BebePod by Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart BebePod Chair

Looking for something a little different than that “other” baby chair?  Check out Prince Lionheart’s BebePod!

The BebePod chair offers support for young babies just learning to sit, as young as three months old.  It is different from other baby chairs in a few key ways.

BebePod is made from a soft plastic-coated foam that is smooth and easy to clean.  It comes is bright, vibrant colors, accented with adorable coordinated accessories.

If your baby has those irresistible chunky thighs or wears cloth diapers, you’ll be glad to know that the BebePod’s seat and leg openings are slightly larger than the Bumbo, making it more comfortable for a larger range of babies.

The snap-on white pommel is easy to replace with a slide-on tray.  The tray (included in some models, or can be purchased separately) can adjust to fit chubbier tummies and comes with two placemats for snacks and a removable toy.  It attaches directly to the same bracket that holds the pommel, so baby can’t remove it without your help.  The included toy snaps directly into the tray to be visible and accessible for younger or less-mobile babies (but can just as easily be detached to take along, too).

The latest Flex model can be converted to a booster seat by using the straps to attach the BebePod to a dining chair.  This, matched with the safety straps in the seat, can open up a world of versatility for you and your on-the-go kid!

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