Behind the Scenes of Doing a TV Segment (VIDEO)

Yes, this is totally different than any of our other Baby Gizmo videos.  This one is more like a vlog or a video diary.   I have been doing quite a few TV segments in the last few months and I thought I would take you along to one.  This morning I did a baby proofing segment on “Indy Style” in Indianapolis on WISH-TV.  You always get to see the finished segments when we post them but I wanted to give you a taste of behind the scenes.  I want to warn you that the video quality isn’t the best.  The entire video was self-filmed with my iPhone so there are some shaky shots…close-ups…etc.  If you want to take a trip with me to Indy for the segment just watch my video below!

*I will post the actual segment as soon as the station posts the video!




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