarily a brand new product because it came out earlier this year, but they sure are doing a push to get our kids’ attention. It’s like I can hear the commercial echo in my head. Oh wait, maybe that is just my kids repeating it all day long?!

“Get your Beados in line. Spray them with water. And WOW! Like magic, they join as one!”

“You can create your own fun filled world!”

It is like they are talking directly to my daughter every time the commercial comes on. I think the marketing company had an internal meeting and discussed how they would get 6-10 year old girls on board to make these little “Beado characters” that resemble something they would get out of the “Treasure Box” at school.

beados review

“OPERATION BEADOS: Get girls on board and we are GOLD!!”

Well, it sure worked in my house because this was another As Seen on TV toy like the Wubble, Wacky Kinetic Sand, Chill Factor and Snackeez that my daughter  just HAD to have.

On our latest trip to Target, the Beados Quick Dry Design Studio was sitting there pretty again at the end of a toy aisle in a huge display. With all the holiday shopping happening right now, we thought we’d do you a favor and try it out and let you know if it works. NOTE: You can get Beados without the “quick dry fan” but we highly recommend getting a pack with the fan. At least the first pack that you buy!

So, if you want to know if Beados works and what we thought about it, watch our Baby Gizmo video below.

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